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Feminism: Sex & gender discussions

Women's rights general conversations - Thread 6

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Kucinghitam · 31/07/2023 04:25

Continuation of Thread 5.

There is so much excellent information and so many active discussions on FWR that I wondered if it would be useful to have a thread to sort of "cross-fertilise" between them - airing little thoughts or vignettes that wouldn't themselves merit their own thread, to highlight other posts/threads of particular interest or to point to notable developments on fast-moving threads so that casual observers know where to look.

(For example, "the X thread has meandered onto a fascinating discussion of Y" or "Poster P's amazing analysis on thread Z might have relevance to the scenario in thread W" or "Has anybody noticed this recurring theme that keeps coming up??" or even "Random bloke asked me to smile while I was choosing onions in the supermarket, grr"- that sort of thing).

Women's rights general conversations - Thread 5 | Mumsnet

Continuation of [[ Thread 4]]. There is so much excel...

OP posts:
MouseMinge · 03/08/2023 23:28

Found this incredibly serious 37-tweet thread on Twitter today. An important read!

Why Richard Dawkins is WRONG

MouseMinge · 03/08/2023 23:28

P.S. Richard Dawkins isn't actually wrong. SHOCKER!

IcakethereforeIam · 03/08/2023 23:40

@MouseMinge is the an...thread unroll (don't know the terminology) you could link, I'm curious about the other 36 tweets?

duc748 · 03/08/2023 23:42

Tragically, as I can only see the post post (like many, I imagine), I've been denied the thrilling riposte as to why Dawkins is wrong. But I don't think I'd be holding my breath.

duc748 · 03/08/2023 23:43

first post

Boiledbeetle · 03/08/2023 23:52

Heres a flavour of the rest. I'm not screenshot them all. I do have a life! And my tablet is playing up! I think it's too full of strange screenshots!

Women's rights general conversations - Thread 6
Women's rights general conversations - Thread 6
BinturongsSmellOfPopcorn · 04/08/2023 00:56

Ha! Excellent.

BinturongsSmellOfPopcorn · 04/08/2023 00:59

(Twitter no longer doing proper linky things if you're not signed in is very irritating.)

Kucinghitam · 04/08/2023 06:50

I've not listened to the News Agents while I was away, so I decided to jump back in with both feet into their episode "Why have Labour changed their position on trans rights?" - pretty much as I expected, I did quite a lot of shouting at my earbuds.

TRSOH Lewis did a lot of emotional wailing about how lovely and rainbow-glittery things used to be in 2017* when everybody† was 100% aboard the T Self-ID train, how toxic‡ the debate has become, how ghastly it is that the right have caused§ this culture war that didn't exist before, etc.

Overall they seemed quite upset to be forced to at least acknowledge that perhaps female Homo sapiens also have feelings and even (gasp) rights.

*When the Dentons strategy was still working
†Where "everybody" means not the partially-sentient support bipeds
‡Where "toxic" means any non-TRSOH speech at all, because see 2017
§Where "right" and "caused" means anybody not obediently going along with TRSOH.

The News Agents: Why have Labour changed their position on trans rights? on Apple Podcasts

‎The News Agents: Why have Labour changed their position on trans rights? on Apple Podcasts

‎Show The News Agents, Ep Why have Labour changed their position on trans rights? - 25 Jul 2023

OP posts:
Gonners · 04/08/2023 09:03

I rarely listen to that any more. Lewis Goodall seems to have simultaneously gained confidence (perhaps too much?) and lost the power to make a cogent argument. Maitlis has gone a bit soft, and Sopel (it seems to me) has simply lost interest.

MouseMinge · 04/08/2023 10:26

I mostly enjoy it but that episode not so much.

MouseMinge · 04/08/2023 10:30

Sorry about the first tweet only link, I thought that they'd all turn up. I was enjoying all the clownfish and then we went on to all the dead trans people. Dead trans man Joan of Arc, dead trans man Elizabeth I, dead trans woman Prince, dead trans woman David Bowie. It was a gloriously silly but serious but silly thread.

mach2 · 04/08/2023 20:37

I stopped reading the Sinead O' Connor article at "Decades before politicians of the ruling class parties got on board with repealing the Eighth Amendment and allowing pregnant people to gain access to abortion, "

MouseMinge · 04/08/2023 23:25

Oh crikey, I didn't notice that, I was too caught up in how much of a badass she'd been her entire life.

duc748 · 04/08/2023 23:39

Hate that term. Just needlessly offensive. If they think they can 'normalise' it, they are surely wrong.

Gonners · 05/08/2023 21:17

duc748 · 04/08/2023 23:39

Hate that term. Just needlessly offensive. If they think they can 'normalise' it, they are surely wrong.

Look on the bright side: at least it's better than pregnant men.

mach2 · 05/08/2023 21:22

They claimed their research methods used "antifascist and trans/queer methodologies to transform the raw data"

Say what?

MouseMinge · 05/08/2023 21:32

It makes me quite angry that students are being subjected to so much nonsense. If I was applying for a job and it had a whole load of queer theory in the application form I could just decide to nope right out on applying. Students can't just back out of a course they're already on because they're surrounded by those who adhere to TRSOH. Leave them alone. Whilst I'm sure that there were some responses that would raise my hackles most of them were just students taking the piss because the whole thing has become so tired and we've not even been putting up with it for a decade. The thing that gives me hope is that they are the generation that is supposed to be on board with all of this but more and more it seems that a lot of them are as over it as we are.

SinnerBoy · 05/08/2023 21:33

Erm... Wibble wibble snark pop, bullshit hatstand?

I think, anyway.

In an article for the Bulletin of Applied Transgender Studies

Or Bats, for short.

SqueakyDinosaur · 05/08/2023 22:03

People had to take sick leave and get therapy because students said they identified as various sorts of helicopter. I don't think you appreciate the seriousness of this situation.* It's LITERAL GENOCIDE.

*Nor do I. Fucking pathetic.

SinnerBoy · 05/08/2023 22:06

Whoever would have thought that students would be piss takers? It's really surprising, isn't it?

BinturongsSmellOfPopcorn · 05/08/2023 22:54

If I gave a questionnaire on practically anything to students I'd expect at least 10% of the answers to be pisstakes, and if they were engineering students a lot of the pisstaking being related to online memes and gaming is unsurprising.

Even I, as an unusually serious teenager, completed an actual exam paper with the most preposterous answers I could think of (it was RE, my mark was over 80%).

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