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Feminism: Sex & gender discussions

Graham Linehan’s Book

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PretzelKnot · 14/09/2023 05:17

Tough Crowd, due out 12 October. I’m delighted to see this. He is such a good writer and has sacrificed so much in defence of women’s rights and reality itself. Hope it’s a smash hit.

OP posts:
risefromyourgrave · 14/09/2023 05:32

Looking forward to reading it, and pleased to see complimentary quotes from Jonathan Ross and Richard Ayoade on the front cover, at least some people are willing to stick their neck out for him.

PotteringPondering · 14/09/2023 06:09

Twitter/X now full of spluttering people exploding with fury at Richard Ayoade because of his cover endorsement of the book.

Well done that man. He's absolutely right: Linehan is a brilliant screenwriter.

HorseyHorsham · 14/09/2023 06:09

I’ve just ordered. Looking forward to getting a signed copy.

Motnight · 14/09/2023 06:15

Will order this, thanks Op!

BethDuttonsTwin · 14/09/2023 06:16

Didn’t know about this. Will be ordering of course. Love Graham.

BerfyTigot · 14/09/2023 06:30

Thanks for this, hope there's going to be a kindle edition 👍

Abhannmor · 14/09/2023 06:34

All my friends will receive this for Christmas!

algasport · 14/09/2023 06:38

I hope everyone on these pages will buy a copy if they can.
GL has sacrificed so much for women.

Francesgumm · 14/09/2023 06:38

Ooh - I’ll look out for that one!

rabbitwoman · 14/09/2023 06:47

Yas, I am getting a copy ASAP!!

And Yas, the Richard Ayoade endorsement surprised me. It really is a very risky move and he cannot be naive to the consequences. I wonder if that's his way of pinning his colours to the mast, as it were?

Abhannmor · 14/09/2023 06:48

Tough Crowd. Great title. Fair play to Jonathan Ross and Richard Ayoade for endorsing it.

LizzieSiddal · 14/09/2023 06:52

Great, will be buying.
And I will be buying from a book shop so can check it’s being stocked. If it isn’t stocked, will be asking why.

Lovecleansheets · 14/09/2023 06:54

Bought. Amazing man and a talented writer.

Lottapianos · 14/09/2023 06:54

'pleased to see complimentary quotes from Jonathan Ross and Richard Ayoade on the front cover'

Good for them. I'm sure they will get hassle for it, but no worse than that. Still a brave move

DworkinWasRight · 14/09/2023 07:09

Ooh, Graham kept that quiet! Interesting.

Maaate · 14/09/2023 07:11

DworkinWasRight · 14/09/2023 07:09

Ooh, Graham kept that quiet! Interesting.

Not surprised. I'm sure he didn't want to risk the publishers pulling the plug when the MRA started piling on.

NashvilleQueen · 14/09/2023 07:18

God I love Richard Ayoade and this has made me very happy. RA won't give a shit. He's not a social media presence and I imagine he's happy to stand by his principles.

I really hope so anyway...

Calyx72 · 14/09/2023 07:24

Will definitely buy this today if it's on kindle
Very pleased at JR and RA endorsements
Thanks OP for the heads up!

BeBraveLittlePenguin · 14/09/2023 07:25

Can you IMAGINE the fervour with which our bobble hated friend will be scouring the pages looking for something to sue about.
I hope Graham doesn't mention him at all. He shouldn't even be a footnote in history.

sashagabadon · 14/09/2023 07:28

RA has actually worked with GL in IT crowd so knows him personally and presumably admires him. Good quotes!

Sunnava · 14/09/2023 07:28

This should be a cracking read, and I have ordered it. I was very happy to see this book announcement, and also the endorsements — good for Ross and also the ever-beautiful Ayoade. I have been previously a little disappointed that Ayoade has publicly defended Graham, and so happy that he’s bravely doing so in a really meaningful way. Also very brave of Ross, whose daughter has historically been very “public pronouny”.

JeannieDark · 14/09/2023 07:28

Looking forward to this, will definitely get a copy. I'm pleasantly surprised at the quote from JR - I thought he was conflicted on this topic so that's great to see.

User135644 · 14/09/2023 07:29

There'll he a statue of him built when this war is won.

Sunnava · 14/09/2023 07:30
  • Sorry, that should read “NOT defended Graham”. ^
supertiredallthetime · 14/09/2023 07:32

Just ordered!

Great writer, deserves our support.

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