Answer the question above you. Wrong answers only. PART 7

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bearlyactive Mon 05-Jul-21 21:00:49

You know the drill - answer the question above with a wrong answer. Bonus points if they're weird.

Previous question: Should the Op be thinking of starting a new thread?

My answer: Do it yourself <rolls eyes>

My question: When's actual summer weather coming back?

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HandforthParishCouncilClerk Mon 05-Jul-21 21:02:07

Winter is coming.

Where did I put my keys?

TracyBeakerSoYeah Mon 05-Jul-21 22:12:45

You left them in Dave's bedroom last night wink

Why is Dave such a stud?

Blowingagale Mon 05-Jul-21 23:15:48

Sorry to disappoint but Dave is a brand of stud earrings.

Stud or hook earrings?

bearlyactive Tue 06-Jul-21 08:20:10


How many piercings do you have?

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x2boys Tue 06-Jul-21 09:06:27

Eleventy billion,
How many Tattoos do you have?

newreality1 Tue 06-Jul-21 09:58:34

Head to toe covered in them.

What is your favourite item of makeup?


x2boys Tue 06-Jul-21 10:04:15

My electric blue mascara
What colour is your hair?

bearlyactive Tue 06-Jul-21 12:47:08

Electric dream

What are you doing tomorrow?

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x2boys Tue 06-Jul-21 12:50:17

Not watching England play in its first semi final since 1996 that's for sure
Is football coming home?

TracyBeakerSoYeah Tue 06-Jul-21 22:00:52

Yes & it's bought a house in Cornwall

Do Badgers like Cornwall for their holidays?

Blowingagale Tue 06-Jul-21 23:23:17

No - the badgers find the steady 30 degrees c just a bit too hot.

What do badgers look for for a good holiday destination?

x2boys Wed 07-Jul-21 08:00:29

They will enjoy historical sight seeing, good food and wine and comfortable Setts
How are the England team feeling now?

HereticFanjo Wed 07-Jul-21 08:58:06

Like a nice massage.

Lard or coconut oil for massage?

x2boys Wed 07-Jul-21 09:14:59

Lard obviously
Sausages or Bacon?

TracyBeakerSoYeah Wed 07-Jul-21 16:18:36

I find bacon makes the best drop earrings as they swing better

Swing or slide?

x2boys Wed 07-Jul-21 16:59:38

I do like a bit of swing, but I enjoy cha cha slide the most
Is it all just swings and roundabouts?

Blowingagale Wed 07-Jul-21 17:43:47

Yes, everything else was removed under excuse of H&S, actually because the Councillors wanted a slide and climbing frame for themselves at the Town Hall.

So are you going for swings or roundabouts?

bearlyactive Wed 07-Jul-21 18:12:48

I prefer the inflatable hopper thingies.

Health or safety?

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Scarby9 Wed 07-Jul-21 18:17:27

Health every time. Safety is overrated.

Will you be supporting Denmark?

x2boys Wed 07-Jul-21 19:17:12

Of course I'm thinking of going to the local pub and loudly support Denmark
Anyone joining me?

Ellmau Wed 07-Jul-21 22:00:57

Yes, because I'm really interested in football.

Should I go in early to work tomorrow?

TracyBeakerSoYeah Wed 07-Jul-21 23:10:48

Ask Gareth Southgate

Should we just have a revolution & put Gareth in as Prime Minister?

Blowingagale Wed 07-Jul-21 23:11:15

I’d say go in about 4.47pm

What did you do tonight?

bearlyactive Thu 08-Jul-21 11:50:29

Made mud pies.

Is the weather forecast ever accurate?

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