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Slimming World 2023 - All Starters, Returners and anybody else welcome

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LightandAiry · 19/12/2022 20:54


OP posts:
Blondeshavemorefun · 23/09/2023 11:03

B cereal b fruit
L pie 12 jacket veg gravey 1.5
T sw lasagne and veg

S crisps 7 bar 4

Slightly over s due to pie with my dad but was yummy

TomWambsgansSwans · 23/09/2023 13:22

Thanks @Blondeshavemorefun!

I had a maintain today which I am OK about - I'm still 9 stone 10. 11lbs to target.

I am ok with that although would obviously have liked to have lost, but my week has been good. I did have pizza on Monday and made some homemade Bounty bars which were fairly high syn so I know where it has probably come from!

Aiming for two lbs this week.

Kelsx33 · 23/09/2023 17:01

I got my stone award! Yay 😀

Wilma55 · 23/09/2023 17:22

Well done fellow losers! I lost 1lb so need 1 more to get back in target range, and one more weigh in before my holiday. Can I do it?

Paneer curry tonight, will have to check if that's a hex a.

Blondeshavemorefun · 23/09/2023 19:57

Done @Kelsx33 for stone

Come on @Wilma55

TomWambsgansSwans · 23/09/2023 21:51

Of course you can @Wilma55!! Stay strong!

Well done @Kelsx33!!!

I might try an SP day this week - if anyone has any advice, I'm all ears!

thenewaveragebear1983 · 24/09/2023 08:02

I’m back on plan today after a weekend away, had evening meals off plan, and a bit of wine. Yesterday we climbed snowdon, so had a few flapjacks, cereal bars and other energy givers lindor salted caramel balls

I have started today right though with a cheese and ham toastie on B bread and a banana so I’m determined to get back on it as I’d really like to lose this week, I could absolutely pull it back by Thursdays weigh in.

Blondeshavemorefun · 24/09/2023 11:23

B cereal b fruit
L spag bol veg cheese a
T pitta 6 chicken salad cheese a sc1.5

S crisps 3.5 choc 6.5

Apart from the pitta recently I have been avoiding bread this week to see if made a diff

I don't think it does

TomWambsgansSwans · 24/09/2023 22:46

Well done @thenewaveragebear1983!

B - just caffeine!
L - beetroot and potato dauphinois made with milk (hexA) and Stilton, 3x Parma ham (1.5 syns), cabbage soup
D - roast pork with leek, more beetroot, carrot, potato and onion (Rosti), leeks, an apple, and some crackling

Did some hula hooping today too.

Wilma55 · 25/09/2023 07:25

@TomWambsgansSwans that's exercise, not eating hula hoops I hope! ☺

Blondeshavemorefun · 25/09/2023 14:01

B cereal b fruit
L ham pepper onion ommlette cheese a
T chicken pitta 6 salad cheese a sc lite 1.5

S skips 3.5 choc 6.5

TomWambsgansSwans · 25/09/2023 18:29

@Blondeshavemorefun that sounds nice!
@Wilma55 haha definitely real hula hooping, the bruises on my hips are livid!

Today was my first ever SP day, I had:
B- 80g blueberries, 1 egg
L- homemade chicken and veg soup, 2x Parma ham (2 syn)
D- sczechuan pork with pak Choi

Tea, coffee and water to drink (hex A in my tea). Haven't bothered with my hex B but only because I wasn't hungry enough.

useitorlose · 26/09/2023 14:20

I had my first maintain this week, for no obvious reason. I weigh daily and it was a really weird week in which my weight stayed exactly the same to 0.1 of a pound for five days, then went slightly down, slightly up, then slightly up again on weigh in day, but the fluctuations were within the range of only 1.1lbs. Random! Let's see what next week brings.

Blondeshavemorefun · 26/09/2023 14:33

Sts is still good @useitorlose

I ate a punnet of raspberries last night. Not sure I shouldn't have eaten them all ....

B cereal b fruit
L chicken rice green beans
T soup

S crisps 5 chocolate 6.5

pelagra · 26/09/2023 18:02

Feeling discouraged and confused
I know scales in class and and home are different, but home hs consistently shown a loss this week, class showed maintain.
Much more bewildering though is that I have been absolutely spot on all week - I have a full meal and snack plan for the week and have stuck to it. Yet there is no loss to show for it?
Even more galling because the previous week I was on holiday and ate bread, croissants, ice cream, crepes and cheese and recorded a pound and half loss.

