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Still stopped in 2020; a thread for anyone abstaining from alcohol.

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Drybird2020 Fri 31-Jan-20 12:44:10

Dry January is over and the next phase has begun! Wherever you are on your sobriety journey, you're welcome here for encouragement, advice and support.

We love hearing from people who have been dry for a long time, so if you've swung by to have a look, please post to inspire us!

Equally, if you've woken up hungover, regretful and ashamed, determined that it's the last time, we've all been there and we're here for you now.

Lurky-lurkers, we know you're there! I observed the alcohol support threads for years before I felt ready to take the plunge, I hope these threads help others; if and when you feel ready to post, you'll get a warm welcome.

Might I respectfully ask that if your aim is moderation, you join the long running moderation thread in this topic. I find moderation chat difficult; it weakens my resolve, and many others feel the same.

I'm Drybird, 31 days sober. In that time I have saved 183 units, £192, and 12600 calories! I intend to be sober for the rest of my life, and I use this thread to keep me accountable.

It would be great to know how everyone is getting on, so if you'd like to check in below, please do! No need to share stats unless you want to, just give us a wave.

Here's tae us! <raises glass of tonic to the assembled company>

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rosieposies Fri 31-Jan-20 12:58:02


HouseTornado Fri 31-Jan-20 13:00:18

Raises glass of bitter lemon - thanks for the new thread, Dry and for being generally awesome.

So here I am, 36 days AF, saved 88 units, £94 and 5987 calories.

I am motivated by no longer wanting to not rely on drinking as a reward/balm/stress reliever/emotional name it, I've found a reason to keep drinking.

I'm also in a very critical (and exciting) stage at work and study where I need every brain cell firing if I'm going to get where I want to be.

Hmm. what else? I like swimming, the seaside, cheese and reading.

chillichutneysarnie Fri 31-Jan-20 13:05:24

Hiya, I'm 31 days sober, 33 years old and on track to hit my longest streak in my adult life so far in a few days! Next aim is 100 days. I feel like I've got more time back and my hobbies and interests are coming back now that I'm not just vegging out with wine all the time. Definitely needing the support of this forum as not many friends or family around me at the moment. I don't want to slip up.

MyBoysHaveDogsNames Fri 31-Jan-20 13:53:02

Hi. I started on New Year's Eve (contrary) so today am 32 days dry. I did 3 months 2 years ago and felt much better. Am taking it a month at a time!

But I do want to be dry this whole year. There is just so much more time.

The thing that makes it easier is not wanting to drink. I sometimes imagine a cold glass of wine. But actually, a hot bath, a good book and some trashy telly does the trick of relaxing me. And I only spend time with interesting people now. I've realised that, if I needed to drink to have a good time, then the company wasn't interesting enough!

It helps constantly reading books about not drinking. Some are more entertaining, but Jason Vale, etc are really useful with hammering home the message that alcohol is poison. Helps to counteract the ever present marketing messages.

What makes me not want to drink is realising how much it increases the risk of cancer, how anxious I feel when I drink and how rough I look!

Need to think of s good name for Dry February.

Drybird2020 Fri 31-Jan-20 14:07:43

@MyBoysHaveDogsNames, reading your post I realised I'm 32 days too! I began sobriety on Hogmanay after waking up feeling shitty and ashamed, again. I am discalculic so will blame that for my inability to keep track properly.

I'm reading back to back quit lit too. And I've realised just how bad I am at relaxing, DH says I am manic and it's exhausting to watch. I can see now that I was using wine to slow down my body and brain. I'm working on alternatives.

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ElsaCragg Fri 31-Jan-20 14:55:14

Hello everyone and thanks for the new thread @Drybird2020!

Day 100 here, and this is my new normal. I have so much time and energy, sleep so much better and have avoided the horrid cold that's going round (I'm telling myself my immune system has improved too).

My suggestion is 'Fab Feb' to follow Dry Jan. grin

SparklingLime Fri 31-Jan-20 15:06:41

Thank you. My first post but was following the previous thread. I’m on day 29 as started a little late. Haven’t had cravings but am grumpy and not feeling any obvious benefits, apart from the satisfaction of sticking to it. But I know that giving up a bottle a day habit has to be a good thing.

Walnutwhipster Fri 31-Jan-20 15:17:54

Hi, this is my first post. Apart from the odd toast at a wedding/party, which would be just a sip of fizz I've been sober for 18 years. I must admit I enjoyed getting hammered in my student days but was becoming maudlin when drunk and found two day hangovers a price too steep to pay. I can't say I miss it and more recently having DC with life threatening conditions (anaphylaxis and CHD) means I'm never not able to get them to hospital. The hardest thing I find is when others get lairy when they've had too much to drink, (I leave) your normal happy drunk I'm more than happy to be around.

aprilfoolsbaby Fri 31-Jan-20 15:34:56

Thanks drybird what a lovely opening to the new thread. And welcome to anyone new.

