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Tell me about any famous people you've met please

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Butterfly98 Sun 21-Apr-19 21:44:20

I want to hear about your good or bad encounters with a celebrity/famous person please! In the late nineties I met the chef Ainsley Harriot at a London train station when I was cueing to buy a ticket! I was very excited about this and told him I loved the show Ready Steady Cook which he was on at the time, he was really nice and chatty but I didn't get his autograph though! More recently about 2 years ago Ray Winston was sitting at the table beside us in a Chinese restaurant but we didn't get to speak as he was engrossed in conversation. I nearly forgot Todd Carty aka Mark from East Enders used to use our local newsagent in the morning on way to Elstree again in the nineties, he was always very smiley and drove a little MG!

happyhillock Sun 21-Apr-19 21:52:52

I worked in a hotel when i left school, i met Paul McCartney and his wife, David Essex,
Harold McMillan, Bay City Rollers, Shirley Bassey the nicest famous person i met was Noel Edmonds, he asked how long i'd worked there, my favourite bands and hobbies etc.

Doubletrouble99 Sun 21-Apr-19 22:00:29

I've meet quite a few, mainly because I worked in retailing for many years. I had to decline Roland Atkinsons Amex Card once. He was going out with Lesley Ash at the time, she kept calling him Rollie darling!
Ronnie Corbet used to have a home in the village I had a bakery in. His dad was a baker so he always appreciated good, well made bread. I used to have to serve him by going round the counter to him as he couldn't really see over it!

Easterbunnynearlyhere Sun 21-Apr-19 22:03:08

I saw Sue Pollard in a pub. Very rude to anyone who tried to talk to her tbh.

PookieHook Sun 21-Apr-19 22:06:04

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

thenightsky Sun 21-Apr-19 22:06:29

My parents had Richard Whitely as a neighbour. He came to their golden wedding party with a crate of booze bless him. Carried it all the way up a long hill in the heat and was all red in the face. Talked to my cleavage all night grin

Princess Diana at a garden party when I was 36 weeks pregnant. All the seats were taken and she found me a seat. It was blistering hot weather and I must have looked like I was going to keel over.

Scrumptiousbears Sun 21-Apr-19 22:07:18

We met Sue Pollard in a life at Kings Cross. She was lovely.

RubyWho Sun 21-Apr-19 22:07:34

John Barrowman - a sweetheart
Armando Ianucci - a tosser
Julian Barrett - hilarious and lovely (and tolerant of 17 mo old DS)
Emma Thompson - wanted her to adopt me
Andrew Garfield and Lily Cole - down to earth and good natured

I met them all in a previous life/line of work.

yearinyearout Sun 21-Apr-19 22:10:26

Doubletrouble99 no idea why she would be calling him Rollie since his name is Rowan

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 21-Apr-19 22:11:50

, i met Paul McCartney and his wife, David Essex I read this and thought "When was Paul Mc married to David E . they kept that one quiet", blush

PookieDo Sun 21-Apr-19 22:14:30

I went on holiday in about 1999 and the only other British couple in our hotel was Alan Halsall and his GF (Tyrone from Corrie)
We spent the whole week together we went paragliding and all got food poisoning together too
He was really nice

DorisDances Sun 21-Apr-19 22:14:49

Margaret Thatcher is my most memorable encounter....

goose1964 Sun 21-Apr-19 22:14:54

Suzi Quatro at Reading Rock she was lovely and chatty, Ian Botham who picked my 2 year old up, Viv Richards and quite a few other cricketers

Triglesoffy Sun 21-Apr-19 22:15:41

Benedict Cumberbatch
Liam Neeson
Winona Ryder
Reece Witherspoon
Daniel Radcliffe
Meghan Markle

Not all at the same time.

SachaStark Sun 21-Apr-19 22:17:22

Steve McFadden (Phil Mitchell) has a house in my hometown, and he’s widely known by all the locals for being incredibly rude.

thenightsky Sun 21-Apr-19 22:17:51

goose1964 Ian Botham sat next to my DD when she flew from Leeds Bradford to Gatwick as an unaccompanied minor. She said he was lovely, but I suspect he had a nightmare flight as DD was well known for never shutting up talking crap at that age (11).

Cafetierecoffee Sun 21-Apr-19 22:18:00

I worked in a hotel when i left school, i met Paul McCartney and his wife, David Essex

This is making me LOL 😂

Jellyonawonkyplate Sun 21-Apr-19 22:18:11

Ian Kelsey, of Emmerdale fame many eons ago.
I was about 17 and had waited at the stage door for him, having admired him for ages.
He came out, snatched the programme out of my hand and signed it, threw it back at me and curtly snapped 'aren't you cold?'. I'd worn my new topshop vest top and remember feeling embarrassed in front of my friend.

Didn't much like him after that grin

Livedandlearned Sun 21-Apr-19 22:20:09

I read that as Paul McCartney is married to David Essex, i had to read it several times until it clicked grin

CookieWarbler Sun 21-Apr-19 22:21:30

Anne Robinson was a guest at my wedding (DH connection). She was charming!

WaitedForGodot Sun 21-Apr-19 22:21:57

Played poker in Vegas with AJ from the Backstreet Boys for about six hours. He was a lovely guy with lots of unrepeatable stories.

WeMarchOn Sun 21-Apr-19 22:27:20

I have met the USA Impractical Jokers, Sal is a darling.

Brilliantidiot Sun 21-Apr-19 22:27:58

Sarah Lancashire - lovely
Justin what's his face, Mr Tumble - a twat.
Andrew Lancel - (DI Manson from The Bill) - polite and friendly.

Met through line of work.

Amanduh Sun 21-Apr-19 22:28:34

Met Frankie Bridge and she was LOVELY. As were all of Westlife, Liam Neeson, Kate, William and Beatrice. Taylor Swift is on another level. She is nicer than anyome I personally know! So so lovely. Also nice - Chris Pratt.
Horrible, entitled stuck up ignorant twats were Olly Murs, Amanda Holden, Meghan Markle, Alan Pardew, Kelly Brook and Ben Foden.

Stravapalava Sun 21-Apr-19 22:29:36

Suzanne Dando through acting. She was absolutely lovely, I was kind of in awe of her.

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