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My hair is meh

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Chicksinonebasket · 05/04/2019 17:52

I really really would like better hair. It’s my birthday soon and my mum has offered for me to go and have it done properly somewhere nice! It’s not been cut for about 8 months. I find it a bit stressful (and expensive) going to the hairdressers. I feel like a change but I don’t think there’s much I can do with it? I will be 37 so knocking on a bit now... secretly I’d quite like pink put in the ends of it 😂
Here is how is looks most days.

My hair is meh
OP posts:
Ellieboolou27 · 05/04/2019 20:57

Something like this

My hair is meh
My hair is meh
Ellieboolou27 · 05/04/2019 20:57

Try again!

My hair is meh
NuclearReactor · 05/04/2019 20:58

Some warmer colours through it maybe low lites?what about bringing more hair forwards to give a thicker blunter fringe and take an inch or so off the ends?

managedmis · 05/04/2019 20:59

You could definitely rock a shorter look

sparklefarts · 05/04/2019 20:59

MUCH better with the fringe to the side. Like much much better. It doesn't look older, you look lovely

Ellieboolou27 · 05/04/2019 20:59

If you grow your fringe out your length needs to be much shorter but you suit both fringe / without

Chicksinonebasket · 05/04/2019 20:59

I like those too... so I guess it’s either no fringe or go all out heavy fringe and darker colour?

OP posts:
Furrytoebean · 05/04/2019 21:00

If you get a balayage done it will be really easy to maintain

Ellieboolou27 · 05/04/2019 21:01

Yes, fringes need to be either heavy / full or none at all Smile.
Wispy ones tend to look dated and a bit aging

Chicksinonebasket · 05/04/2019 21:04

The fringe is my mother’s fault. She always tells me I look dreadful without it. Every time I’ve attempted to grow it out before she’s told me it looks awful.

OP posts:
MistyReturns · 05/04/2019 21:05

You look very (spookily) similar to an actress Ksenia Solo. Look her up on imdb or google. She's had so many colours and styles which suit her, so would suit you. Take your pick Grin

Ellieboolou27 · 05/04/2019 21:09

Grin my mum is exactly the same regarding my fringe, actually looking back a photos of me without one she’s probably right 🙄

If you go for it post an update.

Chicksinonebasket · 05/04/2019 21:10

Thanks Misty...I’d not heard of her but i’ll take that!
I think I’m going to try and stick with making the fringe grow longer and getting a darker colour.
Maybe I will go and get my make up done too...

OP posts:
cliquewhyohwhy · 05/04/2019 21:10

Definitely no fringe or a side fringe.

managedmis · 05/04/2019 21:10

I don't see how you'd look awful, you don't have a huge forehead or anything

Chicksinonebasket · 05/04/2019 21:11

She just always says it doesn’t suit me...
No, I’ve got a tiny little face. It gets lost behind my hair and being so pale doesn’t help.

OP posts:
Chicksinonebasket · 05/04/2019 21:14

I always feel intimidated by my young and attractive hairdresser. I feel a bit like she thinks ‘why’s she bothered coming, as if I can do anything to make her look any better.’
I mean she probably isn’t. She’s probably thinking about when she can go home and normal things but that’s how I always feel.

OP posts:
Shmoople · 05/04/2019 21:17

Two things you need to work on

  1. Your self esteem/confidence
  2. Ignoring your dear old ma

    you look miles better in the second photo.
Shmoople · 05/04/2019 21:17

I meant third photo, with the fringe out of the way.

silver1977 · 05/04/2019 21:18

Comparing the 2 photos, definitely the side fringe, sorry OP but your fringe atm looks very dated with the colour too. As PP's have said, you are very pretty with amazing eyes so a change to your hairstyle would look great! You almost look like Phoebe from Friends in that last photo Grin!

I think a nice blunt cut to the ends, a side fringe and more natural colour is the way to go. If you're going somewhere decent for your birthday treat, they should advise you. Please update us if you have something done...

DantesInferno · 05/04/2019 21:30

Chicksinonebasket Fri 05-Apr-19 20:57:07

your last pic looks miles better than the first one (which was really dated, as per other posters), definitely the way to go - looks amazing! you are really pretty

Ninkaninus · 05/04/2019 21:37

You look really good in the last photo! No fringe looks much, much better on you, and you look younger because your hair doesn’t bark back to the eighties.

So I agree,

  1. Look at yourself and see yourself through the eyes of a friend rather than just being critical, and

2. You’re going to have to ignore your mum on this one.
Bobbiebrows · 06/04/2019 03:19

I think you’d suit this cut. I think a little darker is the way to go too.

My hair is meh
Myfoolishboatisleaning · 06/04/2019 04:23

Go short. Your hair is aging you as it just hangs limply around your face.

EleanorOalike · 06/04/2019 06:21

I think that you’d make a stunning redhead, same shade as that Emma Stone picture and similar style. I actually think you look younger without the fringe - ignore mum!

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