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My hair is meh

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Chicksinonebasket · 05/04/2019 17:52

I really really would like better hair. It’s my birthday soon and my mum has offered for me to go and have it done properly somewhere nice! It’s not been cut for about 8 months. I find it a bit stressful (and expensive) going to the hairdressers. I feel like a change but I don’t think there’s much I can do with it? I will be 37 so knocking on a bit now... secretly I’d quite like pink put in the ends of it 😂
Here is how is looks most days.

My hair is meh
OP posts:
Chicksinonebasket · 09/04/2019 16:33

☺️ yes it is better! You lot are good stylists.

My hair is meh
OP posts:
squirrelnutkins1 · 09/04/2019 16:33

You look great!

managedmis · 09/04/2019 16:56

Your mother sounds awful tbh

Switsy · 09/04/2019 16:59

You've gone from looking like a Texan housewife from 1986 to looking totally modern and foxy.

Block out your mother's 'advice' from now on!

IdblowJonSnow · 09/04/2019 17:00

I think you are really attractive op and love your new hair. I empathise with you re your mum, my mum is similar and two equally lovely and 'helpful' sisters to boot! (Maybe I should boot them?!)
I hope this thread has given you lots of confidence Smile

Chicksinonebasket · 09/04/2019 17:24

switsy I’m glad I’m not longer rocking the Texan housewife look 😂

OP posts:
minmooch · 09/04/2019 17:32

You look bloody fantastic! Younger and more with it - well done!

octopusrus · 09/04/2019 18:26

Totally love the new cut - looks great!

HiHoS · 09/04/2019 18:30

Wow OP, you look great Grin

Chicksinonebasket · 09/04/2019 18:32

I love mumsnet.
If I’d asked people in real life they’d have been like ‘yeah your hair is great,’ the big liars 😂

OP posts:
Whyknot · 09/04/2019 18:32

Wow it looks gorgeous, shows off your amazing cheek bones!

DovePetal · 09/04/2019 18:57

The colour is soo flattering, gorgeous!

motortroll · 09/04/2019 19:22

You look really like my friend with similar colouring and she is stunning just like you!

She has a sweeping side fringe and she's gone brunette recently and it looks great!

AgathaF · 09/04/2019 19:43

Wow, you look amazing. Beautiful cheekbones and face shape and eyes. Your hair's rocking it now.

Chocolatecoffeeaddict · 09/04/2019 20:24

You look great in your most recent pics but you looked lovely before too. Definitely more modern now though.

SunshineCake · 09/04/2019 20:33

Looks lovely. Was the hairdresser able to do your colour after all?

I'm considering posting for help too now as my hair is a complete mess and bane of my life and you guys are good.

TheMightyToosh · 09/04/2019 20:34

Gorgeous OP, what a transformation! So nice to read all this great advice and see such a good outcome. This is Mumsnet at its best Smile

Chicksinonebasket · 09/04/2019 20:39

No I did my hair colour myself - the hairdresser seemed quite impressed 😂 she said ‘oh it doesn’t really need highlights, it’s a gorgeous colour.’
Thanks nice’n’easy, £5.50. I do think it’s quite close to my true colour though so I might just be able to leave it now. Maybe.

OP posts:
Margotshypotheticaldog · 09/04/2019 20:44

You also have lovely teeth, you should smile more (I noticed because I have not great teeth so do a weird close mouth smile in photos)
The new hair do looks great btw

Littlechocola · 09/04/2019 20:46

You are stunning! What a hair journey!
Now all you need is to work on some self belief and confidence!

MoonStarsSun · 09/04/2019 21:20

Really good! Lovely cut & colour.

Hazeintheclouds · 09/04/2019 21:25

Lovely, OP!

looondonn · 09/04/2019 21:25

You look fab!!!!

Can I ask guys if you get balayage is it ok to get it done twice a year? Would that be enough? Just thinking ahead here !!

amarante · 09/04/2019 22:18

You look great! May I ask which colour you had from nice&easy? thanks

TowandaForever · 09/04/2019 22:23

Love you new hair do!!

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