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Dishy Rishi is only 5ft5 !!

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newcarcoming Wed 03-Mar-21 23:36:27

He's dinky!!

He looks so much taller!!

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Oldat40 Wed 03-Mar-21 23:37:55

Never marry a short man.

kooked Wed 03-Mar-21 23:38:44

Its a no from me. He's not Dishy in the slightest, he's a Tory ffs. He could be the most aesthetically pleasing man on the whole planet ... unfortunately personality and credibility are big things to me.

newcarcoming Wed 03-Mar-21 23:39:56

Shorter than Declan Donnelly!

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newcarcoming Wed 03-Mar-21 23:40:46

I don't find him remotely attractive I have to admit. I just saw him as being a tall man.

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Totallydefeated Wed 03-Mar-21 23:41:11

And yet his trousers are so short!

How?! I was convinced he must be really tall.

Is he buying his trews in the school uniform department of John Lewis?

ParkheadParadise Wed 03-Mar-21 23:43:48

He definitely looks taller and he's not Dishy 😜😜

skippy67 Wed 03-Mar-21 23:47:33

Dishy he ain't.

UniversalAunt Wed 03-Mar-21 23:55:13

from Dishi to Dinki...

PicsInRed Wed 03-Mar-21 23:59:09

That's 5'10 on Bumble.

GinIsNotOriginal Thu 04-Mar-21 00:02:38

Oh he’s dishy! I would 100% go there. Is he very slim so that helps him to look taller/elongated? Mind you, I’ve never been shy of a Tory/tax dodging type - -I’ll get my coat- -

User27aw Thu 04-Mar-21 00:04:44

I thought he was about 6 foot!

TheVamoosh Thu 04-Mar-21 00:10:59

That 'Dishy Rishy' bollox is 100% dreamed up by Tory HQ.

TheDuchessOfBeddington Thu 04-Mar-21 00:15:27

If I wasn’t married (and he had an interest in ladies that weren’t billionaires) I bloody would!!!

I am surprised, he always looks so tall on telly.

ineedaholidaynow Thu 04-Mar-21 00:18:16

Do they lower the lectern when he does the press conference?

tootyfruitypickle Thu 04-Mar-21 00:21:04

Does he get a step like JVT? I also thought he was tall!

WhatWouldPhyllisCraneDo Thu 04-Mar-21 00:24:36

That's taller than some of the men in my family, and taller than me so it wouldn't be an issue. If only he weren't a tory.

grassisjeweled Thu 04-Mar-21 00:25:24

Meh, he's not a dish anyway

DramaAlpaca Thu 04-Mar-21 00:30:52

He's five inches shorter than me so I think he's really tiny, but he does wear a suit well.

WhereYouLeftIt Thu 04-Mar-21 00:33:05


Never marry a short man.

Exactly what my grandmother told me. Said I should marry a policeman, because they have to be tall. Well, minimum height.

ktp100 Thu 04-Mar-21 00:40:38


Do me a favour!!

Blacktothepink Thu 04-Mar-21 00:43:32

Definitely not dishy, Rishi

Jumpintothefire Thu 04-Mar-21 01:51:08

The height doesn't bother me ,it's the Tory that does . Yuck

MercyBooth Thu 04-Mar-21 02:02:20

Yeah Lack of compassion isnt a turn on

tootyfruitypickle Thu 04-Mar-21 07:44:56

He was just on BBC and corrected the reporter when she called his wife ' mrs sunak' (she uses her own surname), which I quite liked !

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