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AIBU? Sister named/naming her children the same as mine...

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McCormick1988 Sun 18-Jun-17 16:49:03

I have 2 sons: Hayden and Oliver.

DSis had a daughter after I had Hayden and named her Hayden I didn't care too much as she was a girl and mine was a boy. It also didn't matter that much.

My Oliver is 2 months and she is the 3rd trimester of her pregnancy and has announced he's an Oliver.

Different middle names but still!

AIBU to think this is a bit unfair?

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GlitteryFluff Sun 18-Jun-17 16:49:46

That's so weird..

WellErrr Sun 18-Jun-17 16:50:19

It's fucking odd.

Is she some kind of sociopath?

Shootfirstaskquestionslater Sun 18-Jun-17 16:50:23

Tell her to choose her own names and stop coping you.

PurpleDaisies Sun 18-Jun-17 16:50:29

It's really odd.

How's your relationship with her normally?

PastysPrincess Sun 18-Jun-17 16:50:39

That is really weird.

Ditsy1980 Sun 18-Jun-17 16:50:51

That's very weird.

Birdsgottaf1y Sun 18-Jun-17 16:50:57

It's ridiculous.

You might be told that it isn't, is your Mum around to get involved?

Gatehouse77 Sun 18-Jun-17 16:51:04

Not unfair but as PP said...weird...

LivingInMidnight Sun 18-Jun-17 16:51:19

She's either really lacking in imagination or not quite right.

sparechange Sun 18-Jun-17 16:51:31

That is very bizarre

Have your parents asked her why she is copying you?

HunterHearstHelmsley Sun 18-Jun-17 16:51:33

It's weird. I don't see why it's not fair though?

There's not really much you can do about it.

Crunchymum Sun 18-Jun-17 16:52:11

Your sister is a fucking fruit cake and I think you need go insist she chooses a different name.

UnbornMortificado Sun 18-Jun-17 16:52:14

That is batshit. Is she normally all white single female with you?

NataliaOsipova Sun 18-Jun-17 16:52:28

Utterly bizarre!

McCormick1988 Sun 18-Jun-17 16:52:41

We get on and everything. It's a pretty good relationship. She says I was fortunate enough to fall pregnant first and took her name confused I had no idea if she was thinking of those names of not.

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OnionKnight Sun 18-Jun-17 16:53:05

Is she alright in the head?

NicolasFlamel Sun 18-Jun-17 16:53:06

What a weirdo!! What do your other family think? Someone should tell her she's an odd bod.

CreekyOldKnee Sun 18-Jun-17 16:54:16

Does she copy you generally? Is this a little sister adoration thing?

I know when I was in my teens and my sis was in her 20s I thought she was the best thing in the world and would happily copy all her outfits, shoes, hairstyles etc

Childrens' names is v odd though and obviously taking it to a whole other level!

McCormick1988 Sun 18-Jun-17 16:54:35

My mum thinks it's 'nice' but then my name is my aunt's... My dad thinks it's a bit strange. Other family laugh, not sure what their honest opinions are. I'm actually a bit sad and I suppose that's why I said I don't think it's fair.

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Scrumpernickel Sun 18-Jun-17 16:55:01

How weird and creepy. Everyone must think she's unhinged!

What has been your parents' reaction? And does her partner not find it all totally bonkers?

MaisyPops Sun 18-Jun-17 16:55:15

I think it's weird.

I'm not a fan of people "claiming their names" within friendship groups and families (aka if I have a boy it'll be Noah so now none of you can have noah), but when the children are ALREADY HERE and she's like for like copying it's just a little weird.

peukpokicuzo Sun 18-Jun-17 16:56:37

Shows a massive lack of imagination and creativity on your sister's part but just pity her for that, don't let it annoy you. Anyone who knows both of you will know your children came first and will know she copied you. Anyone who only know one family and not the other won't care. Refer to them as Hayden1 (yours) and Hayden2 (hers); Oliver1 (yours) and Oliver2 (hers) when you are all together. Otherwise just ignore. It doesn't matter. There will be at least 3 other olivers in your ds's circle of friends as he grows up, it won't matter one bit that one of them is his cousin.

Scrumpernickel Sun 18-Jun-17 16:57:05

You sound very composed OP. I would have gone loco and lost my shit with my 'darling' sister.

And poor Hayden the Sequel and Oliver the Sequel. They will find it strange once they're old enough.

Xanadu44 Sun 18-Jun-17 16:58:10

It's insanely weird!!!! Normally people avoid the names close family have chosen!

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