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Feminism: Sex & gender discussions

Women's rights general conversations - Thread 4

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Kucinghitam · 09/03/2023 09:19

Continuation of Thread 3.

There is so much excellent information and so many active discussions on FWR that I wondered if it would be useful to have a thread to sort of "cross-fertilise" between them - airing little thoughts or vignettes that wouldn't themselves merit their own thread, to highlight other posts/threads of particular interest or to point to notable developments on fast-moving threads so that casual observers know where to look.

(For example, "the X thread has meandered onto a fascinating discussion of Y" or "Poster P's amazing analysis on thread Z might have relevance to the scenario in thread W" or "Has anybody noticed this recurring theme that keeps coming up??" or even "Random bloke asked me to smile while I was choosing onions, grr"- that sort of thing).

OP posts:
Kucinghitam · 15/05/2023 13:35

Well, as you know, there's a lot of repetition of old ignorances at the old place.

-old ignorances
+pious frauds

OP posts:
angelico53 · 15/05/2023 18:59

Just came across this:

“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.” Philip K. Dick

Have we a new thread yet?

Kucinghitam · 16/05/2023 09:32

angelico53 · 15/05/2023 18:59

Just came across this:

“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.” Philip K. Dick

Have we a new thread yet?

I like that quote!

Do we need a new thread quite yet? I can start one in a bit...

OP posts:
Britinme · 16/05/2023 10:56

@Kucinghitam - I think this general/"summary" thread has been very useful. This is such a huge topic that I can't keep up with all the threads but this one has sent me to a few interesting ones. Please do start another.

NotDrowningJustCrowing · 16/05/2023 23:08

I'm going to read the Gender/spectrum/prison article in full later. I started and I was enjoying it but my head hurt after the Judith Butler article. Two things about Judith Butler from my perspective.

  1. I was confused for a while about all the negative stuff about her and also confused about the whole thing about her allegedly talking about gender. Why? Because, well, she was front and centre for the repeal of the contagious diseases acts, worked for the abolition of prostitution and so on and so on. This was because,

2 I had got her very, very confused with the 19th-century feminist activist Josephine Butler. So, yeah. That. All the more embarrassing because I did a lot of work on 19th-century prostitution and she was very front and centre in my research and a bit of a hero.

Judith. Oh dear, dear me, Judith. I wonder if she's just trolling the world with her absolute bullshit. The sentence that won her worst writing in the world ever award ... if that wasn't written to deliberately mess with people then she is an even worse person than I think she is and I think she's a pretty shitty person. Some of that, to be fair, is not her fault. I'm probably more annoyed with the people who worship at her temple and ignore the work of the women who went before her who were actually articulate, passionate, and had something new and important to say. I am now going to read How to Kill Your Family as a nice mind cleanser after the neverending bullshit of the wrong Butler.
NotDrowningJustCrowing · 16/05/2023 23:09

Sorry for the wrong alignments. @Kucinghitam please can we have a new thread before I fill this one with too many words to say very little indeed.

MmePoppySeedDefage · 17/05/2023 07:25

How to Kill your Family is such fun, and much more worthwhile than Ms Butler.

MavisMcMinty · 17/05/2023 09:16

Well done and thanks, Kuc!

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