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To have wanted to stab this woman at the ATM

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user1485342611 Wed 25-Apr-18 17:17:32

I went up to the ATM this afternoon and got there a split second behind another woman so just smiled at her and stood back.

She then proceeded to put her card in and out a couple of times doing different transactions, took out another card and did the same and then did a transaction on a third card. By the time she was finished there was half a dozen people waiting in the queue.

AIBU to think she was a selfish cow who should have let me go ahead when she knew she was going to be ages?

Buzzlightyearsbumchin Wed 25-Apr-18 17:19:11

How would she know you weren't going to be ages?

Total non issue.

unclejel Wed 25-Apr-18 17:20:21

I think you need to work on your anger issues. I'm not sure wanting to stab someone for making you wait a few minutes is good enough reason to knife somenone

RoseWhiteTips Wed 25-Apr-18 17:21:03

Yes she was annoying but feeling like stabbing her?
Overreaction much?

user1485342611 Wed 25-Apr-18 17:21:54

Not literally like stabbing her. It's just an expression.

youngnomore Wed 25-Apr-18 17:21:59

You’re U for thinking she should have let you go first. But Not U for being mega pissed for taking her sweet ass time. Didn’t you say anything? Like hurry up woman look at the queue.

MyotherUsernameisaPun Wed 25-Apr-18 17:22:32

Presumably you weren't in a hurry as you let her go before you, so it seems a bit of a non-issue. I would probably have been irritated at the general situation if I'd been in your shoes but I wouldn't have blamed the other person if I'd offered them the space before me.

liz70 Wed 25-Apr-18 17:22:42

Cash machine rage! grin I think some people must be negotiating a mortgage on a house at a point, the time they take. But no, ywbu to want to jump the queue, and besides, how would she know that you were going to be quick? Just suck it up and queue quietly and patiently like a true Brit whether you are one or not.

Sirzy Wed 25-Apr-18 17:22:58

I do get frustrated by faffers at cash points but you can’t do anything about them so no point getting wound up!

Doofenschmirtz Wed 25-Apr-18 17:23:14

"I went up to the ATM this afternoon and got there a split second behind another woman"

So she got there before you and you had to wait your turn. She didn't do anything wrong.


notacooldad Wed 25-Apr-18 17:24:05

I think you need to work on your tolerance skills!

Sidge Wed 25-Apr-18 17:24:17

Crikey. Not an expression I've ever used.

"Person gets incredibly angry at another person using an ATM machine for its intended purpose".

HildaZelda Wed 25-Apr-18 17:24:50

I was in an ATM queue not so long ago and the woman up front was like this. Card in, card out, card in, card out. She did this without about five different cards. It was lunchtime, clearly a lot of people on a short lunch break and finally the man in front of me went "Are you applying for a mortgage up there or something?"

PinkCalluna Wed 25-Apr-18 17:25:51

Look at it this way, did you need the cash so badly that you would have joined the queue even if there had been 3 people in it?

If yes, then what’s your issue.

If you didn’t really need it that badly you could have left to find another ATM.

<shrug> sometimes you need to queue. It’s character building.

IWishYouWere Wed 25-Apr-18 17:25:53

YABU it's not funny to joke about stabbing someone. You need to get a grip. biscuit

user1485342611 Wed 25-Apr-18 17:25:56

Good for him Hilda. I wish I'd had the nerve to say something.

ZibbidooZibbidooZibbidoo Wed 25-Apr-18 17:28:47

AIBU to think she was a selfish cow who should have let me go ahead when she knew she was going to be ages?

So just you? What about all the people behind you? Should she have stood back and let them all go ahead of her?

YABU she was using the machine. You’d have had to wait just as long if 3 other people were each doing one transaction infront of you.

lovesugarfreejelly63 Wed 25-Apr-18 17:28:50

User, I usually have to stand behind someone at the ATM who appear to be holding a fistful of cards. They then draw out money on each one, (in between answering their mobile phone)! much tutting and sighing in the now formidable queue. I continue to stand quite patiently, slight shuffling of feet now and again, and try to think kind thoughts!Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.

JacquesHammer Wed 25-Apr-18 17:29:26

Woman in front of you uses cash machine for its intended purpose?

Can’t say it would induce such rage in me.

Do you usually find yourself getting angry over minor things?

RaininSummer Wed 25-Apr-18 17:29:45

It is pretty weird to do that many transactions at an ATM so i think i would have got pretty wound up but not to the point of considering stabbing smile Probably some light huffing and puffing and glancing at my watch.

ZibbidooZibbidooZibbidoo Wed 25-Apr-18 17:32:26

I’ve been in her position having to draw money off all my credit cards to lodge into my rent account when housing benefit fucked up my claim. I was massively stressed out by it so anyone commenting behind me in the queue would probably have found me going ten times slower just to spite them.

A4710Rider Wed 25-Apr-18 17:32:35

When I used to commute by bus you'd get a certain type of person who was just so rage inducing.

1. Stand in queue.
2. Get on bus.
3. Ask the driver how much it was to such and such.
4. Look surprised.
5. Root around handbag/purse/wallet
6. Continue to root around finding pennies and two pennies to make up the fare like it's some kind of crime to use silver coins.
7. Walk slowly down the bus holding onto every support beam.

Drove me mad.

windermerebell Wed 25-Apr-18 17:33:41

I can do better there was a women at the o or cash point for miles yesterday who not o my tried 3 different cards but then rang the bank standing in front of the cash machine demanding that they increase her overdraft there and then. The man who said something got told the fuck off

JacquesHammer Wed 25-Apr-18 17:33:49

Continue to root around finding pennies and two pennies to make up the fare like it's some kind of crime to use silver coins

Or you know maybe they’re rooting around to find enough money to ride the bus...

windermerebell Wed 25-Apr-18 17:34:12

Not sure what when wrong with the word only in that last post

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