Has anyone regretted getting a white kitchen floor? Has anyone regretted anything they chose for their kitchen actually?

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Laiste Sat 01-May-21 14:11:27

Basically i can't chose what i want in my kitchen and it's driving me insane!

I think i've chosen a quartz worktop (calacatta with a thin additional vein of copper in it) and i think i've chosen a magnet cabinet style (tatton) but for life of me i don't know what colour to chose for the floor and to be honest can't chose the colour of the cabinets either!

If i go with a white floor to echo the quartz will i regret it? At least white/white means the cabinet colour will be easier to chose? No?

Heeeeeelp grin

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Neolara Sat 01-May-21 14:14:39

We rented a house with a white floor. It was a. nightmare. But you may not mind cleaning your floor every day, in which case, crack on.

Scarydinosaurs Sat 01-May-21 14:16:25

I didn’t tile my kitchen and instead had worktop (which was meant to have a lip but ended up not due to rubbish fitters) and paint. I wish I had tiled.

I also hate my cheap wood worktop. We’d had an expensive one in our last house, then tried to save on the one in our current kitchen. You can really tell the difference.

Squirrel26 Sat 01-May-21 14:17:04

I have a white kitchen floor (not my choice). I could clean it every two hours and it would STILL never be clean. Would NOT recommend if you're planning to actually use your kitchen.

NicolaDunsire Sat 01-May-21 14:18:37

Omg a white kitchen floor is an absolute pain in the arse. Don’t do it. Unless you’re some kind of super clean freak with no kids or pets, then I guess you might be able to survive it?!

Hexinthecity Sat 01-May-21 14:19:17

Think really carefully about the size of your fridge and freezer. We got a 70:30 fridge freezer built in and honestly in hindsight I wish we’d just got a full height fridge and stick a normal under counter freezer in the utility.

MissMarplesGoddaughter Sat 01-May-21 14:21:33

I wish I had had a built under sink the in the kitchen. I also had a worktop with a little lip along the edge. It sounded great, but I would not have it again.

I have a wooden floor which is easy to keep clean and doesn't show the dirt

Bluedeblue Sat 01-May-21 14:23:14

We had Quickstep laminate laid in December, in our kitchen and the whole ground floor. It's almost white. It is FANTASIC! It shows the dirt far less than our previous brown laminate. I think because it's matt (not shiny), and it has a textured grain to it and grey flecks. I think it was Saw Cut Oak (the colour name). I have several dogs traipsing in and out as well. It NEVER looks dirty.

Laiste Sat 01-May-21 14:36:39

Thank you for this.


This is what i fear. I have a 7 yr old 2 cats one builder husband a couple of 20 somethings and an 84 year old living with us.

But .... if i don't have white, then what?!

Scarydinosaurs - hmmm. I was thinking of having the short upstand and no tiling as well ... because we can't afford massive splash backs made of the quartz

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Laiste Sat 01-May-21 14:39:11

Hex i think we're going for full height fridge and freezer next to it.

MissMarplesGoddaughter the problem with a wooden floor is a) price and b) we have laid a lovely wood laminate right through lounge dining room and hall and i think i want a change in the kitchen. Also i don't think this laminate is ok in a kitchen. Waterwise.

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Laiste Sat 01-May-21 14:40:32

Bluedeblue would a mid oak laminate through dining room look ok running into a change to pale wood in the kitchen? (Big gap no wall).

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Laiste Sat 01-May-21 14:41:32

My original thoughts were a white quartz worktop, a white floor and navy blue cabinets.

I worry about light though.

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sunshinesupermum Sat 01-May-21 14:42:23

We have wood look laminate running through our hall, living room and kitchen. It works and have never had problem water wise.

Tibtab Sat 01-May-21 14:42:44

Could you get wood-effect vinyl?

JMAngel1 Sat 01-May-21 14:43:01

Has anyone had a black tap and regretted it? Are they easy to keep clean? Do they peel?
We have a walnut floor and it's fab - doesn't show dirt really which isn't necessarily a good thing grin

JMAngel1 Sat 01-May-21 14:44:02

I think navy blue will really date - it's so on trend, maybe too on trend.

Wilma55 Sat 01-May-21 14:44:06

I know its not your intention but I'd never have another wooden worktop.

sunshinesupermum Sat 01-May-21 14:44:52

I recently renovated my kitchen which is small to keep original white wall cupboards, white glass worktop and stainless steel splashbacks (was green before and super easy to look after) with dark green cabinets below the worktop. Love it now!

sunshinesupermum Sat 01-May-21 14:45:43

Tintan wood-look vinyl is easily found.

Laiste Sat 01-May-21 14:46:43

Trying to post a pic

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HotelChoc Sat 01-May-21 14:46:56

We have very light grey ceramic flooring in all bathrooms. Nightmare, especially with dark hair. I've bought a robovac to clean on a remote programme every day.

Fortunately I had the forethought to have engineered oak boards for the kitchen and living space which runs from outside. I chose a distressed finish, it always looks distressed so it doesn't matter if it isn't immaculate. It really doesn't show.

sunshinesupermum Sat 01-May-21 14:47:07

Amending my post - it's the glass worktop that is super easy to look after!

GlencoraP Sat 01-May-21 14:48:08

Yes limestone tiles , they never look clean and the grouting always looks dirty no matter how much I try to clean them

Laiste Sat 01-May-21 14:48:34

With slightly darker cupboards:

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insomniaisaballbag Sat 01-May-21 14:48:47

I have big white tiles. They actually show a lot less than our old tiles which were dark. Clean easily. I love them. Our old kitchen was newer than our current kitchen but I hated the old (new) one.

In this kitchen the drawers are huge and I don't have an issue with storage for things like Tupperware and pots. The cupboards are deep too. Massive pantry.

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