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Vetyveriohohoh Thu 13-May-21 18:18:40

As a dog owner, if you were going to stay at someone’s house would you assume your dog would go to? Would that change if the house you were visiting also had their own dog?

DH and I disagree... need outside help please

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SarahBellam Thu 13-May-21 18:20:01

I would always ask if the dog was invited and make if clear that if it wasn’t it wouldn’t be a problem.

Wtfdoipick Thu 13-May-21 18:20:23

No I'd check my dog was welcome too

RestingPandaFace Thu 13-May-21 18:21:14

I would never assume and always check.

Justmuddlingalong Thu 13-May-21 18:21:19

I would presume the dog wasn't invited. More so if they have a dog actually.

SnoozyBoozy Thu 13-May-21 18:21:31

I'm not a dog owner, but no, I wouldn't assume my dog would go, unless it was family or very close friends and it had already been agreed, or it's happened before.

Suzi888 Thu 13-May-21 18:21:46

I’d ask if DDog could come too. If my dog was a bit of a nightmare for whatever reason I would not expect to bring him.


TidyDancer Thu 13-May-21 18:21:50

Yeah I would ask. If I was the host I would make it clear when I issued the invitation.

Iminaglasscaseofemotion Thu 13-May-21 18:21:52

I wouldn't assume no, and it would depend on the reason for going to stay with friends wether I would take the dog or try and get someone to watch it. Generally I have no problem with that though because my mum always takes him when we have plans or holidays.

Anordinarymum Thu 13-May-21 18:21:59

As a dog owner I would not want to stay anywhere without my dog so I would not foist myself on anyone who had a problem with it.

..Currently looking at pet friendly B&B's for a break right now

WiddlinDiddlin Thu 13-May-21 18:22:24

I'd always check, though I also don't have friends who'd invite me and NOT make it clear if dog/s were invited or not, so there's never been an issue as it's always been completely clear.

Almost all my friends have multiple dogs, and we know which combinations of our dogs/their dogs works, and which wouldn't.

I would not expect someone to bring dogs here without checking, but again, if I know they have dogs, I'd say something rather than leaving it to chance.

Aquamarine1029 Thu 13-May-21 18:22:54

As a dog owner, if you were going to stay at someone’s house would you assume your dog would go to?

Absolutely not, and I would also never ask if I could bring my dog. It's rude, cheeky and puts your host in a very uncomfortable position. If they said I could bring my dog, wonderful, I would.

Would that change if the house you were visiting also had their own dog?

Not at all.

tonimitchell Thu 13-May-21 18:23:52

No. If I was invited some where i wouldn’t expect to take my dog OR some one bring theirs! Hell no!

SmileyClare Thu 13-May-21 18:24:29

No assumptions should be made as a staying guest. That includes assuming your pets are invited!

It's probably better to discuss this with your friends instead of arguing with dh about social etiquette.

romdowa Thu 13-May-21 18:25:01

No if someone invited me to their home I wouldn't bring my dog. I wouldn't even ask , I'd just make arrangements for some to mind it

underneaththeash Thu 13-May-21 18:25:35

I wouldn’t want someone’s dog staying overnight in my house. And we have one. Similarly, I wouldn’t bring my dog with me, he may chew/scratch/eat something he shouldn’t!

easterndreaming Thu 13-May-21 18:26:16

As a non dog owner I would never dream that guests staying with me would even think of bringing their dog.

Mydogisagentleman Thu 13-May-21 18:26:44

I wouldn’t assume he was welcome and certainly not in a household with other dogs.
We have visited friends and taken dim dog with us, but not before checking first

Adventureswith Thu 13-May-21 18:27:07

Dog owner, and no I wouldn’t assume anything. If I wanted to bring a dog I would speak to whoever we were staying with about it.
If it’s Airbnb or similar they always stipulate whether or not dogs can come anyway.

PhatPhanny Thu 13-May-21 18:27:19

I would never assume and would always ask.

Adventureswith Thu 13-May-21 18:27:28

And if they say no, then that fine.

UntilYourNextHairBrainedScheme Thu 13-May-21 18:27:41

Not everyone's houses are set up for dogs to stay, and not all dogs are equally suited to all houses... Just because someone has a quiet elderly dog doesn't mean that bringing a snappy, excitable high energy, half trained young dog with you as a guest is at all appropriate.

MaryShelley1818 Thu 13-May-21 18:27:56

If I was a dog owner (I have been previously) I would never assume my dog was also invited, I find that quite bizarre unless the hist actually invites you to stay and mentions you can bring the dog. I would never ask either.

I really wouldn't want someone to bring their dog here to stay, although they could call in to visit with it.

CheerfulBunny Thu 13-May-21 18:29:49

This actually happened to me once - invited a lovely couple to stay for the weekend and when we met up in town we were astonished to see they'd bought their large (edgy/aggressive at times) dog with them. Hasn't been mentioned previously at all. We styled it out but it was weird - and luckily our dogs were alright with it.
I'd never assume it was just OK!

Seafog Thu 13-May-21 18:29:56

I have always let people know that we have an open door policy, and that includes other people's pets.
We are a cat's only house, but my family and friends have always brought their dogs to visit, we dog sit for them if they are traveling too.
Our cats go hide up in the bedrooms, and all is good.
To be fair, all the dogs that have stayed are well mannered, if not it would be a different!

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