Friends daughters 1st birthday

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namechangedforthis21 Sun 16-May-21 21:26:49

It was my friends daughters 1st birthday yesterday. She had given everyone set time to show up for dropping off presents and to see her dd. My family was assigned 12-12:30 I text her during the week to say we would be there but would be slightly later as my dd football finished at 12. She changed the time to 12:30-1 which I said was no problem. After football we drove to her house and my dd was still in her football strip. Today she has texted me saying Hi I wasn't going to say anything as I didn't want to make you feel bad but I was very upset that ....... showed up to ..... 1st birthday party in her football strip given the fact I changed your time to accommodate her football. It would of been nice if you could have made an effort and got her changed into proper party attire.
I still haven't replied as I don't no what to say.
WIBU by not changing dd8 out of her football strip?

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WildNorthEast Sun 16-May-21 21:29:31

Just send back some laughing emojis.

gamerchick Sun 16-May-21 21:29:38

Reply 'are you aware of how batshit you sound? Get a grip'

PotteringAlong Sun 16-May-21 21:29:43

Just ignore it. She is completely bonkers.

Flowerlane Sun 16-May-21 21:30:12

Have I read it wrong, it wasn’t actually a party was it? You had a half hour time slot to visit and give a present. Basically stand at the front door for half hour? If so then your friend is crazy!!!

MyGoMargot Sun 16-May-21 21:30:27

Your friend is bonkers

Ignore. Then remind her in a few years and watch her cringe

Changeismyname Sun 16-May-21 21:31:11

Jesus your friend needs to get a grip. She gave everyone an allotted 30 minute time slot for a 1 year old’s birthday? And she then had the gaul to label it a party? And she threw her toys out of the pram because an 8yo didn’t get changed out of a football kit for dropping into someone’s house for 30 minutes, presumably on the way home from their match, to drop off a present for a child who is to young to understand what is going on never mind give a fuck about what anyone is wearing? Wow.


pepsicolagirl Sun 16-May-21 21:31:15

"Get a grip" covers everything I think

LawnFever Sun 16-May-21 21:31:17

She’s clearly gone mad, what a ridiculous thing to have said, is she usually like this?

Pebbledashery Sun 16-May-21 21:31:46


MontysRoseGarden Sun 16-May-21 21:31:54

did you take a present?

no thank you for it then?

MontysRoseGarden Sun 16-May-21 21:32:41

did it spoil the photos or something then?

FelicityPike Sun 16-May-21 21:33:09

Lol I take it this is her PFB?

VanceRefridgeration Sun 16-May-21 21:34:18


did you take a present?

no thank you for it then?

This. And a reply of

'I'm so sorry, you seem to have misspelt "thank you so much for DD's birthday present and taking the time to visit yesterday" as I assume that's what you meant?'

BackforGood Sun 16-May-21 21:36:28

I'd love to do this

Reply 'are you aware of how batshit you sound? Get a grip'

but would probably just ignore.

I'm already somewhat hmm about the "allocating people slots when they can deliver presents to her dd" long before the batshittery about the calling in on the way back from football - er - in what she was naturally wearing to football.

lavenderlove Sun 16-May-21 21:36:42

Hahaha wow that's crazy! I'm sure her 1 year old dd was very upset that her dress code was not adhered to hmm I'm not sure what I would even reply, I don't think your friend will accept she is wrong in any way.

DrinkFeckArseBrick Sun 16-May-21 21:36:44

You were dropping of a present? I have two words. Ungrateful bitch

TheRavenNevermore Sun 16-May-21 21:36:58

Did this really happen? shock

IHaveBrilloHair Sun 16-May-21 21:37:10

"Would of been nice"
Tell her you'll get your Dd to change her clothing when she learns grammar.
Tit for tat.

thisplaceisweird Sun 16-May-21 21:38:54

"since it was a 30min drop in visit rather than a party, I didn't think party attire was necessary. I'm sorry that it ruined your day. You're welcome for the gift, was nice to see you too"

Sleepplease1111 Sun 16-May-21 21:39:09

The half an hour party? 🤔

namechangedforthis21 Sun 16-May-21 21:39:12

No mention of a party or anything I thought it was her way of limiting the numbers at her door. It was just a show up drop the present off and leave type thing.
Yes this is her pfb.
She has never been like this before her baby and that's why I wondered have I done something wrong. Although some of her comments since her dd was born have been batshit.
No thank you just that message.

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Tiffbiff Sun 16-May-21 21:39:56

^^ exactly what @VanceRefridgeration said 🙌

KingAlex Sun 16-May-21 21:41:29

1st birthdays send some parents loopy!

I wouldn't go to anymore of her kids' events. Imagine being that rude when someone has given up their time to give your child a gift and help celebrate their day shock

MontysRoseGarden Sun 16-May-21 21:42:36

did you take a gift? did anyone take photos? i'm guessing she wants to show off photos and a footie strip ruins her vibe a bit

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