I feel like giving up, and really want to comfort eat, but I can't even do that because I only shopped for my meticulous plan.

thenewaveragebear1983 · 26/09/2023 18:37

@pelagra unfortunately you’re probably just playing catch up if you had a loss last week after not sticking to it , this week it’s caught up with you. Stay on track and it will show next week. 🤞

TomWambsgansSwans · 26/09/2023 19:02

@pelagra it's totally understandable to feel like sodding it all off when the scale doesn't go in the right direction! But sometimes the week's efforts don't show up on the weigh day and it means the next week you'll see a loss if you stick to it.

Could you maybe try writing down why you feel like comfort eating and see if that helps? For me so far getting to grips with the emotional eating rather than sacking it off (though I sometimes do/did that too!!) was really helpful overall.

I have just remembered an awful time when my DH (I'm a secret eater in recovery) unexpectedly came home early when I'd had a hard day and caught me standing by the rubbish bin eating a jumbo sausage roll I'd bought from the train station. I was so embarrassed but he laughed it off and weirdly it did help to kind of bring my feelings out into there open rather than eating them!

TomWambsgansSwans · 26/09/2023 19:13

My food today (day 2 of SP):

B- longley farm natural yoghurt (1.5syn), 1 tablespoon chia seeds, plum
L- chicken breast and pak Choi
D- salmon with Indian spices, roast tomatoes and peppers, a teaspoon of lime pickle (1.5syns). Made by my DH.

I feel like I've had quite a good day. I took a Holland and Barret Chromium and fibre capsule yesterday which both kept me feeling full and hopefully helped things move a bit! Now I've stopped eating junk food I have found I tend to only go to the loo once every two days now.

Blondeshavemorefun · 26/09/2023 23:57

@pelagra as others said it prob catch up

How diff are scales at home

Blondeshavemorefun · 27/09/2023 14:40

B ommlette cheese 3 onion pepper ham apple

L chicken salad pitta b cheese a

T spag bol cheese a banana

S crisps 5

TomWambsgansSwans · 27/09/2023 18:35

Today I've had:

B- two egg omelette and 80g blueberries
L- chicken breast and an apple (busy day at work!)
D- still at work, the only thing I have to hand is a Longley Farm yoghurt (1.5 syns) so that will be my dinner!

The kitchen is now closed! Another SP day although I'm sure I'm going to be starving in the morning.

thenewaveragebear1983 · 27/09/2023 19:03

I feel like I’ve eaten loads today, probably too much. all free food and 7 Syns, weighed my hex etc, there’s no reason why I feel like it’s too much except it’s weigh day tomorrow so I’ve got the dread!

I had

  • pita with feta and chicken and salad A+B
  • banana before running (got a horrible stitch as a result)
  • crab sticks
  • Egg fried rice and peas with chicken
  • yoghurt and berries
  • Roasted winter veg, sprouts and chicken, EL mayo
  • light and free cherry yoghurt.
  • hifi, rice cakes, apple, plum as snacks

I ran 5.5kms this morning

i’m Feeling a bit down, my food was disappointing today and as a result I just feel a bit flat I guess. I always dread weigh in though, and I don’t feel like I’ve stuck to it as well this week, plus I did have the weekend away.
Blondeshavemorefun · 27/09/2023 19:04

@TomWambsgansSwans do you literally have eggs or anything in it

I usually have pepper cheese onion ham

thenewaveragebear1983 · 27/09/2023 19:05

I might try some SP days next week, is it all in the book? Consultant didn’t go into it in my first session, said it’s better to start on the normal plan. But I don’t normally eat rice/pasta much and I have been having it these last few weeks

TomWambsgansSwans · 27/09/2023 20:41

@Blondeshavemorefun I have it with the blueberries inside it so it's like a pancake, my DH thinks it sounds horrible but it is actually nice! Sometimes I have yoghurt and cinnamon with it too.

@thenewaveragebear1983 I think there is a bit in the book about it but basically you mostly go for S and P foods in the book, but still have syns and Hexs.

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