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Surprisingly good cheap products.

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NomsQualityStreets Wed 04-Apr-18 17:08:50

Posting for traffic.

I've recently got a few bits online that people have recommended for being cheap but really good for what they are. Latest purchases are a really good liquid eyeliner from Amazon for £0.64 and a baby bath seat that should be £20 but was £9.99 inc delivery!

So out of curiosity and wanting to get some stuff has anyone got any recommendations of surprisingly good products they've bought really cheaply?

Not asking for anything particular just anything that comes to mind.

Gide Wed 04-Apr-18 17:28:15

Are you going to give links, OP, otherwise what’s the point?

AtleastitsnotMonday Wed 04-Apr-18 17:44:54

Lidl face wipes. 64p ish and great!

Hortonlovesahoo Wed 04-Apr-18 18:00:26

- Lidl baby wipes = better than pampers for us
- Aldi nappies = great quality

mummyrabbitpeppapig Wed 04-Apr-18 18:20:55

I'll second Aldi nappies. And wipes - better imo than Pampers. My friend swears by Aldis version of Ben n Jerry's Cookie Dough ice cream

SecretBum Wed 04-Apr-18 18:27:27

Lidl teatree conditioner...can't actually remember the price but it's less than a quid.

Lidl nappies and wipes.

ArchchancellorsHat Wed 04-Apr-18 18:35:14

Aldi hand cream, really good and not sticky at all

Twofigsnotgiven Wed 04-Apr-18 18:39:05

Altruist sunscreen (from Amazon), most products from the Ordinary. Not Aldi prices, but they are incredible value.

Namastethefuckawayfromme Wed 04-Apr-18 18:39:06

Aldi hairspray, smells gorgeous and a massive can for about 85p.

Tesco own brand hair serum, in a red bottle £1.
Just as good as the expensive branded ones, if not better.

SecretBum Wed 04-Apr-18 20:44:33

Asda's own face sunscreen. It's about £3, spf 30 and really non-greasy, it was a fantastic base for make up.

OhWhatFuckeryIsThisNow Wed 04-Apr-18 20:53:08

Astral moisturiser. Huge pot for less than 3 quid. Smells lovely and works great. (I heard Joanna lumley has always used it, so she looks pretty good)

Notso Wed 04-Apr-18 20:55:38

Wilko £3 primer in the pink tube

WinkyisbackontheButterBeer Wed 04-Apr-18 21:06:37

Lidl’s blusher is really good. £1.99
Aldi loo roll- £3.99 for 18 rolls and lasts ages- the quilted one in the brown and cream packaging.

Mymouthgetsmeintrouble Wed 04-Apr-18 21:10:40

Aldi q10 night cream i love it , coal tar soap instead of shower gel i find it really moisturising and rarely need to use body lotions , eco egg instead of washing powder , aldi nappies and wipes , aldi peach fruit and barley as good as the branded one , this is not a particular brand thing but does save money , we eat a lot of berries and it can get pricey i only buy strawberries fresh and buy raspberries and blueberries frozen

WinkyisbackontheButterBeer Wed 04-Apr-18 21:14:12

Morrisons nappies and wipes. I found that size 3 onwards of Aldi’s leaked and their wipes lost their lids so dried out.
Switched to Morrisons and have namever had any problems.

Welshmaenad Wed 04-Apr-18 21:14:14

I buy Ocado own brand nappies for my sister and she says they are better than any big brand including Naty.

MrsPreston11 Wed 04-Apr-18 21:17:44

Aldi moisturiser. The cheap one in the white tub. So nice. Smells like holidays. Not greasy at all.

I’m even excited for my (expensive) night cream to run out so I can get the Aldi night cream too!

I’m also an AliExpress addict. The fake Lego is amazing.

My daughters love Lego friends. So I search on there for “Friends Blocks” and it’s all about quarter of the price of Lego here.

Also used AliExpress for jewellery and those squishy toys they’re all going mad for at the moment.

haverhill Wed 04-Apr-18 21:18:49

I’m using the basic Olay lotion at the mo; it’s so cheap that I use it on my hands too and they look fab! It’s a nice non greasy base for makeup.

Fuckingnamechanging Wed 04-Apr-18 21:19:49


Don't tell everyone about the Tesco serum! There'll be none left for us shock

EastMidsMummy Wed 04-Apr-18 21:20:57


TheFrenchLieutenantsMonkey Wed 04-Apr-18 21:23:15

Aldi Kangaroo paw flower conditioner. Just like Aussie 3 minute miracle but much cheaper.

IheartCaptainHolt Wed 04-Apr-18 21:26:05

I got a clicky pen concealer from Aldi the other week and it's great. It was £2.99

LanaorAna2 Wed 04-Apr-18 21:30:04

Tesco value dark choc. 45p, 50 per cent cocoa solids. Cheaper and more chocolatey than all the other supermarket brands.

BossWitch Wed 04-Apr-18 21:31:25

Aldi bb cream. Just as good as any others I've tried.

FoofFighter Wed 04-Apr-18 21:32:06

Lidl fake Aussie shampoo and conditioner

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