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Quorn meatballs

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pawsies Fri 07-Feb-20 20:16:22

Where have they gone?! Just used the last pack in the freezer and the supermarkets didn't have any when I went.

Any similar suggestions? Trying the birds eye ones tonight so will see how we go.

Hope the Quorn nuggets don't disappear now!

I probably am being unreasonable but I know what I like and I don't want to compromise 😁

Bubblemonkey Fri 07-Feb-20 20:17:49

Quorn nugs 🤤

Surinamtoad Fri 07-Feb-20 20:20:48

I can't find them either! They don't seem to exist anymore...?

MrsWednesdayteatime Fri 07-Feb-20 20:20:51

Quorn meatballs are the best veggie meatballs in my opinion

But just like op I can't find them in any shops, tried all the big supermarkets ☹️

Peccary Fri 07-Feb-20 20:34:20

Also, where did the Cumberland sausages go?

Dellow Fri 07-Feb-20 20:52:05

The birds eye ones are very good I thought & Aldi now does their own brand as well. The new plant chef plant based sausages from the tescos range I spotted last week and they were a lot nicer than most vege sausages I have had ( just to answer a question you didn’t ask grin )

MyBootsAreMuddy Fri 07-Feb-20 20:53:24

Ds3 loves the quorn meatballs, but haven't been able to find them for a little while now. Tried the birds eye ones(without telling him as he's a fusspot) and he didnt like them. He asked if the recipe had changed as they had a funny taste and felt slimy and spongy in his mouth. I then told him they were a different brand than usual, and he said not to get them again as they are disgusting.

I really hope they haven't discontinued them, as it's one of the few things that ds will actually eat. He's extremely picky and weird about food and due to a rare groth disorder (food issues are common with it)is extremely small for his age and really can't afford to become any more restrictive in what he will eat!

BarbaraofSeville Fri 07-Feb-20 20:54:15

We have an unopened pack in our freezer, what am I bid?

Or I'll swap them for a pack of the sausage patties because we loved them and they've been discontinued, sob.

I used to use them to make a fake McDonalds breakfast wrap with a potato waffle and one egg omelette.

pointythings Fri 07-Feb-20 20:58:36

I'm pretty sure they've been discontinued. It annoys the hell out of me as veggie DD1 really loves them.

queenMab99 Fri 07-Feb-20 20:59:55

Birds eye ones are vile, my grandchildrens favourite tea, which is quorn meatballs with grannies pasta sauce (containing hidden carrots, sweet potato, courgettes and any other healthy green stuff available) is now kaput!

Whynosnowyet Fri 07-Feb-20 21:00:07

Iceland own brand vegi /vegan stuff is great!! Fussy vegi dc here!

PurpleDaisies Fri 07-Feb-20 21:00:37

Sainsburys own brand frozen ones are my favourite

ChazsBrilliantAttitude Fri 07-Feb-20 21:05:59

They are delisted according to quorn but they are hoping to get them back at some point apparently.

Lampan Fri 07-Feb-20 21:06:13

I miss the Quorn snack pots sad

ellelikespizza Fri 07-Feb-20 21:07:04

They have been gone for months sad haven't found anything similar.. birds eye ones are horrible imo

MayDayHelp Fri 07-Feb-20 21:07:26

Sainsburys own brand ones are great. Much prefer them to quorn.

30not13 Fri 07-Feb-20 21:09:03

Asda own brand ones are the best imo. And I'm not vegetarian.

MoreHairyThanScary Fri 07-Feb-20 21:14:52

Gutted as I loved both the patties and the meatballs. Have substituted by cutting quorn sausage up and putting it in pasta but it's just not the same [wails]

PawPatrolMakesMeDrink Fri 07-Feb-20 21:19:14

Asda do tomato and halloumi alternative meatballs. They are delicious, bake them in the oven, 12 for £2 so they’re considered a treat in our house.

Don’t buy Asda’s own bran quorn mince. It’s like sponge. Truly vile.

Arseaboutdarkly Fri 07-Feb-20 21:20:12

Don't know what's going on with quorn, the hot-dogs, that we all loved, disappeared and I started buying Sainsbury own ones which were fine.

Now Sainsbury ones have disappeared, Quorn ones are back and they taste/feel weird.

MyBootsAreMuddy Fri 07-Feb-20 21:22:34

Might have to give some of the others a try. We are not vegetarian, but as I said in pp, I have an extremely fussy ds, I just want him to eat.

Specialkp Fri 07-Feb-20 21:22:57

They were my favourite! The birds eye ones are nice but just not the same. Gutted!!

DropZoneOne Fri 07-Feb-20 21:26:55

The Quorn Best of British sausages have disappeared, they were my favourites. And our local Tesco has been out of stock of the roast and toad in the hole for months which is annoying.

Arseaboutdarkly Fri 07-Feb-20 21:28:53

Aldi do the quorn sausages quite cheap, they're very nice fried with onion

1Morewineplease Fri 07-Feb-20 21:38:16

So many people have decided to go meat free and have naturally decided to use Quorn products.
Trouble is.. many people can’t seem to tolerate Quorn. ( makes me sick)
Might be worth googling.
Would provide a relevant link but can’t, sorry.

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