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The Friendly Perfumistas Thread 35 - ❄️ ☃️ Winter may be here, but our scents will keep us warm!

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FestivelyScent · 29/01/2023 23:52

Oops! Looks like we ran out of space on the last thread - I hope you all find your way over here.

Anyway, welcome fragrant friends to a shiny new thread!

As always, everyone is very welcome - we're most definitely open to Newbies. Come and discuss your Scent Of The Day (SOTD), old favourites, new infatuations, the best dupes and scents of any price point. We are very friendly! 😊

OP posts:

Rebel2023 · 01/02/2023 22:04


Judystilldreamsofhorses · 01/02/2023 23:01

Here you all are! SOTD Diptyque Eau Duelle for a lovely haircut.


FestivelyScent · 01/02/2023 23:04

Thank you @corneliastreet It must be really annoying knowing the office environment is a big migraine trigger for you, but not being able to avoid it. I'm still not sure what triggers mine, they're just there, iyswim.

Thank you @Alienbigcat45 😊

Welcome to the thread @plumduck 👋😊

SOTN is Shalimar. ❄️

OP posts:

plumduck · 02/02/2023 05:20

Good Morning,

I am up early. My scent of the day is Tom Ford Soleil Neige. It will be spring soon and I'll put this away, it's very much a winter scent for me and I usually wear it in December/January day time. I am wondering about Kilian Angel's Share but feel this might wait until next autumn now. Need a spring scent so will have to explore. I do like the Marc Jacobs Daisy but fancy something different this year.


Alienbigcat45 · 02/02/2023 19:35

plumduck springs feels a long way off here, it's been sleeting this week!
SOTD mostly Impulse Musk after the gym, 12 hours later I can still smell it.


FestivelyScent · 02/02/2023 23:45

Spring feels far off here, too - I'm currently under a heated throw. 😁❄️ Having said that, I am currently thinking what additions sample-wise I could add to my spring collection, which is quite thin atm. Will definitely add another sample of L'heure Bleue to my list, as I loved that and my teensy sample has finished. That'll be to use during the current winter, though.

SOTN is Ambre Narguile. ❄️

OP posts:

plumduck · 03/02/2023 06:38

Good Morning! SOTD today is a sample of dolce and gabbana light blue. So meh.


CorneliaStreet · 03/02/2023 10:57

Trying Malle Lys Mediterranee again this morning. I like the way it smells but I find I find it a bit too domineering. I’ve only sprayed a tiny bit too - I’ve only got a 1ml sample and this is maybe the third or fourth time I’ve tried it and there’s still quite a bit left!


Alienbigcat45 · 03/02/2023 11:45

Had to wait in for a workman this morning so used the time to try the Rook samples. They are very bold! I think my favourite is the Amber which has saffron and a lot of smoke.


Chevyimpala67 · 03/02/2023 20:17

Sote Michael kors mystique Shimmer
Very nice ambery Tonka


Rebel2023 · 03/02/2023 20:38


Judystilldreamsofhorses · 03/02/2023 22:58

SOTD Chanel Le Lion.


FestivelyScent · 03/02/2023 23:29

SOTD is Youth-Dew. ❄️

OP posts:

plumduck · 04/02/2023 16:50

Hello good evening!

My SOTD was killian princess. I love this one. Has anyone tried parfums de marly? I'm tempted to get a sample set but I don't like rose.


Chevyimpala67 · 04/02/2023 17:32

Sotd ck obsession for watching ds2 in his production of we will rock you ✊️
Was awesome 😊❤️


Rebel2023 · 04/02/2023 18:09

SOTD mmm on a date


FestivelyScent · 04/02/2023 23:09

SOTD is Ambre Sultan. ❄️

OP posts:

pepperaunt · 05/02/2023 09:12

SOTD is Ormond Jayne Qi. It really does smell of tea. I get bored pretty easily so usually have 3 or 4 on the go at once. Liking Hermes Twilley Pink Peppercorn as well.


CorneliaStreet · 05/02/2023 13:10

SOTD Shay & Blue English Cherry Blossom. It’s feeling spring-like here today so seemed appropriate 🙂


Chevyimpala67 · 05/02/2023 13:56

Sotd ck obsession again


Rebel2023 · 05/02/2023 15:07

SOTD cheirosa 62


InsomniacVampire · 05/02/2023 16:12

Boucheron Patchouli D'Angkor


Alienbigcat45 · 05/02/2023 16:21

SOTD Clandestine Clara - Penhaligans. Working my way through my samples...


plumduck · 05/02/2023 16:23

SOTD Coco Madomiselle


Judystilldreamsofhorses · 05/02/2023 22:30

SOTD Byredo Bibliotheque.

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