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To call my baby this

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m0mmy2be Sat 12-Sep-20 08:29:05

So we decided this name in September 2017. We had been trying for a baby for a while and knew this would be our girl name when we eventually fell pregnant.

Anyway, we have since found out we are having a baby girl and I am due very soon.

We decided to call her Cove.

But now I'm worrying that it's too close to Covid, especially since she will be born during the pandemic.

I'm not too worried about people liking the name personally, but more worried about whether she'll be teased in future because of its association with Covid? Am I over thinking?

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ShebaShimmyShake Sat 12-Sep-20 08:30:57

On the one hand, you should choose a name you like. On the other, and I'm being honest since you asked, if I heard of a child called Cove born in 2020 or during the pandemic, I'd think the parents were trying and failing to be funny and that it was a bad call.

Hadjab Sat 12-Sep-20 08:31:08

Yep, she’ll definitely get teased

Howmanysleepsnow Sat 12-Sep-20 08:31:09

Lovely name, but I agree it’s too close to covid to use now.

TooTiredToBeCreative Sat 12-Sep-20 08:31:26

I would absolutely avoid that at the moment. Perhaps save it for your next baby if you plan to have another.

ShebaShimmyShake Sat 12-Sep-20 08:32:05

Should add, I'd probably immediately check myself like I'm doing now, and think "well maybe they just liked the name", but I'd still think it was a bad call given the obvious association from the sound of the word.

yellowmaoampinball Sat 12-Sep-20 08:33:30

Yeah, bad timing I'm afraid. I would definitely be wondering whether you'd done it as a deliberate nod to covid.

Jubaju Sat 12-Sep-20 08:34:08

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Rollmopsrule Sat 12-Sep-20 08:34:16

I would choose a different name.

vodkaredbullgirl Sat 12-Sep-20 08:34:37


Candyapple49 Sat 12-Sep-20 08:34:56

What about Haven . It has the same meaning and a similar soft sound .

Wolfiefan Sat 12-Sep-20 08:35:05

I’ve never heard of it being a name.
I wouldn’t.

Strugglingtodomybest Sat 12-Sep-20 08:35:48

I wouldn't use it.

JohnnyMcGrathSaysFuckOff Sat 12-Sep-20 08:36:10

Mmm tbh it wasn't the first place my mind went.

Also remember, it's unlikely her peers will grow up with the word "covid" being a hot button issue.

I personally really don't like it as a name, but if you do, go for it.

Wakemeupwhenthisisover Sat 12-Sep-20 08:36:23

Each to their own I guess, cove is a bit of a ridiculous name regardless so if you like it stick with it.

ShakerCan Sat 12-Sep-20 08:37:04

Yeah that’s sadly a bad choice of name now. It would not be nice for her when people associate the name with Covid - & they will. Bad luck but maybe store it away for future baby or at a push use it as a middle name.

Cornettoninja Sat 12-Sep-20 08:37:04

Sorry but I think it’d be a mistake to use it now. She’s going to have to write down her name and date of birth a lot during her life and the two together will always prompt the association with covid. I don’t think she’ll thank you if you go ahead with it.

DoubleDolphin Sat 12-Sep-20 08:37:22

Silly name, especially now.

ladykuga Sat 12-Sep-20 08:37:45

That makes me think of the tv series Murder She Wrote. I'm already calling her Cabot Cove confused

DoubleDolphin Sat 12-Sep-20 08:38:18


"What about Haven . It has the same meaning and a similar soft sound ."

As in haven holidays? Equally ridiculous.

Heyahun Sat 12-Sep-20 08:38:42

It’s not Covid though is it and cove isn’t used as a shorter version for Covid either - I don’t see the issue at all tbh! She won’t get teased at school because the other 5 year olds aren’t gonna remember the year of the pandemic are they 😆

GreenPlum Sat 12-Sep-20 08:38:45

Don't do it. Such a shame and another thing covid has taken from us. But seriously. You can't do it now.

WunWun Sat 12-Sep-20 08:38:55

I don't like it without covid. It's too much like cave for me.

Prettybluepigeons Sat 12-Sep-20 08:39:04

The covid thing makes it ridiculous.
The name itself.....its not a name. It's a noun. Like rock or beach or table or chair.
There are so many really beautiful names to choose from. Please dont call a child Cove.

dayswithaY Sat 12-Sep-20 08:39:23

This has got to be a wind up.

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