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Comedians who are actually funny and not captured

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WomenShouldStillWinWomensSports · 14/09/2023 10:14

Inspired by another thread as I don't want to derail the important discussion about Glinner's new book.

Which comedians don't include "jokes" about hating TERFs in their routines and aren't captured by trans ideology?

Not necessary, but bonus points if they don't rant about politics/Brexit like a Year 12 who just learned we have a government (I'm not a Brexiteer, I'm just sick of hearing Brexit rants when I signed up to watch comedy, it's not funny).

So far I've got:
Dave Chappelle
Richard Ayoade
Mary Bourke (thanks Pink News for the article trashing her entire character because she had the audacity to say she was a woman not a cervix, great recommendation, she's really funny)

If you're a comedian feel free to name yourself here too, we all need more laughs.

OP posts:
RavingStone · 14/09/2023 16:44

ApocalipstickNow · 14/09/2023 16:09

Not stand up but as far as I know Trey Parker and Matt Stone are still sticking with “nothing and no one is off limits”.

Excellent call. South Park is brilliant for taking down anything and everything. Including untouchable subjects.

FatherJackHackettsUnderpantsHamper · 14/09/2023 16:48

Interestingly, I always remember her saying, when she was starting out, something along the lines of "Everybody DOES have freedom of speech in Iran... just maybe not for very long!"

Yes this is what trans activists aspire to when they say “freedom of speech isn’t freedom from consequence”

Scary, isn't it? She clearly always used to say that line as a warning that we should be on our toes not to just freely give away... what she has now freely given away.

The 'consequences' that the TRA talk about are not the ones that intelligent, reasonable people would understand - being verbally humiliated and proven wrong and foolish by your own words and the like - they very often mean actual violence, punishment, loss of livelihood etc.

There's no better proof of the inherent weakness of somebody's argument than their unwillingness and inability to let you say your piece against it and then intellectually 'win' on every point.

I wonder if the TRA are connected with some of the people on here who scream "TROLL!!" at others who just respectfully and calmly disagree with them.

CurlewKate · 14/09/2023 16:58

"If you want "obnoxious material about women, black people or disabled people" try your TWAW comedians - Frankie Boyle and Janey Godley for example"

Not mine. I've avoided the vile Frankie Boyle for ages-I have no idea whether he's "captured" or not. Janey Godley is unavoidable on Twitter, unfortunately.

BloodyHellKen · 14/09/2023 17:04

ScribblingPixie · 14/09/2023 14:26

She had this to say a couple of years ago.

Thank goodness for that. I have a lot of time for Jo Brand 🙂

CorruptedCauldron · 14/09/2023 17:13

Love Jo Brand. I think she’s pro-women’s rights but is afraid of the sheer vitriol that is displayed against anyone who upsets the trans apple-cart. It’s probably easier for many comedians like her to just keep their head down.

I don’t think Jimmy Carr is captured by gender religion. However, I’m surprised he survived cancel culture after making a horrible and tasteless ‘joke’ about the Holocaust.

Also, not stand-up per se but did anyone see the Aussie romcom Colin from Accounts? Some very gentle humour in there about pronouns and unfair transphobia accusations.

CorruptedCauldron · 14/09/2023 17:21

Frankie Boyle is as TWAW-captured as they come but a few years ago he joked along these lines: “you know it’s been a good night out in Edinburgh when you end up balls-deep inside a dead tr” (rhymes with granny).

Now I think that is a really horrible, nasty joke and a perfect example of punching down. AFAIK, trans sex workers are more at risk of being killed than other trans people. So for Boyle to have made this vile joke, then reinvent himself as a goody two-shoes trans ally, while the kind and gentle JK Rowling gets thrown under the bus by the BeKind mob - well, it leaves a really bitter taste.

NashvilleQueen · 14/09/2023 17:24

Hemming Wehn also weighed in after the Edinburgh fringe venue cancelled the Glinner event. He was rowing on Twitter with a female 'TWAW' comic.

NashvilleQueen · 14/09/2023 17:24

Henning obvs. Stupid autocorrect

Manderleyagain · 14/09/2023 17:26

Shappi korsandi was pretty strong on freedom of speech. She was one of the few comedians who spoke against convicting a man for a joke (the nazi pug case) even though she obviously had no sympathy at all for the bloke's edgy views. She appeared in comedy unleashed at least once. It's not surprising given her background - her father was a dissident poet (or something like that) who had to escape Iran. She is twaw. I don't mind that in itself - it takes all sorts - but i hoped she had hung on to her free speech principles. I'm not sure she has though.

