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WWW's six week 10 year younger boot camp, Jan to half term, WEEK THREE

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WideWebWitch · 15/01/2007 07:16

Welcome to week THREE everyone. Have you completely given up and lost your motivation yet?

This is about feeling better about yourself...not necessarily a diet per se etc etc

The Rules:

  • Sunscreen at all times. I know it's winter, there are still rays trying to damage your skin
  • No or little booze. The odd glass of wine at the weekend is allowed if you want it
  • Walking is important, a small amount every day if possible. 30 mins if you can, I am booking out lunch hours where possible to do this
  • Lots of water, aim for 2 litres a day
  • Apply body cream as often as possible. I am doing my heels daily too as they're lizard like
  • Use hand cream
  • Go to bed early, by 10.30pm if pos
  • Eat healthily
  • Be happy

The idea is that at the end of six weeks we all feel happier, healthier and glow with the good food, sleep, exercise, water and lack of sun damage.

You don't have to report back every day but I almost certainly will as it motivates me thinking someone is watching me.

Welcome all members old and new.

If you want some pleasurable homework, read this, St India of Knight and Polly Vernon talking about weight
OP posts:
batters · 15/01/2007 08:51

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

arfishy · 15/01/2007 10:01

Oooh. Hello. I've stuck to the plan, bit lax about hand cream tho.

I had some wine at the weekend but not very much, and I'm feeling much better for not drinking wine already.

I'm really chuffed that I exercised 4 times last week. I'm going to weigh myself next Monday, (2 weeks of the WWW plan) to see how much weight I've lost.

I've stuck to 20 WW points per day and have been trying not to eat anything too processed, although the 1.5 point chocolate rolls are tending to win when pitted against an apple, oddly enough.

yoyo · 15/01/2007 10:18

A bit of a lapse at the weekend because it was DS's birthady. Am on the straight and narrow again from today. Have done well on the sleep and creams generally, very well with the water, okay with exercise, fairly well with food (would have been excellent apart from the last w/e), and alcohol is much less appealing than waking up refreshed too.

yoyo · 15/01/2007 10:20

Did you notice India Knight's feet in the photo accompanying the Observer article? Not a good choice of footwear.

CAMy · 15/01/2007 11:11

Greetings all, yesterday walked along the seafront (fast) while dd did her ballet class, ate very healthily: lots of veg, rice, nuts. Then had a lapse of wine and organic chocolate & ginger biscuits (left over from Christmas, honest). However, slept well and drank lots of water and body-creamed.

Today, porridge with nuts and seeds.
Exercise: major amount of spring cleaning going on so will be exhausted later.

prufrock · 15/01/2007 11:27

Kind of went off track for a few days - nothing bad, and still exercised- just not really concentrating on being good.

But today is Monday, so I am back to being very good. In fact I will leave my computer now to go and get water (and a coffee, but I need caffeine)

winnie · 15/01/2007 11:57

happy quota definitely needs improvement
everything else is going ok

sunnywong · 15/01/2007 12:00

doing OK, but got to get to bed earlier and get pesky kids to stop waking my up to stroke my hair

Staying off carbs in the evening and upping my fish intake.

And I 'm really going to have to have a picture of Indian Knight
She reads MN, no?
Come India, put us a pic up on Member Profiles, there's a love

batters · 15/01/2007 12:03

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sassy · 15/01/2007 15:06

Hi www et al

Am doing well considering that I am having my kitchen re-fitted as I type so healthy food and even water drinking is complicated! (Have had no running water all day so the 2pints of water that have gone in are pressing hard on the old bladder - will have to drive to dh's office for a pee if I don't get to flush my loo soon!).

The pampering stuff is going well - really seeing the benefit of lots of moisturiser. Can I share my tip for cracked heels etc - lansinoh nipps cream is ace for super-dry areas.

One question though..why does my chin look like it did when I was 16? So spotty! I know this is a 10yrs younger thing, but I was rather hoping that was the good bits of youth, not the acne!

sassy · 15/01/2007 15:07

Not exercising enough at the mo, but that is because of builders. Going to Pilates tonight though!

