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BigMoFos week 17

140 replies

suejonez · 30/08/2006 23:25

New week new start...

OP posts:
whoopsfallenoveragain · 31/08/2006 06:32

Well done everyone
I am going to share the crown with Jackie as I am not convinced I lost that much! I was on different scales and at a different time!
I was given a great compliment yesterday someone had actually noticed that I had lost loads of weight from my waist so I was dead chuffed as no one has said that to me yet most people are saying that it looks like a bit has come off my face and shoulders! Although I can feel that my waist is shorter as my trousers keep falling down

lemonaid · 31/08/2006 07:11

I stayed the same too, btw (did email SJ but not sure what happened).

JackieNo · 31/08/2006 08:21

Well done us! Especially you, whoopsfallenoveragain! Very nice of you to share the crown, but I don't really think that changing scales could make that much difference, could it? It's great when people notice that you've lost weight - very motivating.

Today is my last day off after having had all August as unpaid holiday - I may have to treat myself and DD to lunch out, but will try to eat sensibly.

coppertop · 31/08/2006 08:56

I've seriously fallen off the wagon just lately. I don't dare to confess how much I've put on so will just discreetly lurk for a while.

JackieNo · 31/08/2006 09:05

Don't beat yourself up, coppertop - chat to us anyway, and start posting again when you feel ready.

JackieNo · 31/08/2006 09:05

And I also meant to say thank you to suejonez for collating all the emails this week. I hope WWB's having a good time.

Dottydot · 31/08/2006 09:13

It's my WW weigh in tonight - Thursday is now the day of the week I dread..! Have lost 12.5lb in total over the last 5 weeks, but am struggling to hit the magic stone mark (which is annoying because I promised myself a treat when I hit it and I've seen a particularly nice bag I want to buy! ).

suejonez · 31/08/2006 09:35

Ah - thats becasue you didn't tell me who you were in your email Lemonaid! I did one email from someone saying they'd stayed the same!

Coppertop - I do understand how you feel - we've all fallen off the wagon at some point if not now then previous diets. We all know how it feels and how reluctnat you are to admit it to anyone but I'd strongly urge you to come clean. Otherwise you don't get that sense of closure and starting again - all the efforts you make from now on just get lost in the "catch-up". Trust me - I lost 3.5 stone 3 years ago and put it all back on becuase when I went off the rails I didn;t just go straight back to WW and bite the bullet. It was so hard to lose that weight and it was all for nothing in the end - it was a big lesson to learn for me and I really hope I can apply it this time round when I will inevitably do something similar at some point.

I'm terrified that when I travel to Kaz the combination of stress and unfamiliar food will make me put back on the hard fought stone I've lost. I don;t deal well with "uncertainty" when it comes to food. I comfort myself with the knowledge that I will start weighing and posting again as soon as I'm back regardless of how grim the results are.

Thats a very long winded wasy of saying that you're amongst friends here and we won't think any less of you even if you've put on 2 stone. I'm sure we'll all much more focussed on moving and (helping others) move forward than in any dissection of what we've done wrong in the past.

OP posts:
lemonaid · 31/08/2006 09:52

Congratulations to whoops and Jackie!

coppertop · 31/08/2006 11:07

You lot are just too nice.

Okay . According to my scales I've put 6lbs on over the last couple of weeks.

I'm back on the wagon now and have just started writing down what I eat and drink and also how much exercise I manage to do. So far it's working as I'm not eating anything I'd be too embarrassed to write down IYSWIM.

Forgot to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to you all for this/last week's results.

suejonez · 31/08/2006 11:36

Good for you and if I recall correctly you still have a net weight loss since your started? Imagine if you weren't doing this then you would be 6lb heavier than 15 weeks ago not 5lb lighter and my guess would be that 6lb would be here to stay.

I bet you lose most of that 6lb really quickly (no pressure then!), don't forget in teh same way that about 2/3rds of what you lose in the first two weeks is water, 2/3rds of what you put on in the first two weeks is also water. So you've probably only put on a couple of pounds of fat the rest will come off as water as you lose the fat.