BernardBlacksMolluscs · 14/09/2023 17:30

The cognitive dissonance required to say twaw tends to override any natural reasonableness or common sense

If she has managed to retain a genuine commitment to free speech I’ll be mighty impressed

CurlewKate · 14/09/2023 17:33

@CorruptedCauldron That's because FB is a vile human being.?

Manderleyagain · 14/09/2023 17:34

Stewart Lee was referencing Mumsnet and approaching the whole issue in a very refreshing and tangential way when I saw him live recently.

I would be interested to hear more about this. I know he's fully signed up on the other side, but it's still good if a comic can approach it in a fresh way that doesn't jar with those who are in the middle or a bit terfy. The lack of intelligent thought about the issue - replacing that with slogans or just silence - is what signalled that there was a massive problem in the first place. So anything that anti slogans and silence is helpful imo.

CosyCoffee · 14/09/2023 17:37

I think the League of Gentlemen/Inside Number 9 guys are probably not captured. LOG featured a transvestite taxi driver and Reece Sheersmith is pally with Amanda Abbingdon, who is a fabulous terf.

CorruptedCauldron · 14/09/2023 17:46

CurlewKate · 14/09/2023 17:33

@CorruptedCauldron That's because FB is a vile human being.?

Joking about raping women, mocking disabled children, insulting a talented young sportswoman over her appearance and making lewd speculation about her prowess in the bedroom… she was 19. Hmmm. Not a very nice man.

fabmaccawhackythumbsaloft · 14/09/2023 17:51

Definitely Stewart lee

My favourite comedian. Never sold out . Doesn't do tv. Incredibly witty and clever in the way he deconstructs his act .

BriceNobeslovesMurielHeslop · 14/09/2023 17:53

Not a huge contribution to the thread but:
I saw Nina Conti two decades ago at the fringe, at one of these showcases for up and comers. It was after midnight, lots of booze sloshing around, this petite beautiful woman comes out with a monkey puppet and the atmosphere notably sours. You can feel people just expecting her, wanting her to totally bomb. And she wiped the floor with all the male comedians who had preceded her. I’ve had a soft spot ever since 🥰
I actually saw a female comedian at another up-and-coming showcase thing at the old Fringe BBC tent a couple of years ago who was skirting terfy material. She was pretty good but got short shrift from the crowd, who were very right on.
I agree about the LOG guys - they say they are apolitical but the contrast between 1999 and 2017 Babs the taxi driver makes their opinion pretty obvious.

Moonshine5 · 14/09/2023 17:54

Mo Gilligan on Prime ATM

drspouse · 14/09/2023 17:58

I didn't realise that was Stewart Lee but now I shall be watching him (as in, I recognise him and thought he was funny but didn't know his name... I'll get my coat).

CurlewKate · 14/09/2023 18:03

Stewart Lee is a TWAW, isn't he?

RomeoandJomeo · 14/09/2023 18:09

Pretty sure Stewart Lee included Glinner on his blacklist a few years ago, though only have a hazy memory.

AflagAhoy · 14/09/2023 18:14

fabmaccawhackythumbsaloft · 14/09/2023 17:51

Definitely Stewart lee

My favourite comedian. Never sold out . Doesn't do tv. Incredibly witty and clever in the way he deconstructs his act .

Didn't he go after Glinner and listed him under the 'bad' people of the year?

Ah, found the thread of it at the time. I think he was unsupportive of Jerry Sadowitz's cancellation as well, so not so solid on the freedom of speech for comedians.

What has Stewart Lee done? | Mumsnet

I see lots of people on Twitter are slagging off Stewart Lee because he listed a lot of non-woke folk like Graham Linehan in his "pedal bin" of people...

NeighbourhoodWatchPotholeDivision · 14/09/2023 18:18

RomeoandJomeo · 14/09/2023 18:09

Pretty sure Stewart Lee included Glinner on his blacklist a few years ago, though only have a hazy memory.

He also included Nimko Ali, the FGM survivor and campaigner. Presumably for being friends with Carrie Symonds, as Nimko's name was right after Carrie's.

duc748 · 14/09/2023 18:22

I never liked him or his schtick.

Supercat100 · 14/09/2023 18:22

John Cleese and Rowan Atkinson have both spoken about the right to offend. Cleese refused to remove the Loretta scene from Life of Brian.

DerekFaker · 14/09/2023 18:27

Good news about Matt Berry:

Comedians who are actually funny and not captured
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