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£99 on sweets

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Violashift Fri 16-Aug-19 21:26:48

AIBU to be annoyed with dh?

He has taken dc to captain candy in Dubrovnik Croatia which is essentially a pick n mix place. He bought three bags of sweets and it came to £99.

The price is unclear and it is a tourist trap.

If anyone goes to captain candy please avoid.

I can't believe it still.


StealthPolarBear Fri 16-Aug-19 21:27:44


HeadintheiClouds Fri 16-Aug-19 21:28:38

Three bags?!

GrowThroughWhatYouGoThrough Fri 16-Aug-19 21:29:13

Wow just wow!! I'm not sure if I'm jealous or disgusted can you take pics I love pick and mix 😂😂 my most expensive was about £20

dreichhighlands Fri 16-Aug-19 21:29:27

We had a giant family row with dc after visiting that place because we would only spend 25$ there a couple of years ago.
Your post brought back all the memories.

Walkacrossthesand Fri 16-Aug-19 21:30:02

Small sacks rather than 'bags', surely?! shock

Violashift Fri 16-Aug-19 21:30:52

I wish I knew! Honestly never heard off such a big rip off. I feel violated!

dreichhighlands Fri 16-Aug-19 21:30:54

It is very expensive and dc didn't get much for 25 pounds and that was pre Brexit pound crash.

ifeelgreat Fri 16-Aug-19 21:31:46

What?!?!!! Seriously though how much did they get for that?

DramaAlpaca Fri 16-Aug-19 21:31:51

Good grief shock I'd be annoyed alright.

HeadintheiClouds Fri 16-Aug-19 21:31:57

How special are the sweets? confused

Pringlemunchers Fri 16-Aug-19 21:32:15

Like M and m world in London costs a bloody fortune !!!

Sparklingbrook Fri 16-Aug-19 21:32:34

What was the weight?

Violashift Fri 16-Aug-19 21:34:02

Not spectacular at all. Will post a pic when up in room.

Having a drink reeling from the shock.

whattodowith Fri 16-Aug-19 21:35:45

Why did he pay it? Surely when he heard the price he thought nah fuck that and should have walked out?

Florencenotflo Fri 16-Aug-19 21:35:47

I bought pick and mix at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park a few years ago. In my defence I was 36 weeks pregnant and was not thinking clearly. A modest bag of sweets cost £15, DH nearly fainted 😂 still bought them for me though!

PegasusReturns Fri 16-Aug-19 21:36:47

99??? Wow!!

Sparklingbrook Fri 16-Aug-19 21:36:54

We went to an outlet village last week and I spent £12.72 at the Lindt Pick and Mix and thought that was extravagant!

Littlepond Fri 16-Aug-19 21:37:40

Omg imagine how many packets of fruit pastilles you could get for £99

IDontDrinkTea Fri 16-Aug-19 21:38:17

Shamelessly placemarking as I need to see the size of the sacks

moobar Fri 16-Aug-19 21:38:31

My niece did this at a local show. Stuffed the bag full when dad was distracted. Was by weight. 45 pound for one bag. They wouldn't take it back because she had handled it. She was about 6. It's a family legend nowgrin

Abbafabba Fri 16-Aug-19 21:38:41

Wtf!!!! Please do post a pic!

MrsTommyBanks Fri 16-Aug-19 21:39:26

I'm here for the photo.

Violashift Fri 16-Aug-19 21:39:47

He was being dozy because it was in Kunas. Would not think he had s maths degree.

Honestly think it was a mixture of it would not be that much and embarrassment.

Violashift Fri 16-Aug-19 21:40:38

I'm here for the photo.

It's really not that exciting!

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