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Feminism: Sex & gender discussions

Women's rights general conversations - Thread 6

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Kucinghitam · 31/07/2023 04:25

Continuation of Thread 5.

There is so much excellent information and so many active discussions on FWR that I wondered if it would be useful to have a thread to sort of "cross-fertilise" between them - airing little thoughts or vignettes that wouldn't themselves merit their own thread, to highlight other posts/threads of particular interest or to point to notable developments on fast-moving threads so that casual observers know where to look.

(For example, "the X thread has meandered onto a fascinating discussion of Y" or "Poster P's amazing analysis on thread Z might have relevance to the scenario in thread W" or "Has anybody noticed this recurring theme that keeps coming up??" or even "Random bloke asked me to smile while I was choosing onions in the supermarket, grr"- that sort of thing).

Women's rights general conversations - Thread 5 | Mumsnet

Continuation of [[ Thread 4]]. There is so much excel...

OP posts:
MavisMcMinty · 02/08/2023 17:40

Boiledbeetle · 02/08/2023 17:17

Thank you @Vegemiteandhoneyontoast no wonder i was struggling!

Well I won't link it on squeamish MN but I urge you all to watch the most excellent song at the bottom of Glinner’s weekly round-up! Splendid, that woman.

Vegemiteandhoneyontoast · 02/08/2023 17:48
MavisMcMinty · 02/08/2023 17:57


Boiledbeetle · 02/08/2023 17:58

I love her songs!

CriticalCondition · 02/08/2023 17:59

She is FABULOUS! And I love his backing vocals. Those songs have really made my day!

MouseMinge · 02/08/2023 18:01

Ah, that's where I saw it! My GL email. It makes me sad that the week in the War on Women is always longer than the week in the War on Women good news edition. We have a long way to go.

MouseMinge · 02/08/2023 18:03

Top backing singing.

Gonners · 02/08/2023 19:02

He looks exactly like one our neighbour Simon (aged 83) would look if he let his beard go haywire. He's need a new wardrobe, though. I may suggest it to him.

mach2 · 02/08/2023 19:26

I don't know who wrote it but there may have been a daring and witty lady Skiptonian.

Actually, scrub the town - it was Settle. Pah, they're both in the Dales and start with "S".

SinnerBoy · 03/08/2023 08:38

I liked the song, but it is tragically correct.

BinturongsSmellOfPopcorn · 03/08/2023 12:25


DeanElderberry · 03/08/2023 12:31

About time.

duc748 · 03/08/2023 12:35

I think pronouns are, at best, a courtesy. Which I don't see why you should retain after being convicted of such an offence.

SinnerBoy · 03/08/2023 16:55

Well, I'm relieved to hear that Barbie is now in the Big House, with the bad boys, where he belongs. I'm sure that the women residents of Limerick Jail are even more relieved.

StephanieSuperpowers · 03/08/2023 17:02

Unfortunately, there's still another couple of fine men who should also be moved.

duc748 · 03/08/2023 17:21

So what actually happened about 'misgendering'? If a newspaper, say, refers to BK as 'he', have they broken the law? Can they be sued, or otherwise sanctioned?

StephanieSuperpowers · 03/08/2023 17:36

I don't know. I've seen a few posts saying the worst thing about barbie is that "she makes trans women look bad". The cognitive dissonance is extraordinary.

Boiledbeetle · 03/08/2023 19:00
StephanieSuperpowers · 03/08/2023 19:02

I think if anyone wants to know why parents might be suspicious of rainbow branded kids stuff, point them to that person.

Gonners · 03/08/2023 20:37

The whole thing (i.e. both the book and the video) comes across as parody, which I assume it isn't? It's increasingly hard to tell.

Boiledbeetle · 03/08/2023 22:45

Well, this is just weird.

Barbie this morning. Sophie this evening

Women's rights general conversations - Thread 6
BinturongsSmellOfPopcorn · 03/08/2023 23:09

I note the article refers to prisoners 'who say they are trans'.

Boiledbeetle · 03/08/2023 23:11

It's as if they suddenly realise what a sh it show they've made for themselves by falling for this crap!

I'm quite enjoying 2023. It's not going the way I thought it would during the bleak dying days of December 2022 put it that way.

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