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to think Dominic Cummings should go/thread 3

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SophieB100 Mon 25-May-20 18:03:49

Third thread!

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SophieB100 Mon 25-May-20 18:06:41

Previous thread

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ilovesooty Mon 25-May-20 18:08:38

Johnson should sack him today.

But he won't.

Hadenoughfornow Mon 25-May-20 18:10:06

He should go.

But I will actually direct my anger toward the PM.

Its his statement that has really annoyed me. Its his statement that has criticised every single decent person in this country.

He is the boss, well supposedly. He is the one who needs to be held accountable.

Lucywilde Mon 25-May-20 18:10:42

He should go but Johnson will do whatever the fuck he likes.

CloudsCanLookLikeSheep Mon 25-May-20 18:11:37

Agree that this is becoming about Bodge Job now. DC is a slimy, lying toad. But can BJ put the needs of the british people first? No, of course he can't. And it will backfire spectacularly

SophieB100 Mon 25-May-20 18:12:44

News conference at 7.00 now.
Bodge should have sacked him yesterday. I fear that ship has sailed.

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YouTheCat Mon 25-May-20 18:12:56

They should both go.

Hueandcry Mon 25-May-20 18:13:49

Even more so now. He should go

itsgettingweird Mon 25-May-20 18:13:59

So will people notice that he didn't actually go to Durham for specialist childcare only they could provide?

FliesandPies Mon 25-May-20 18:14:03

Johnson will cling on to him, he can't cope as PM without him. They were the perfect combination - Cummings graft, shallow nous and 'maverick' abilities/Johnson's charm and charisma.

If Cummings goes Johnson will take the cue to stand down and go back to his lazy life without having to deal with all this political stuff.

HotPenguin Mon 25-May-20 18:14:54

Cummings expects us to believe he made a 5 hour car journey with a toddler in the back without stopping, that's so obviously bullshit.

Puzzledandpissedoff Mon 25-May-20 18:15:02

How was he able to pick his wife and child up from hospital when was supposedly poleaxed with the bug?
The whole thing was a string of conveniently timed illnesses and relapses according to what suited the story, totally lacking in credibility

Oh, and errrrrs ... ummms ... aaahhhs of course; could he possibly be any more inarticulate?

DressingGownofDoom Mon 25-May-20 18:15:09

I have emailed the PMs office to tell him how disappointed I am about all of this. I know he'll never read it, but I had to make my feelings known.

Fallsballs Mon 25-May-20 18:15:56

I nearly died of boredom and eye rolling. It’s amazing how he can say the same thing for over an hour. Not answering questions should be illegal for government officials.
On the bright side I can twist the rules and test my eyesight via a castle.

Mintjulia Mon 25-May-20 18:16:08

Of course he should go. If the man had an ounce of integrity, he would already have resigned.

He’s become a distraction from lockdown rules and that in itself will cost lives.

dudsville Mon 25-May-20 18:16:41

No, not for this reason.

Hadenoughfornow Mon 25-May-20 18:17:46

puzzled I wondered that too.

Why would you go all that way to get help from family and then not actually get the help in this instance.

dudsville Mon 25-May-20 18:18:20

And re the distraction, the news and public need to stop demanding were shift our collective focus on to this kind of crap. I could have spent my BH evening in a much better way.

SophieB100 Mon 25-May-20 18:19:06

I'm going to drive to the coast tomorrow - about 30 minutes away - just to test my eyesight, of course.

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Wormthatturned Mon 25-May-20 18:20:06

He kept repeating himself about what he'd done as though we hadn't understood. I understood; I just didn't agree he should have done it.
His 'no regret' stand is going to be difficult for him/BJ to get past

NoMoreReluctantCustodians Mon 25-May-20 18:21:56

I think he will steadfastly cling on and bring Boris down with him. There is a guy on radio 5 live now who had symptoms and went into isolation himself leaving his 9 month pregnant wife to deal with their 5 year old and he is raging. Rightly so

Smilethoyourheartisbreaking Mon 25-May-20 18:22:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Rosehip10 Mon 25-May-20 18:22:04

Anyone see on sky news as he walked off. Peston on a chair. Camera caught a huge smirk on his face. Shows what he really thinks.

itsgettingweird Mon 25-May-20 18:22:46

The bits I believe.

He ran out of DS to go home as wife was ill. Wouldn't any decent partner?

He believed he had a huge chance of catching covid. He'd been exposed enough.

He felt it would be better in Durham.

The bits I don't buy.

He's been painted as a bad guy falsely. There's no smoke without fire.

It was seeking specialist childcare. But I think they hoped this would fly hence the asd leak on twitter but they realised it wouldn't fly.

He drove 30 miles to test his eyesight. Purely because I don't think anyone who is apparently so intelligent he advises the top person in the UK could actually be that darn thick.

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