Fab feb - I like it. Day 31 for me and after the initial panic of doing dry January and feeling anxious about what do I do now - stop forever, start drinking again and try and moderate (really not an option for me) or go for 100 days - my next goal is another month. 29 days..... feels manageable.

The flatness has passed now and a new rhythm is appearing in my day to day life. I've watched what I've eaten this month and have lost a few pounds. Towards the end of last year I was the heaviest I'd ever been and buying the next size up clothes and I already feel better.

Have a wonderful AF weekend everyone x

MissConductUS Fri 31-Jan-20 15:48:13

We love hearing from people who have been dry for a long time, so if you've swung by to have a look, please post to inspire us!

I've been sober since March of 1994, so coming up on 26 years. I was really addicted and stopping was the hardest thing I've ever done. But it gave me back control over my life. I went on, met a lovely guy and have been happily married for 22 years with two lovely DC.

I hope none of you have gone as far down the pit as I did, but if you have know that there is always hope and way out with a bit of help.

Good luck to you all! smile

TreesSandSea Fri 31-Jan-20 16:23:42

Helloooo! 33 days dry, I am also in this for life. Can’t moderate, need to have just made the decision.

So glad to be on this thread.

TreesSandSea Fri 31-Jan-20 17:06:54

... and also, have just eaten two chocolate bars as I am suddenly feeling a bit down. Friday night, Brexit night (sad for me), hard week and a hard month coming up. Have got into bed with MN and chocolate to wait my glum mood out ....

kfcismyfamily Fri 31-Jan-20 17:41:38

Reporting in. Day 32 here.

Thanks for the new thread @Drybird2020

Mumof2cherubs Fri 31-Jan-20 17:45:29

Hi, this is a great thread, I went AF for Stopoctober and was amazed at how good I felt, so I'm now 122 days! I can't believe it but can honestly not see myself drinking again. grin

HowlsMovingBungalow Fri 31-Jan-20 19:12:18

Signing in. 39 days dry.

Nice to see new faces on the thread.Have a pleasant weekend all.

notdoingitanymore Fri 31-Jan-20 19:56:24

Hi all, good to hear we are all doing well. I also like the idea of Fab Feb smile
I'm day 9.20 (had a slip up 10 days in, a social event I hadn't planned for) but went AF again the next day.

I thought this evening would be hard as it's my first AF payday, but I planned well with an online shop with lots of different soft drinks so the old habit of hitting the supermarket on payday and buying 'posh' gin could be avoided. Although I did do a double take unpacking the shopping just now as I had ordered a bottle of elderflower presse, and just for a moment thought it was a bottle of wine. But the best bit is I am not disappointed that it's not.

chillichutneysarnie Fri 31-Jan-20 20:47:44

After Dry Jan I'm thinking 'Fatbusting Feb'! Partly as the weight issue is a big motivator for me to carry on without alcohol, and partly because I can't keep treating myself with chocolate bars forever!

SophocIestheFox Fri 31-Jan-20 21:14:22

Hey hey, shiny new thread, some shiny new posters too! 30 days done ✅

I cant quite believe that I’m sober on a Friday night, on Brexit night for actual fucks sake, after the kind of work week that would ordinarily have seen me looking for calm at the bottom of a glass (and failing to find it).

But here I am. This may be the longest stretch in my adult life that I’ve not had a drink. I’ve done dry January, but it’s usually 2nd January to Burns Night (25th). I’ve never actually done the whole thing. I’m feeling really different about it this time, I’m not counting down until I can drink, I’m thinking up reasons why I want to carry on not drinking.

Well done everyone, this thread is such a help and you’re all marvellous!

SophocIestheFox Fri 31-Jan-20 21:17:30

Oops, I forgot to mention, I got the results of some blood tests today, and for the first time ever, my cholesterol was normal grin turns out this not drinking lark is good for you, who knew?

MyBoysHaveDogsNames Fri 31-Jan-20 21:21:40

Yes to using wine to slow down my brain. It would just instantly switch me off. Thought I was relaxing but really I was just numb.

I like Fab Feb, although a bit of fat busting also in order!

I've had a lovely bath and will pour myself a tonic with ice and orange. Grapefruit is nicer though.

Anywaythewindisblowing Fri 31-Jan-20 21:21:50

3 7 days sober here! I think 🤔 started on the 19th of December when I decided not to spend Christmas either drunk or feeling like crap. I'm so so happy to have started on this journey.

MyBoysHaveDogsNames Fri 31-Jan-20 21:24:27

I feel happy too. Relieved and positive and looking forward to not drinking. I can fit so much more in a day!

CantstandmLMs Fri 31-Jan-20 21:36:04

62 days today. I don't ever think about it. Crazy!

TeachesOfPeaches Fri 31-Jan-20 21:39:01

Hurruh I've found you again @Drybird2020

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