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All the bad things JKR has done. A history.

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WandaWomblesaurus73 · 05/01/2022 21:08

I think this is a good time to go over all the bad things JKR has done (as started on the did he or didn't he Jon Stewart thread)

Earlier, I went into the bathroom and I noticed JK Rowling had moved the cat litter tray so I stood in a little bit of cat poop.

OP posts:
NitroNine · 10/10/2023 23:15

I’m genuinely ridiculously next-level pleased for you & your DDs, though much sympathy-empathy wrt Death Eater & aftermath. “Access” is so often limited to some variety of Carer discount then lifts, loos, hearing loop & bits of Braille 🤦‍♀️ When places get it right - which nowhere ever can completely, of course, because needs conflict, but trying as hard as possible is the answer, as opposed to not bothering - it’s like a revelation. As far as the Death Eater goes, I don’t blame your DD: I’ve seen “Cursed Child” twice, & on both occasions was scared out of my wits by Voldemort’s exit such that I almost climbed into the lap of the person I was with. In fairness, on both occasions they were also hauling me towards them. (I like to think it wasn’t to use me as a human shield, but 🤷‍♀️) I hope your DD is able to sleep in her own bed again soon.

MsNeis · 11/10/2023 14:06


MsNeis · 11/10/2023 14:07

miri1985 · 02/10/2023 03:40

Anyone else whos finished The Running Grave will know that my anger with JKR is justified for that cliff hanger


Froodwithatowel · 10/11/2023 18:27

The heartless cow.

<Buys copy, muttering>

Wauden · 03/12/2023 15:10

I ate a whole packet of lentil crackers. It was her fault.

NitroNine · 03/12/2023 15:12

Wauden · 03/12/2023 15:10

I ate a whole packet of lentil crackers. It was her fault.

You are Ron Weasley & I claim my 5 galleons… 🤔

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