Monkeytrousers · 15/01/2007 15:39

Two weeks and still badge waering

Monkeytrousers · 15/01/2007 15:59

Oops, posted on the wrong thread

Slimfats for breakfast

Wholemeal pitta with salad and hummous + one extra pitta which I ate while preparing the other one

Slimfast just now

(I knwo the slimfasts are deradful but I am tearing my hair out here trying to get positivly motivated)

Dinosaur · 15/01/2007 16:09

My discovery is veg soup for lunch - much nicer than sandwiches.

WideWebWitch · 15/01/2007 16:32

WEll done Arfy, do let us know how much you've lost won't you?

Yoyo, I DID notice her feet and thought the same. She looks fab but for her feet.

Cam well done on the walking etc

Winnie, sorry about happiness quota.

Suzy, I do believe India Knight reads mn, although I have no idea whether she posts. She does look fab now, after her diet, I have to say. Will see if I can find a picture of her for you. I like her because she was v good about the thing we're not allowed to mention at all here ever although I've very often disagreed with her views but hey.

Sassy, lots of us have had spots as a result of being healthy, I reckon it's all the crap coming out. But keep it up!

MT, well done.

Dino, agree, not having sandwiches for lunch makes a difference to me too. I've been mostly having lentils, which fill me up all afternoon.

Well, I went to bed late, having had wine BAD
But body lotion all over this morning GOOD
Granola for breakfast GOOD
Was at a meeting over lunch and had an M&S smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich (best of a bad bunch calorie wise) and a few Pringles BAD
an apple, GOOD
No walking as I was either in the car or in a meeting all day BAD
No sunscreen, ditto BAD
But I will try to make up for it tomorrow.

Def having an earlier night tonight and no wine.

OP posts:
Dinosaur · 15/01/2007 16:35

What is granola?

WideWebWitch · 15/01/2007 16:44

Suzy, having a job finding a pic of India looking as she does now, which is fab, but found her website Pig2twig ha ha.

OP posts:
WideWebWitch · 15/01/2007 16:48

Oh, at LAST, here you go although this isn't nearly as glam as The Observer pic (which isn't in the online version)

Dino, granola is like cereal, hang on will see if I can find a link. I eat it dry because I don't like milk much.

OP posts:
WideWebWitch · 15/01/2007 16:51

Dino, this is the Granola I've been buying and having 100g of for breakfast (500 cals but more or less fills me up until lunchime although I sometimes have an apple at 11am)

OP posts:
Dinosaur · 15/01/2007 16:53

Thanks, www. I see our mutual surname gets a lot of mentions in the history!

Monkeytrousers · 15/01/2007 17:39

Just had another pitta, salad and hummous.

Ate most of DS's tomato soup too

Walked loads - so much I feel weak!

I always spray on oil after a bath, but don't spend money on body lotions. Always were sunscreen.

Had three glasses of winelast night but I've told my friends that I am on a health kick so will be having tea for the nexy few weeks.

WideWebWitch · 15/01/2007 20:24

Pleae be impressed: I put my trainers on at 6pm and walked for 35 minutes.

Had salmon steak, broccoli and spinach for supper

OP posts:
WideWebWitch · 15/01/2007 20:25

And I've ordered the India and Neris book, will let you know what I think when I get it.

OP posts:
CAMy · 15/01/2007 20:26

www, if you don't like milk, do you like natural low-fat yogurt? I always have it on cereal, it tastes fantasic.

prufrock · 15/01/2007 22:06

Or orange juice - I always used to eat cornflakes in OJ when i was a milk hating teen.

I've been very good

an orange and some grapes
Pitta with taramasalata and salad
More grapes (they were ds's but he decided to feed them to me)
Spaghetti Bolognese - but no parmesan

Took dog for an hours walk this am, did yoga this evening then sat in steam room. Am about to go to bed with a cammomile tea and cream before I go to sleep

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