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It's just oranges. I need to let it go. Why am I so pissed off??

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NoDontLookAtMeImShy Fri 23-Aug-19 15:19:16

DS (8) ate 4 oranges a couple of weeks ago.
Bought some more, I told him not to eat 4, so he took the whole packet and said he would eat 5 hmm

He refused to put them back, I confiscated his phone he had a tantrum that I haven't seen since he was 3.

Roll on 3 weeks and I bought some oranges an hour ago.
We all like the bloody oranges.
I go up stairs to settle the baby, come back down and he's eaten all of them.

I was supposed to take him to the park for ice cream but now I'm so livid he's in his room and I said no to park and ice cream because he's been selfish.

But it's just oranges, I should let it go shouldn't I?

We were all looking forward to getting out and enjoying the sun. I'm just so pissed off with him doing whatever the fuck he pleases.

whothedaddy Fri 23-Aug-19 15:22:28

WOW. 8 year old eats fruit. mum goes mental.

buy 2 bags of oranges, 1 for him 1 for everyone else.

lmusic87 Fri 23-Aug-19 15:23:08

It's a shame but try to move on and buy some more on the way home.

MargotLovedTom1 Fri 23-Aug-19 15:23:28

I wouldn't go to the park with him, no. He's old enough to remember the orange incident of a few weeks ago, and to employ a bit of self control. I know it's not the point of your OK but I also think he's too young to have a phone, esp if taking it away leads to tantrums.

MargotLovedTom1 Fri 23-Aug-19 15:23:57

OP, not OK.

Zebraaa Fri 23-Aug-19 15:23:57

Just buy more and hide them? confused

PremierNaps Fri 23-Aug-19 15:24:15

Seems like now he is just doing it because he knows it irritates you. I would be miffed too OP. I'm a believer in kids can have any snacks they want (in moderation and within reason) but eating all the oranges is just plain rude. Buy some more and hide them.

FluffyPinkSocks Fri 23-Aug-19 15:24:27

It’s only oranges, no biggie

Why does he have a phone? He’s only 8

velocitygirl7 Fri 23-Aug-19 15:24:25

I'd be singing from the rooftops if ds ate one bloody orange and he's 14....
I'm struggling to see the problem, maybe chill out a bit?

Yestermo Fri 23-Aug-19 15:24:48

Its annoying he is 8 and should do what he is asked. Fruit is expensive and not good for you in big quantities. Also as an aside why has an 8 year old got a phone?

NoDontLookAtMeImShy Fri 23-Aug-19 15:24:48

When I say phone I mean iPod, we call it a phone out of habit

MrsTerryPratchett Fri 23-Aug-19 15:25:00

Is this part of a wider behaviour issues?

Are they oranges or those baby satsuma type things?

Will it give him a bad stomach?

Can you afford 12 2 bags of oranges?

FredaFrogspawn Fri 23-Aug-19 15:25:17

That’s greedy, selfish behaviour.

Yestermo Fri 23-Aug-19 15:25:22

ipod makes more sense!

NoDontLookAtMeImShy Fri 23-Aug-19 15:26:07

I should hide food?

Is that serious?

Yestermo Fri 23-Aug-19 15:26:46

you shouldn't have to hide food he should do what he's told.

LochJessMonster Fri 23-Aug-19 15:27:30

Very greedy and selfish behaviour. Not leaving any for other people, plus disobeying your instructions.

How would he like it if you bought a bag of crisps and ate them all?

NoDontLookAtMeImShy Fri 23-Aug-19 15:27:35

Yes it's part of a wider behaviour issue,
Yes definitely worried about his stomach (which I've said many times and he knows it!) and yes they are the little ones.

I'm still seething.

Purpleartichoke Fri 23-Aug-19 15:27:41

But more oranges.

Zebraaa Fri 23-Aug-19 15:28:05

People talk all the time about hiding their own chocolate from kids/partners on here hmm

DontCallMeShitley Fri 23-Aug-19 15:28:06

Depends on what type/size of oranges and whether he eats the whole thing or just sucks the juice out and wastes the rest. But he is still being a little sod and pushing his luck.

MrsTerryPratchett Fri 23-Aug-19 15:29:23

Yes it's part of a wider behaviour issue

New baby attention issue?

bridgetreilly Fri 23-Aug-19 15:29:40

It's not the oranges, it's the attitude. He's perfectly old enough to understand that not all the food in the house is for him, that he needs to leave some for everyone else. Also that when you have told him not to do something, he shouldn't do it.

And, as a minor point, that he shouldn't be binging on super-sugary foods like oranges. If he's hungry, one orange, then toast or cereal.

LooksBetterWithAFilter Fri 23-Aug-19 15:29:58

I think people are saying it’s not a big deal because it’s fruit. If he was repeatedly eating a six pack of crisps people would feel differently.
Yes it is just oranges but it’s frustrating when you buy stuff that is for the whole family to share and one person eats it all. I’m not sure what the solution is. My oldest is nearly 16 and the youngest 9 and I went to the cupboard last night and actually ate a Jaffa cake the packet of which had been in the house two whole days and that never happens.

I did consider at one point snack boxes for each child where they all got their share and when it was gone it was gone until it was refilled or I went shopping whatever duration I’d picked day/week because I have one who eats it all and another who eats a little when they fancy it and was often left with little or nothing of the best treats.

BogglesGoggles Fri 23-Aug-19 15:32:11

Are you sure his behaviour issues aren’t caused by your behaviour? I was a real shit to my mother, not because there’s anything wrong with me but she was just unkind so I responded in kind and it just escalated to us being horrible to each other.

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