Come and tell me your dull and unexciting news 8: Calmly through the day

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MissConductUS Sat 05-Dec-20 12:38:01

I've started a new one. Please join us and share the boring and mundane things happening in your world. It will be calming for all.

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FortunesFave Sat 05-Dec-20 12:59:30

My big dog and my small dog had a big argument over a bone today. It started when I gave both of them a bone each.

As usual, Big Dog waited a while, then stole Small Dog's bone and buried it....then carried on eating his own.

Small Dog has had enough and the moment Big Dog looked away, Small Dog took possession of Big Dog's bone.

Big Dog sulked for hours whilst Small Dog barked at him if he so much as glanced at the bone.

Finally, Big Dog tried to steal the bone back and Small Dog went nuts. They both snarled in each other's faces. Was worrying as Big Dog is BIG.

I threw a Croc at them.

soddingkitten Sat 05-Dec-20 13:00:26

I went out earlier to buy a birthday present for a friend and came home with a round of smoked cheese and a box of Lindor truffles for myself, mission creep.

I have just abandoned trying to cut fabric for new face masks after Sodding lunged across the table and swiped in a paw to pat the fabric as I took a snip with my large haberdashery shears. 😮 My quick reflexes saved his toes, but sewing has now been added to the growing list of things we have to shut Sodding out of the room to do safely. The list includes going to the toilet sitting down. The less I say about how that got on the list, the better.

silkiecat Sat 05-Dec-20 13:11:16

Just got a message from DH:

I thought of you at Sainsbury’s and I got:
- mulled wine
- mince pies
- chocolate cheesecake
- pork joint with stuffing
- cheese for aligot
- muller corners with blueberries and raspberries

I’ll be back home at about 1:20.

soddingkitten Sat 05-Dec-20 13:16:12

He’s a keeper Silkie. That’s a fine list.

silkiecat Sat 05-Dec-20 13:17:27

I said to DS that it was very nice of DH though I don't eat chocolate cheesecake. DS said that's fine I'm snaffling that.

MindTheMinotaur Sat 05-Dec-20 13:19:44

This is not minor news. Creme caramel in plastic pots have a little tab on the bottom covering air holes. Take off the main lid, turn upside down on a plate and then peel off the tab. The whole creme caramel slips out as a wobbly tower of goodness

DD showed me and my mind is blown. What I want to know is did everyone know this apart from me?


silkiecat Sat 05-Dec-20 13:22:27

I said to DS we were asked to send thank you messages to teachers. I asked DS if there was anyone he wanted to thank. No. I asked him if there were any teachers he liked. Probably not. Any teachers you don't hate. Probably not. hmm Though he has been campaigning for schools to be abolished and teachers to be replaced by robots for a while.

I told him he's supposed to be home learning the next 8 school days, he replied he's hibernating.

soddingkitten Sat 05-Dec-20 13:28:29

I found out this morning that the place I normally get a delicious stuffed duck from for Christmas lunch has already sold out with pre-orders. I’ve been looking at the Sainsburys site and all the small turkey crowns are sold out already. I have just been debating with DH mocking up our own Frankenstein’s 3 bird roast with whatever we can lay our hands on just before Christmas, buying our own duck breasts, posh stuffing, , chicken fillets and turkey crown. If there was ever a year to go experimental, this is the one as we have no guests and can revert to ready meals or fish fingers and chips if we misjudge stock levels.

Pipandmum Sat 05-Dec-20 13:34:58

I'm still laying in bed. I have fed the rabbits, let the dogs out and had a bagel but now I'm back here on mumsnet. Its alternatively raining and sunny out.
My goal for today is to finish decorating the tree and do half my Christmas cards. If I'm feeling really energetic I might have a shower. Oh and do an online Tesco order. I'm aiming high.

BernardsarenotalwaysSaints Sat 05-Dec-20 13:38:06

I'm hand washing & hoping to god the people who are meant to be coming to fix my machine call me on Monday. We're a family of 7 & while childrens clothes are easy to wring out I don't want to have to do adult jeans. I want a the twin tub I grew up with back! (Or even a spinner)

HemlockStarglimmer Sat 05-Dec-20 13:38:35

On my third load of laundry. Drove husband to the optician for a check up. Having cooked breakfast for lunch.

