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Are you going to come out on Gender Critical Coming Out Day 19 December?

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MacNTosh · 09/11/2021 15:24

I’ve just read Glinner’s latest email about CG coming out day planned for 19th December. I think it’s a fantastic idea, I really want to do it, but I’m scared. Partly due to online backlash and partly because I don’t want to cause a rift with my dcs. What about everyone?

OP posts:
TinselAngel · 09/11/2021 18:16

There's no detail about who is behind it on the website, which is slightly concerning.

Mollyollydolly · 09/11/2021 18:28

I already am. In the lucky position of not having to GAF anymore.

MacNTosh · 09/11/2021 18:29

Some interesting points, yes it is a bit like the world is flat day, however we seem to have regular awareness days for almost everything. I’m self employed and have come close to speaking up publicly a few times, I can afford to deal with any backlash but it’s my kids I’m more worried about. The only time we talked a gender issues ended in tears so we’ve agreed to disagree, my relationship with them isn’t something I’m prepared to risk.

OP posts:
Dinosauria · 09/11/2021 18:33

'Water is wet day '

Greenmarmalade · 09/11/2021 18:36

Just before Christmas seems a bit intense.

Brusca · 09/11/2021 18:36

Who is behind it?

It's a tad ironic to have a 'show your face and tell us your name' day being promoted by nameless/faceless people.

The originators should at the very least have the courage of their own convictions.

Livelifeinthebuslane · 09/11/2021 18:39

I'm out to most people who speak to me directly (I find it very uncomfortable to lie) but social media would possibly affect work (self-employed) and definitely affect young vulnerable relatives.

Brusca · 09/11/2021 18:39

And what happens to people who 'come out as GC' if it backfires for them?

Is there a support or fighting fund?

What about access to legal advice?

This is very poorly thought through.

Most women who can be 'out' are already out.

Many who aren't cannot be.

Just because many of us aren't 'known' to the GC High Command doesn't mean we aren't doing stuff in our own names.

twelly · 09/11/2021 18:41

It is appalling that people are fearful of losing their jobs if they express a view - this demonstrates what a bullying culture we are living in. We should be able to express a view as we live in a country where free speech is allegedly highly valued

eurochick · 09/11/2021 18:46

I can see why this would be a good idea. The TRAs try to portray the GC position as an extreme, minority one, which it obviously isn't.

I'm out to a degree in my personal life but not at work. Although I have formally raised concerns with our head of diversity about the wisdom our alignment with Stonewall.

NCBlossom · 09/11/2021 18:53

No, because ironically as a woman my return to my career is fragile, because as a woman I’ve had to be the main carer for my disabled children, and am financially not great because of, misogyny…

So because of being a woman I’ve got too much to lose at the moment!

But I do stand up for any specifics I come across that are to do with safeguarding in my own environment, such as my kids, their schools.

Whatiswrongwithmyknee · 09/11/2021 18:59

I didn't know about this, thanks for sharing. I actually think that coming out is a concept used when people have been forced into the shadows because of stigma and aggression. I also think this is exactly what has happened to people who are gender critical. It will be scary to speak up but when we do it will be clearer what a niche view gender ideology is.

TinselAngel · 09/11/2021 19:04

I can't get my head around a "coming out" campaign being promoted by an anonymous website.

ErrolTheDragon · 09/11/2021 19:06


Isn’t it now a protected belief so won’t affect anyone’s livelihoods?

Tell that to Kathleen Stock.
Brusca · 09/11/2021 19:07


I can't get my head around a "coming out" campaign being promoted by an anonymous website.

It is bizarre.

Do they realise how it looks?

Is there even a legit group behind it?
MonsignorMirth · 09/11/2021 19:09

Bit weird imo to have a day when you tell everyone your views. I prefer asking others theirs and asking to elaborate if it gets vague/ conflatey.

MonsignorMirth · 09/11/2021 19:10


There's no detail about who is behind it on the website, which is slightly concerning.

Yes, this. Someone looking to update their Twitter blocking software?
2Rebecca · 09/11/2021 19:17

I am out already

MildredsMussaurus · 09/11/2021 19:22

I feel very wary of this. As others have said, an anonymous website doesn't really give me confidence.

I'm as 'out' as I need to be. Happy to talk to friends or family when things come up, and happy to deal with issues e.g. with kids school when needed. I've definitely raised awareness with quite a few people now. But I'd prefer to do this in person, with people I think may be interested. Announcing on my personal social media is probably the thing most likely to cause unnecessary upset/conflict.

Blackandwhitehorse · 09/11/2021 19:39

Feels like it will be a bit naff. Also makes it seem like it’s a niche view, but then I’m also not keen on the GC label, don’t think it’s clear to the general public. Basically I just believe sex/biology matter and is real as do like 99% of people.

oldwomanwhoruns · 09/11/2021 19:56

Glinner has been talking about this as an idea for a while.
I'll certainly support it with a nice FB post, I'm very vocal about being GC already so it's not actually new. But I'm game to go shopping with my Adult Human Female gear on, on the right day Smile

nocoolnamesleft · 09/11/2021 20:04

I'd love to feel able to. It would probably cost me my career.

Flingingmelon · 09/11/2021 20:07

If I won the lottery tomorrow 100% I'd do it, but I'd lose my job if I did

Dinosaurhearmeroar · 09/11/2021 20:08

@SweetPetrichor have I misunderstood or did you mean to say you would unfollow anyone who is gc despite you being this too?

dyslek · 09/11/2021 20:20

Im already out to all and sundry. Smile

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