Yanny or Laurel?!

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CaliforniaDream Wed 16-May-18 07:22:47

AIBU to think that anyone who hears Laurel is playing a practical joke? It's definitely yanny!


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SecretStash Wed 16-May-18 07:26:31

I can only hear Yanny and I tried several times.

I think because I’m English I will only hear Yanny, perhaps those who speak with the American accent can decipher Yanny...

I guess this thread will tell me if I’m right!

GlitteryFluff Wed 16-May-18 07:30:45

Yanny for me too.

ImNotMeImSomeoneElse Wed 16-May-18 07:30:50

I hear Laurel confused

Springersprung Wed 16-May-18 07:34:02

Laurel for me

FissionChips Wed 16-May-18 07:34:38

I hear Laurel , I don’t understand how people are hearing “Yanny” confused

littlemissalwaystired Wed 16-May-18 07:36:16

I'm English and can only hear Laurel. Not even a hint of Yanny.


LateToTheParty Wed 16-May-18 07:36:58

Yanny, and I don't understand how people are hearing Laurel!

LionsTeeth Wed 16-May-18 07:36:58

I can only hear Laurel

ImNotMeImSomeoneElse Wed 16-May-18 07:37:31

And now I can hear 'Yanny' what magic is this?

When I hear one, the other just isn't there at all. Are we being pranked?

0h Wed 16-May-18 07:38:09


I can't understand the Laurel hearers at all!

SlowlyShrinking Wed 16-May-18 07:39:17

Yanny, definitely

MrsST Wed 16-May-18 07:41:32

I hear Yarry. So god only knows!

Amanduh Wed 16-May-18 07:41:33

Yannu. Listened over and over. No sign of Laurel

Amanduh Wed 16-May-18 07:41:43


ERipley Wed 16-May-18 07:41:55

Laurel. Can’t hear Yanny at all.

Droopyrose Wed 16-May-18 07:42:06

Last night was yanny the first 5-6 times then laurel, but this morning it's back to yanny. All clear as anything. My teen only hears laurel.

0lgaDaPolga Wed 16-May-18 07:46:15

All I can hear is Laurel. Not sure how people can hear Yanny?!

TheBogWitchIsBack Wed 16-May-18 07:46:35

I heard laurel first but I listened to it a few times and I can hear both tbh ..sometimes yanny in a nasally American accent and sometimes laurel in a more British accent.
It's an odd one.

milkmoustache Wed 16-May-18 07:48:19

It's the blue/gold dress again, but audible instead of visual!

Redglitter Wed 16-May-18 07:48:57

Laurel clear as a bell
Can't hear anything remotely like Yanny

MissionItsPossible Wed 16-May-18 07:49:07

Oh no, this is the colour dress all over again isn’t it. I am completely baffled at those saying they hear Laurel confused

Pantah630 Wed 16-May-18 07:49:15

Laurel here, no hints of anything else.

BuntyII Wed 16-May-18 07:51:50

Laurel, I don't get Yanny at all.

I'm a bit scared to listen to it again in case I hear Yanny for some reason 😂

SimonBridges Wed 16-May-18 07:52:05

Yanny. Every time.

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