July 2020 - thread 2

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RedRobin7 Fri 13-Dec-19 10:41:36

New thread for our July gang 😊

Shall we do a little reminder of who we all are so we can see who is on here - Age, current EDD and if we know our 12 week scan date?

I'll start:

31 - EDD 08/07 - 12 week scan 24/12

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Secondsop Fri 13-Dec-19 11:06:07

Thanks @RedRobin7.

44 - EDD 19 July - 12 week scan 8 Jan [but should caveat with - at best, dates likely to be behind this, as it’s all looking a little touch and go at the moment]. Have 2 children already, have had considerably more than 2 pregnancies.

OlivejuiceU2 Fri 13-Dec-19 11:15:03


Age: 31
Second pregnancy (first ended at 6wks Nov 2018)
EDD: 22 July

Thanks @Nisha98 for your reassurance. I have been back at work this week so it might be from that. Trying not to worry and be more positive.

LisaxMarie Fri 13-Dec-19 11:18:16

Age: 28
Second pregnancy but first child
EDD: 17.7.19
12 weeks scan 2nd Jan

RedRobin7 Fri 13-Dec-19 11:22:47

@Secondsop Have everything crossed for you 🀞🏻

This is my third pregnancy but hopefully first baby! MMC at 12 weeks in March 18 and NMC at 7 weeks in July 18. Husband didn't want to try again so this is a little miracle and he's come around to the idea 😊

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Nisha98 Fri 13-Dec-19 11:24:57

Age: 30
EDD: 08/07/2020
Just had a ten week private scan and will find out next week when my next will be.

Mummsnett Fri 13-Dec-19 11:28:51

Hi all! Joining in smile
32 - baby no. 2 due 10th July - scan 30th Dec but having to reschedule as we're not in the country

Also currently at home with the vomiting bug which has floored me sad

squirrelnutkins1 Fri 13-Dec-19 11:28:54

Could I join?
Age 33
Second pregnancy, first ended in mc 6/7 weeks in April.
Due 30/7/20
Terrified it's all going to go wrong again!
7+1 today x

squirrelnutkins1 Fri 13-Dec-19 11:30:09

Private scan booked for 23rd

NimmuGreen Fri 13-Dec-19 11:35:40

Thanks for the new thread.

Age: 31
EDD: 01/07/2020
12 week scan on 18th Dec. Had one at 8 weeks and all was fine so fingers crossed for next week too.

This is my first pregnancy and I'm permanently anxious but would really like to try and enjoy it...hopefully I'll feel a bit more relaxed after the scan next week.

Secondsop Fri 13-Dec-19 11:43:44

Thanks @RedRobin7 ; sending best wishes to you and everyone else pregnant after a loss (and to anyone feeling anxious). Hope all the upcoming scans go well. At my age I was truly not expecting to ever be pregnant again so I am trying to see anything as a bonus and I know I’m very lucky to have 2 children already so I’m here very much more out of hope than expectation.

susie12345 Fri 13-Dec-19 12:14:07

Age 36
First pregnancy - unsure of EDD but around 24/7/19
12 week scan booked for 8th january 2020

Rainbow2020 Fri 13-Dec-19 12:18:22

Age 32

EDD 8th July 2020

3rd pregnancy son is 13.. lost at 14 weeks July 2017.. currently 10+2 weeks..

12 week scan date. 31.12.19

littlelaury Fri 13-Dec-19 12:47:57

Age 33
First pregnancy but have 2 step children already smile
Twelve week scan booked for 30 Dec

littlelaury Fri 13-Dec-19 12:48:28

Oh and due date is 7 July!

Kiki275 Fri 13-Dec-19 13:12:28


34 - EDD 22nd July - baby number 2

No scan date yet, booking in appointment on Monday so hopefully will find out then.x

Bibinka Fri 13-Dec-19 13:32:02

Age: 36
EDD though not confirmed July 12 2020
First pregnancy
First NHS scan on the 6th of Jan

Southy84 Fri 13-Dec-19 13:52:32

Hi everyone
Age 35
EDD 28/07/20
5th pregnancy but I do have 2 children
Not had a booking in appointment (no contact from midwives) and also no idea on a 12 week scan date yet. I did have a early scan a couple of days ago though and saw a tiny baby with heartbeat- seems small for my dates so keeping everything crossed (epu didn’t seem concerned)

arleybarley Fri 13-Dec-19 14:57:42

Age - 37
EDD - 9th July
12 week scan 3rd January.
Had 7 week scan,all looking good. Got a private scan booked for 23rd

Doodles93 Fri 13-Dec-19 15:49:35

Hi all! smile

I'm 26
Second pregnancy, first ended in miscarriage at 7 weeks in October
EDD 13th July 2020
Currently 9+4 smile
Got my 12 week scan on 2nd Jan, had an early scan last week for reassurance as had some bleeding which then confirmed dates smile

PixieN Fri 13-Dec-19 17:28:49

Hi - thanks for new thread @RedRobin7

I’m 37 with EDD 2nd July. First pregnancy for me and 12 week scan on 23/12 x

Julilie72 Fri 13-Dec-19 17:42:33

Thanks for the new thread!

Age 26
EDD 13th of July (9+4 today)
12 week scan on 3rd January.
But also private scan on 27th Dec at 11+4 (so I can tell my family on at New Years) .

@Doodles93 I swear I'm not copying you, haha grin

Doodles93 Fri 13-Dec-19 18:03:07

@julilie72 haha due date twin! How funny we are so similar πŸ˜‚ congrats! First baby? X

Doingitagain37 Fri 13-Dec-19 18:17:06

Age 38
2nd baby . . First one is 10 years !
Edd 7th july 2020
Scan 31st december

misselphaba Fri 13-Dec-19 18:29:35

Age 35
EDD 10th July
Scan 7th Jan

I'm concerned that my scan is so late - if baby is measuring more than a few days ahead of dates then it's going to be too late to do combined screening. DDs due date was moved 4 days earlier at the scan and I'm worried that will happen again. I've had the odd 1 or 4 scans and so far baby is measuring bang on dates so hoping it stays that way.

My symptoms are far less noticeable now I'm 10 weeks which whilst being entirely normal also makes me nervous as the same thing happened last time and I'd had a missed miscarriage but was unaware. I am trying to remind myself that the reduction in symptoms last time probably wasn't related to the miscarriage. The loss of symptoms was probably in line with a normal pregnancy, despite it not being a normal pregnancy.

I've got a another scan booked for next week which is progress as its been a while week since my last one!

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