HemlockStarglimmer Sat 05-Dec-20 13:40:25


I'm hand washing & hoping to god the people who are meant to be coming to fix my machine call me on Monday. We're a family of 7 & while childrens clothes are easy to wring out I don't want to have to do adult jeans. I want a the twin tub I grew up with back! (Or even a spinner)

Gosh. Your comment wasn't there when I posted. Way to rub it in Hemlock!
I hope you get it fixed ASAP.

silkiecat Sat 05-Dec-20 13:45:05

Hope you can get the washing machine fixed soon Bernard

Prokupatuscrakedatus Sat 05-Dec-20 13:50:35

As soon as DH takes his stuff from the big table, I'll start baking....

Prokupatuscrakedatus Sat 05-Dec-20 13:52:58

When that happend at home we DCs were roped in to wring. We also used a broom stick to help.

EggyPegg Sat 05-Dec-20 14:17:07

Hello new thread.

DS2 and I went out this morning so that I could post my parents card/present at the post office, and he could spend his pocket money on a stuffed Gingerbread Man he'd spotted yesterday. Whilst I was buying my parents cards from us and the DC yesterday, I picked some up for MIL because I was there in the shop and I thought it would be a nice thing to do to save DH a job. DH is now grumbling because I didn't write them and post them for him this morning. I've told him that they are his responsibility.

DS1 is on day 2 of isolation. DS2 and DH have gone trampolining (DH taking the spot he'd booked for DS1) so DS1 and I are watching a movie of his choice. He has chosen Iron Man. Though I did just look up in horror when he said 'what the heck' and RDJ was rolling around in bed with a reporter at the start of the movie (DS1 is 9). Now wondering what the hell else I've forgotten in this movie.

Spudlet Sat 05-Dec-20 14:19:58

DS’s latest new Lego arrived. We have some problems with getting to the toilet on time so he gets a golden star (as per Zog) for every successful delivery with clean pants, and 20 stars equates to a little bagged Lego set. Between that and a very strict routine he’s doing pretty well. We are a bit concerned about our Lego storage capacity though, with Christmas on the way. We may need to extend 🙈

Nydj Sat 05-Dec-20 14:20:35

Thank you for the new thread, OP.

Something from the previous thread that I couldn’t r3ist going back to: @BlackAmericanoNoSugar, that is some fancy car you have there! Or perhaps all new cars have this and I just don’t know as our is over ten years old.

Yikes @BernardsarenotalwaysSaints, I hope your washing machine is sorted out soon.

I am back in bed. Watching an old episode of Graham Norton and mumsnetting. We need new saucepans but I got bored looking at them online. I need to get a picture framed too but I got bored looking at frames and mounts online. I hate shopping.

silkiecat Sat 05-Dec-20 14:20:54

DS is on day 1 of isolation. DD is out with a friend from school.

Squirrel26 Sat 05-Dec-20 14:26:40

I have been trying to buy frames for two pictures for probably 18 months. Every time I try my brain just shuts down. Once I got as far as buying actual frames, but they are the wrong size. So now I also need two extra pictures.

I just added a spoonful of drinking chocolate to my coffee and made a mocha. This has blown my mind.

Nydj Sat 05-Dec-20 14:33:54

See, that’s another reason for my reluctance @Squirrel26. I paid to have a large painting framed locally and didn’t measure things properly so the frame overhangs the wall space by a couple of inches and it really annoys me as it could have been avoided. I am no good at shopping.

Champagneforeveryone Sat 05-Dec-20 14:41:58

As I recover slowly, very slowly from my back injury, I have had to acknowledge that 2021 will need to be the year that I actually start to exercise efficiently and with purpose (instead of as and when the mood takes me) I have also needed to acknowledge that after the age of 40, remaining lithe and toned is not as simple as it once was and actually requires some effort on my part.

So, in order to make the effort worthwhile I have resolved to eat and drink my own body weight between now and New year. Work colleagues appeared suitably impressed with the logic of this plan so I believe it to be a winner <shuffles off to the mince pies>

silkiecat Sat 05-Dec-20 14:45:20

I've acknowledged the same Champagne and just eaten a mince pie in solidarity. I also acknowledged this the last 2 years but next year is a bit like tomorrow I find. grin

soddingkitten Sat 05-Dec-20 14:49:06

I’ve had 7 Lindor balls since I got home earlier. The first four was trying one of each colour in the selection. After lunch I got to the third flavour on my second pass and felt they were sickly so abandoned. 🤢

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