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My hair is meh

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Chicksinonebasket · 05/04/2019 17:52

I really really would like better hair. It’s my birthday soon and my mum has offered for me to go and have it done properly somewhere nice! It’s not been cut for about 8 months. I find it a bit stressful (and expensive) going to the hairdressers. I feel like a change but I don’t think there’s much I can do with it? I will be 37 so knocking on a bit now... secretly I’d quite like pink put in the ends of it 😂
Here is how is looks most days.

My hair is meh
OP posts:
DropThePilot · 06/04/2019 06:32

OP you're gorgeous. I'm amazed at the tone and content of your thread. You write as though you're an old woman battling against the bum deal handed you by nature. The opposite is true. Go get a makeover by people that make you feel lovely. And work on your self esteem. Good luck and have fun.

Candlesonthetable · 06/04/2019 07:25

I agree with the other posters - you need to work on your self-esteem! You have lovely delicate features and a beautiful complexion. Have some fun with your hair (great advice on this thread) and enjoy your gorgeousness!

Chicksinonebasket · 06/04/2019 08:36

Thank you everyone for being kind.

I do usually look in the mirror (well I try and avoid mirrors) and think urgh. Maybe if my hair looks better I won’t feel so bad - I think I read somewhere that hair is about 50% of your appearance! I think I’m going to go shorter and darker...

OP posts:
Whyknot · 06/04/2019 09:24

Op you are so pretty and have beautiful big eyes, they're lost at the moment. Start wearing your fringe to the side now, you'll quickly get used to it. Go jaw length and have balayage, you will look stunning.

I had my make up done at a counter recently, it was fab for new ideas and colours to try and did wonders for my confidence.

You need to work on a bit of self love and build your confidence.

Cocolepew · 06/04/2019 09:45

You look lovely without a fringe, ignore your mum!

OliviaBenson · 06/04/2019 09:46

You have beautiful big eyes!

Firstly, love yourself more!

I think you look great in the third photo.

You could also go really short but I get that would be a really brave move. I think a blunt cut just below your chin would work and make your hair look thicker.

Chicksinonebasket · 06/04/2019 09:52

I’ve got a hair appointment Tuesday - they won’t do the colour then because I will need a strand test but they can cut it.
Hopefully it’ll help, it’s horrible feeling so disgusted by your appearance. I know logically no one in real life gives my appearance a second thought! It’s vain really I suppose to worry about it.

OP posts:
CryptoFascist · 06/04/2019 10:08

Third photo is the best as you've lost the fringe and flattened out that puffiness at the crown.
A lob would look good and get rid of the wispy ends that are making it look thin.
A colour closer to your natural colour would really bring out your eyes.
No layers which are going to make it look wispy.
You'll look amazing once you find a hairdresser that will give you a modern style.

Hearhere · 06/04/2019 10:57

you have a lovely face and your mum should be boosting your confidence not trying to knock it!
Im no expert on hairstyles but I think a shorter Bob style would flatter you

Chicksinonebasket · 06/04/2019 11:10

I think my mum thinks she’s helping 😬
She says I’ve got a funny shaped head! 😂 the fringe helps to hide it...

OP posts:
MayFayner · 06/04/2019 11:43

Absolutely everything that dropthepilot said, with bells on.

You are beautiful and have amazing eyes. Funny shaped head!! What?!!! 😂 You do not have a funny shaped head.

I like the full-fringe photos but that might be because I am toying with the idea of a getting my own fringe back. Agree with pps though- either full fringe or no fringe. And a bit off the length.

RuffleCrow · 06/04/2019 11:54

I agree about growing out your fringe and going for a natural dark blond balyalage (sp?) look throughout with a slight wave. Going to just above your shoulders will help too

You're lovely looking and it will really do your face justice to have hair to match Smile

doctorboo · 06/04/2019 11:55

@Chicksinonebasket I think your mums advice should be ignored. ‘Funny shaped head’ what a thing to pick on!

I’m the same age as you and I’ve had many truly horrible cuts, colours and most of them with a triple pepperoni pizza spotty face. Three weeks ago I butchered the back of my hair trimming it, my mum’s only comment was made after I’d pointed it out and she said oh well it’ll grow back.

I think the third pic you posted looks good and an all over darker tone would be a good change.

Right now I’m very grey (natural colour), at the awkward growing out stage of my last pixie and my mum compliments how sparkly it looks.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen · 06/04/2019 11:59

So much more flattering with fringe to one side,shows off your pretty features.

Much shorter and not so blonde or brown.

Can you update once you e had it done please? I love a beauty update Smile

Tomtontom · 06/04/2019 12:03

You have a lovely face, features most of us would kill for. I'll keep my comments on your mum to myself!

Honestly I'd go really short, show off your face and don't hide behind your hair. Colour wise I'd go more Emma Watson than Emma Stone but you can carry off either.

I get how difficult it is when your confidence is low. Good luck!

Foottunnel · 06/04/2019 12:11

You don’t have a funny shaped head. What you do have is great cheek bones and fab big eyes. As others have said, go shorter and move your parting to the side for a sweeping fringe. I like the first colour shot @MutantDisco posted.

Foottunnel · 06/04/2019 12:18

Something like this:

My hair is meh
doctorboo · 06/04/2019 12:27

Do any of these take your fancy? Low lights on blonde hair.

My hair is meh
DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen · 06/04/2019 12:36

Foottunnel's picture would be BEAUTIFUL for you!

minmooch · 06/04/2019 12:41

Oh you look so much better and younger with your fringe to the side.

minmooch · 06/04/2019 12:43

It accentuates your gorgeous cheekbones and eyes. Seriously much younger looking.

FakeEmpire · 06/04/2019 13:28

You could definitely do a 70s inspired curtain fringe look, you have a great face for it

Colette · 06/04/2019 16:29

OP please post photo updates- you have great cheekbones and eyes , shorter hair will show this off fabulously.
Try to get regular trims after, even if you don't have it blow dried .And look in the mirror more Flowers

Drum2018 · 06/04/2019 17:11

Wow, I have a very similar style and this week I've spent ages looking for a different style. My hair is darker - had it home dyed blonde and it was awful so I now go to salon and get a rich mahogany shade which is much better. Your hair is much nicer parted to the side. I tried it that way and tried a side fringe, but I need my fringe to cover my lined forehead (older than you). My fringe is a bit thicker. I'm going to get it cut shorter (but below chin length) and keep some long layers. I have a long face and long hair just isn't working well for me anymore.

littlebillie · 06/04/2019 17:36

Much more modern without the fringe and a bit choppier shorter you have lovely hair

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