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Feminism: Sex & gender discussions

Women's rights general conversations - Thread 4

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Kucinghitam · 09/03/2023 09:19

Continuation of Thread 3.

There is so much excellent information and so many active discussions on FWR that I wondered if it would be useful to have a thread to sort of "cross-fertilise" between them - airing little thoughts or vignettes that wouldn't themselves merit their own thread, to highlight other posts/threads of particular interest or to point to notable developments on fast-moving threads so that casual observers know where to look.

(For example, "the X thread has meandered onto a fascinating discussion of Y" or "Poster P's amazing analysis on thread Z might have relevance to the scenario in thread W" or "Has anybody noticed this recurring theme that keeps coming up??" or even "Random bloke asked me to smile while I was choosing onions, grr"- that sort of thing).

OP posts:
IcakethereforeIam · 10/03/2023 12:12

I'm sure I read an article, years ago, about testes on classical statues (that sounds like a niche fetish) and which one hung lower. I'm not sure how I could find it again without taking my search history places where I don't want it to go.

Boiledbeetle · 10/03/2023 12:17

beastlyslumber · 10/03/2023 11:34

Just checking in before the thread gets away from me!

Currently in hospital on a women only ward. Quite a few women have come and gone this week and literally every single one of them has said how glad they are they don't have to be on a ward with men.

I just hope I'm out of here before I have to find out their policies on TW.

Hope the boredom/pain (delete as applicable) isn't driving you insane, along with the farting from Gladys in bay 2. God knows what she ate before coming in!

Glad women are women. Last time I was in hospital it was a women's only ward, but then we were all waiting for gyne ops so I would bloody hope it was!!

sending you thoughts of lavender pillows and high quality drugs.


MavisMcMinty · 10/03/2023 12:22

If yer balls hang low
You can swing ‘em to and fro
You can bounce ‘em on the ceiling
If you ever get the feeling
But you’ll never never never never never never never
Never be a sailor if yer balls hang low.

Think there might be a bit missing before all the nevers, and I just guessed at the number of nevers. Can’t remember who I learnt it from, and had no idea it was still there in my memory until it all came spewing out of my typing fingers just now.

beastlyslumber · 10/03/2023 12:23

Thanks @Boiledbeetle .Gladys is a snorer. She's in danger of getting defenestrated in the middle of the night by a ward full of exhausted grumpy women.

MavisMcMinty · 10/03/2023 12:23

Yes, one missing never, on singing it back.

ThisIsUncool · 10/03/2023 13:02

Mavis, that rang a bell....

Do your balls hang low? Do they swing to and fro?
Can you tie 'em in a knot? Can you tie 'em in a bow?
Do they make a lusty clamor when you hit them with a hammer?
Can you do the double shuffle when your balls hang low?

Kucinghitam · 10/03/2023 13:32

MavisMcMinty · 10/03/2023 11:18

I spent a couple of days working in a council-run nursery during the paediatric module of my nurse training, and there was one little boy (toddler really) who liked punching all the women who worked there in the face, because that’s what he saw his father doing to his mother every day. 40-odd years ago and I still feel chills at the memory. Monkey see, monkey do.

Oh god, that is awful.

OP posts:
Boiledbeetle · 10/03/2023 14:22

beastlyslumber · 10/03/2023 12:23

Thanks @Boiledbeetle .Gladys is a snorer. She's in danger of getting defenestrated in the middle of the night by a ward full of exhausted grumpy women.

Feel Better Get Well Soon GIF by chuber channel

Now I'm the snorer.

I went on an outward bounds course years ago.

I was the only female in my group so they shoved me in with a load of girls from another college.

I awoke after the first night to just about everyone's pillow surrounding the bed.

The second night I slept in a lovely single room!

How's the food???

IcakethereforeIam · 10/03/2023 14:33

Wasn't Gladys one of our 'fat ladies'? Let her snore (like she could be stopped). Iirc she was rocking a tartan shopping trolley and a hard stare for the ages.

MavisMcMinty · 10/03/2023 15:32

Thank you, @ThisIsUncool !

beastlyslumber · 10/03/2023 15:49

The food isn't too bad, really, beetle. It's definitely edible.

Gladys is lovely when she's awake. I do think they should get her her own room though. I reckon everyone would be healing a lot faster if they actually got some sleep!

angelico53 · 10/03/2023 15:51

Do yer balls hang low, can yer swing em to and fro?
Can yer tie em in a know can you tie em in a bow?
Can you throw em o'er yer shoulder like a continental soldier?
Do yer balls hang low?

IcakethereforeIam · 10/03/2023 16:28

There was a young man from Devizes
Whose balls were of different sizes
One was so small
It was no ball at all
But the other won several prizes

Gonners · 10/03/2023 16:30

@angelico53 - That was the version my sister came home from primary school singing in about 1967. Except the word was "ears" and she explained it was about a rabbit. I never knew until today why my dad laughed so much.

IcakethereforeIam · 10/03/2023 16:33

Yes, 'ears' was the version I taught my kids. Except when in Knutsford (fnarr!) which had a solicitor's office called Smallbones of Devises.

BinturongsSmellOfPopcorn · 10/03/2023 17:24

There was a young man called Anthony Clair,
He was a very fine jugg-el-air.
There wasn't a man who could compare
With the way he played with his balls.

Cos they were large balls.
Balls as heavy as lead.
With a dextrous twist
Of his muscular wrist
He could fling 'em right over his head.

Wish I could remember the rest of the verses of that.

Tricyrtis2022 · 10/03/2023 17:29
nepeta · 10/03/2023 17:53

Tricyrtis2022 · 09/03/2023 12:15

Looking at the 'what are your thoughts on agender' thread earlier and found this delightful comment. I can't explain how, but it's hilarious and has been making me giggle for the last couple of hours.

This is lovely. It was used at my school when we were discussing difficulties of creating good taxonomies (Carl Linnaeus or Carl von Linné was one of the first ones to try to do that in botany), as a fun example of how not to create exhaustive and mutually exclusive categories.

More about it here:

Boiledbeetle · 10/03/2023 17:59

@beastlyslumber I've sent you a pm when you get a chance.

BinturongsSmellOfPopcorn · 10/03/2023 18:19

That is indeed the song.

IcakethereforeIam · 10/03/2023 19:05

More bollocks

Boiledbeetle · 10/03/2023 19:07

IcakethereforeIam · 10/03/2023 19:05

More bollocks

Bollocks. I can't get it to stop playing!

It's bollocks that!

Totally and completely bollocks.

Boiledbeetle · 10/03/2023 19:09
Rotum GIF

It took me a while to work out what they are actually doing!

IcakethereforeIam · 10/03/2023 19:14

Polishing their balls, pretty obvious tbh.😀

angelico53 · 10/03/2023 20:14

Timeless movie.

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