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Fajita Friday 2.0 aka Celtic kitchen baby shower extravaganza the second

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GaelicSiog Fri 21-Apr-17 22:49:06

Original thread. Continuing here to throw @Phyllis a virtual baby shower, mumsnet style. Irish heritage and choice parenting optional, sparkly new kitchen plans essential. Fajitas and margaritas on entry. Vegan, of course.

wild, mikey, smeaton, fenella and the rest of the crew, where you at? grin

GaelicSiog Fri 21-Apr-17 22:49:30

[] thread link fail blush

GaelicSiog Fri 21-Apr-17 22:55:08

Apologies, I am a terrible host. Technology and me don't mix well blush

OnTheUp13 Fri 21-Apr-17 22:55:20


OnTheUp13 Fri 21-Apr-17 22:55:43

How long does it take to eat vegan fajitas!

Smeaton Fri 21-Apr-17 22:56:26

I'm here.

You lucky people.

I'm just wondering if I have any Irish in me tbh?
I had a Bailey's at Christmas? Does that count?


GaelicSiog Fri 21-Apr-17 22:56:32

Hello up! Apologies for taking up half the thread already blush

I am with your interpretation of choice parenting. If I let my DD make all her own decisions we would rarely leave the house. She has a trampoline grin

GaelicSiog Fri 21-Apr-17 22:58:04

Smeaton, consider it your Irish christening grin half my British friends are frantically searching their family trees now after brexit. now they want to be us wink

Smeaton Fri 21-Apr-17 22:58:36

How long does it take to eat vegan fajitas

That sounds like the start of a joke.
Let's play 'Best Punchline Wins'

How long does it take to eat Vegan Fajitas?
It depends on how long she let's you try for and how long you can hold your breath

GaelicSiog Fri 21-Apr-17 23:03:57

Maybe it was a surprise baby shower!

wizzywig Fri 21-Apr-17 23:03:57

Ooh you cheeky monkey gaelicslog!! I do like an Iceland boofey!

PhyllisNights Fri 21-Apr-17 23:13:12

Hello lovelies! Just showing my face so I can follow. I hope to contribute soon! xxx

CBW Fri 21-Apr-17 23:22:47

Don't diss Peppa Pig. She is a class act.

SparklyGlitterPants Fri 21-Apr-17 23:26:26

Oo ooo ooo I'm here, I'm here.

I've been binge watching Masterchef USA all evening and someone just made Fajitas. grin

plaintomatopasta Fri 21-Apr-17 23:27:15

Hi can I join! I'm all for the vegan life and Almost named my son Gabriel Byrne! As well as Atreyu obvs.

Hi ladies 👋🏻

plaintomatopasta Fri 21-Apr-17 23:28:02

There was a new peppa on nick jr tonight where they fly round the world!

SparklyGlitterPants Fri 21-Apr-17 23:29:22

Atreyu was a right sexy bastard to my hormone riddled early teen mind (too many moons ago).

MyNewKitchen Fri 21-Apr-17 23:31:26

Is it even possible to make vegan fajita? ponders

Smeaton Fri 21-Apr-17 23:32:38

Here's Phyllis trying to be first to the Fajitas

GaelicSiog Fri 21-Apr-17 23:33:35

We had vegan fajitas tonight, they were grand. Well, DD did. Bloody kidneys.

My kidneys. We did not have kidney fajitas.

plaintomatopasta Fri 21-Apr-17 23:36:12

I had half a slice of toast and cold chips dipped in pickle and marmite. I don't feel well and can't seem to find anything I want to eat! 😂

GaelicSiog Fri 21-Apr-17 23:41:58

plain cold chips??? shock

I've had a kidney infection every other month ever since I had DD. Ok, maybe a slight exaggeration. But still. Watch out OP, pregnancy is lethal.

SparklyGlitterPants Fri 21-Apr-17 23:51:04

Hope it clears up soon Gaelic. I'd rather repeat my last labour than have another kidney infection. And that labour was 8 poxy days long ffs.

Ah jaysus Smeaton you killed me with that grin

MiddleClassProblem Fri 21-Apr-17 23:51:21

Phyllis! Why do you keep going on about SIL! You are crushing hard.

PhyllisNights Fri 21-Apr-17 23:53:29

My sister in law is really beautiful, classy and fashionable. She's been working in fashion since she left University. She has all these amazing friends, she knows celebrities, her house is amazing and I could go on!

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