Half the battle is getting control again and its helpful for the future when you can look back and remember that you CAN control yourself and get back to normal again.

I really hope you have a great week and be an inspiration to all of us.

OP posts:
coppertop · 31/08/2006 13:25

Thanks, Sue.

I think you should consider a new career in motivational speaking. I feel much better already.

whoopsfallenoveragain · 31/08/2006 13:49

Sorry have come on to rant for a mo!
has anyone else got p'd off at people being sad about weighing 10 stone and being a size 12?
Just looked at the thread on what is your height & weight thread yes I know I shouldn't!!

lemonaid · 31/08/2006 14:05

I think that was the main reason for this thread kicking off in the first place, whoops. This way we can insulate ourselves from all those people...

I don't mind them too much in real life, though. My sister is a bit like that and it's probably why she is the ONLY female member of my family not to be my size or bigger. She eats when she's hungry and then stops [this is a radical concept in the lemonaid family], and she has enough flesh on her to be nicely rounded but not fat. If I can wind up with her proportions I'll be very happy.

JackieNo · 31/08/2006 14:08

Yes whoopsfallenoveragain - it's people like that that gave WWB and suejonez the idea for the BigMoFos, I think. It's completely infuriating when people who have 3 or 4 pounds to lose call themselves 'lardy' etc.

suejonez · 31/08/2006 18:13

yes whoops - looked quickly at that thread then shuddered and putaway in a black box labelled "to be opened again in two years"

People are always going to find something that they're unhappy with with some people its an unhealthy preoccupation with their weight.

If you are medically obese then it is obviously a heatlhy obsession but most of these people are within healthy limits.

I think its sad - I think there's a lot of pressure on women to be perfect and thats why so many people are self conscious about perfectly normal weights.

Off to cook my healthy chili for my west London met up (garlic bread not so healthy)

OP posts:
JackieNo · 31/08/2006 18:15

Is the meetup tonight sue? Good luck - hope it goes well. Say hi to MrsJC from me, would you, please.

JackieNo · 31/08/2006 18:18

Oh - or not, as I just noticed she's not able to make it. Hope she's OK. Will be thinking of her (sorry to talk about you in the third person, MrsJC, in case you're around).

justamum · 31/08/2006 19:47

oh god , just seen that thread you were on about, why on earth are some of those people even looking at "diet" threads. i would be happy at a size 16, in fact i have been down to about 121/2stone a couple of times and felt so amazing that i completely lost the motivation to diet.
I just don't want to be obese anymore. I feel there is too much preoccupation with these damn charts for adults and for babies. If i am happy and healthy at a weight officially in the "overweight" category i would rather stay at that than constantly deprive myself to be 9stone.
fgs, we all die one day and old age is pretty hellish in this country so i'd rather eat a few takeaways and enjoy my life than live forever as a skinny misery.

Dottydot · 31/08/2006 22:02

Hurrah, hurrah - had my WW meeting tonight and have lost 3lbs!! Which means I've gone past the stone mark! Was ridiculously pleased because I started my period yesterday and feel so bloated and heavy.

JackieNo · 31/08/2006 22:03

Well done Dottydot. That's brilliant. So good to pass a milestone like that too, isn't it?

justamum · 31/08/2006 22:20

well done everyone, congrats on losing the stone dotty, do they still give out little silver 7s? I remember being being ridiculously proud of them. I got so caught up in my rant earlier i forgot to say I put on 2lb and forgot to email Sue. Whoops on both counts, nevermind. i did go out for 2 meals.


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lemonaid · 31/08/2006 22:26

A big huzzah for Dottydot!!!

flutterbee · 31/08/2006 23:21

sorry sorry sorry sorry, I was soooo busy yesterday that I forgot to e-mail my weight.

I lost 1lb which brings me to 16lb over all.

Sorry again and well done all everyone else.

justamum · 01/09/2006 00:02

flutterbee, i was getting a little worried about you, well done, that is 16lb in 3/4 weeks isn't it, thats brilliant.

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