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Aibu to ask how you deal with thigh rub?

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Lazyginger Fri 20-Apr-18 16:31:35

It's hot. I want to wear a skirt. In colder weather I always wear tights but when it's this hot wearing tights is horrible! Even at my thinnest (9st) I have never achieved a thigh gap. By the end of the day I have sore red raw patches on my inner thighs where they rub. How can I fix this? The only alternative is to wear leggings under a maxi or trousers hmm. Surely I am not the only uncomfortable person ?

Wellfuckmeinbothears Fri 20-Apr-18 16:33:12

Sorry no solution, watching your post with interest though as I suffer from thigh chaffing too!

Coffeeisnecessary Fri 20-Apr-18 16:33:27

There is a great cream, called lanacane anti chafing gel. I got it from boots, it works a treat!!

nancy75 Fri 20-Apr-18 16:34:20

Roll on deodorant on your thighs. Roll it on, walk round like John Wayne for 2 minutes while it dries and that’s it!

Quandary2018 Fri 20-Apr-18 16:35:20

I bought some “comfort shirts” basically big pants that cover the tops of your thighs so as to eliminate chafing

NoWayNoHow Fri 20-Apr-18 16:36:43

I use Champneys Sport Therapy Anti-Chafing Protecting Balm which has saved my summers as I can finally wear skirts without hobbling around at the end of the day like I've shat myself.

Be warned! This product is FOR MEN. I have capitalised FOR MEN because if you're dainty and precious and feminine and only glow in the sun just like me blush you can't possible use it grin

Adventuritis Fri 20-Apr-18 16:36:57

I saw stretchy lace garters advertised on Facebook yesterday. They’re about 6-8 inches wide and specifically designed to stop thigh rub!

SaucyJane Fri 20-Apr-18 16:38:27

Despite being a heifer, I have skinny legs so have never had this issue (don't get me started on the hell that is massive droopy boob sweat, however!). However, friends who do swear by Spanx pants or similar to prevent it. Could you try something like that?

Caaarrrl Fri 20-Apr-18 16:38:28

I too just wear BIG pants that go from my bra to my knees if I want to wear a dress or skirt in Summer. But then I get far too hot and sweaty! Have tried spraying deodorant on and baby powder int he past but they don't work. Thought about trying the anti-chafing cream. Does it really work Coffee?

BendydickCuminsnatch Fri 20-Apr-18 16:38:53

Chop off the legs of any old leggings to the required length - mine are primark, no hemming needed, they wash fine, some of mine are years old.

knottybeams Fri 20-Apr-18 16:40:00

Cycling shorts?

endofthelinefinally Fri 20-Apr-18 16:40:52

Cut the lower legs off an ordinary pair of tights. Wear the top part over your knickers. I find this the coolest, cheapest, most comfortable option. I keep laddered tights for this purpose.

steff13 Fri 20-Apr-18 16:41:33

I am in the US, so may have access to different products, but I use a cream called Fresh Breasts. It is a lotion, but it dries to a powder. I get chafing on my thighs, and also heat rash in the summer around my bra band, and this prevents both.

GeekyBlinders Fri 20-Apr-18 16:41:42

I cut the legs off old very low drier illusion tights but this only really works with maxi skirts and dresses, because if you cut them off high enough to go under knee length skirts, they just roll up and don't work.

PinglePongle Fri 20-Apr-18 16:41:48

Just use anti-chafing gel, it works wonders

SunshineAfterRain Fri 20-Apr-18 16:42:16

I use talcum baby powder on my legs to stop this.

cluecu Fri 20-Apr-18 16:42:32

Cycling shorts, anti chafe cream, clear tights smile

ItchySeveredFoot Fri 20-Apr-18 16:43:15

Lush silky underwear powder. I apply it anywhere chafing might happen and also under my boobs and down my back so it helps stop chafing and sweating.

EatTheChocolateTeapot Fri 20-Apr-18 16:44:36

Is wearing shorts anoption?

64BooLane Fri 20-Apr-18 16:45:31

"a cream called Fresh Breasts"

Amazing name. Of all the things they could've called it, that's what they went with?

MsMarvel Fri 20-Apr-18 16:46:28

For more long term it may be worth toning up a bit. Its not a size thing, someone can be size 6 and untoned, but its the wobble that creates the rub.

19lottie82 Fri 20-Apr-18 16:47:31

Thank me later wink

MrsGloop Fri 20-Apr-18 16:47:34

Jockey and Hanes do fantastic “slip shorts” like ultra-thin bike shorts. Various lengths and colors. Available on Amazon too.

frenchysummersun Fri 20-Apr-18 16:48:38

I followed advice from someone on here last spring and ordered Sloggi short things from Amazon. Cotton so quite cool if it's warm weather but they def helped.
I also tried the lanacane stuff but wasn't so keen on it - it felt a bit weird!

KinkyAfro Fri 20-Apr-18 16:49:32

I wear comfort shorts from evans. I've tried the balms but you have to keep applying in really hot weather

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