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September 2020 4

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ChipsAreLife Thu 28-May-20 21:58:17

New thread...

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HugeAgeGap Fri 29-May-20 07:26:51

Thank you x

Lazydaisydaydream Fri 29-May-20 08:27:07

Checking in so that I don't lose it grin

WillowT Fri 29-May-20 08:34:34

Hello 👋

Thanks for setting up a new one!

Lilice Fri 29-May-20 09:58:01

Thanks for the new thread!

@Lazydaisydaydream thanks for the link, looks reasonably priced too which is nice.

@emma278 I have like raised dots but flesh colour
I also a growing mole on my tummy, each pregnancy it grows a bit then goes back to normal. I've had it checked and it's normal
@ShiningStarz I use a sort of bath support seat that's in a reclining position that fits into the baby bath.

emma278 Fri 29-May-20 10:38:15

Hey @Lilice its hard to explain, when its all scrunched up if im cold it just looks like thicker dry skin but you notice the discolouration more when im warm and its all stretched out... i have a midwife on the 17th if June maybe ill ask at that 🤔 xx

Sara7455 Fri 29-May-20 10:54:06

@Lilice that’s reassuring to hear about your mole on your tummy, I’ve got a couple that seem to have grown and was hoping it was a normal pregnancy thing but keep forgetting to ask!

ShiningStarz Fri 29-May-20 11:51:33

Thanks for setting up new thread 😊

Lilice Fri 29-May-20 12:26:47

@Sara7455 yes apparently pregnancy hormones makes them grow but better to get it checked out in any case. I did get them checked twice already but might ask again this time, we have to be so careful when it comes down to moles.

Sara7455 Fri 29-May-20 12:36:05

@Lilice will do! I’ve got my 28 week appointment coming up in just over a week so I’ll mention it. I’ve extensively read the nhs skin cancer guidance (panicked about one on my face that looked weird and later realised there was just a white head next to it and the mole was fine) and not too worried but you’re right it’s better to check with a professional!

ShiningStarz Fri 29-May-20 16:41:57

20% of Aden anais with code mother20.
Have to order £65 minimum to get free delivery though!

ShiningStarz Fri 29-May-20 16:46:04

Sleeping bag 0-6 months I'm
Thinking might come in useful from 3-6 when it's coldest in uk?? Anyone else recommend them?

ShiningStarz Fri 29-May-20 17:15:35

Current guidance in pregnancy taken from
BBC news website:

Who has to still stay home?
People with certain underlying health conditions, or who are pregnant or aged over 70, are deemed to be clinically vulnerable. If you are in this category, you are advised to stay at home as much as possible and, if you do go out, take particular care to minimise contact with others outside your household.

Sara7455 Fri 29-May-20 17:41:28

Oo thanks for the code @ShiningStarz their stuff looks so pretty!
I’ve picked up a couple of sleeping bags in 0-6 months, no personal experience but my friend’s LO loved hers and slept really well in it and they’re safer for sleep than blankets so hoping they’ll work out!

ShiningStarz Fri 29-May-20 18:12:18

WhT tog did you get @Sara7455 ?

Sara7455 Fri 29-May-20 18:22:43

@ShiningStarz 2.5 tog - there’s a useful guide on JoJo Maman Bebe’s site about room temperature, tog and what they need to wear under it:

ShiningStarz Fri 29-May-20 18:23:39

Thanks @Sara7455

Emmy2020 Fri 29-May-20 18:44:42

@ShiningStarz I used them with my girls when they were babies and they were great!

Lilice Fri 29-May-20 20:01:46

@ShiningStarz I swaddled the first few weeks then only used sleeping bags, until they started getting out of them lol

Roxy8203 Fri 29-May-20 22:01:11

@Shiningstarz this might be useful. I've got a 1 tog and a 2.5 swaddle sleeping bag.

ShiningStarz Fri 29-May-20 22:58:48

Thanks ladies! That's a great help.
Will keep an eye out for reasonably priced ones 👍

ChipsAreLife Sat 30-May-20 05:58:11

Oh thanks for the Aden and Anais code I've had my eye on some things so will purchase today!

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ShiningStarz Sat 30-May-20 08:13:32

@ChipsAreLife 😊😊

Well another early start at 3am!!! Followed by 9 huge sneezes! Went down to sofa and thankfully got back to sleep. This pregnancy rhinitis is exhausting!! Constantly sneezing and blowing my nose.

Iv decided to wait before buying anything else as I don't know the gender so would love to get sleeping bag in something diff than just neutral!

MooseWL Sat 30-May-20 09:32:04

I got a couple of preused growbag sleeping bags from ebay for about £6! They're in great condition too and will be good for over winter!
My friend is lending me a bedside crib which is great so I think I'll just get a new mattress for it!
I feel like everyone else is way ahead with prams and car seats and nurseries! I'm going to have to rearrange my upstairs at some point and can't be bothered at the moment!

Lilice Sat 30-May-20 09:44:58

I dreamed that I had had my baby! It felt so real. It was a baby girl, she came at 37 weeks (like my first) and I was disappointed because I wanted to be
pregnant for a little bit longer 🤣🤣🤣
@ShiningStarz I'm also going to wait after the birth to know the sex and buy more clothes. I'm only getting gender neutral for the first size

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