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Slimming World 2023 - All Starters, Returners and anybody else welcome

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LightandAiry · 19/12/2022 20:54


OP posts:
thenewaveragebear1983 · 21/09/2023 20:14

I lost 4lbs at my first weigh in! Really pleased with that especially as the weekend was out of my hands.

I didn’t want to get into the habit of not eating or drinking on weigh day either so I did eat a normal lunch and drinks up til about 2. starving now though- I’m having chicken with bbq sauce and melted cheese, SW chips and salad.

Rainsdropskeepfalling · 21/09/2023 20:26

Having put on 1.5 last week - completely deserved - and not having been on plan this week, I got away lightly with just putting on 0.5 this week (and I had to brave another group to get weighed - I needed to do that while it was so tempting just to not face the scales)..

So I'm coming up on my 12 weeks and I'm about where I was at 5 weeks. Only myself to blame but determine to get closer to my 10% off by Xmas so I'll be signing up for my next 12 weeks.

Blondeshavemorefun · 21/09/2023 20:35

Well done @thenewaveragebear1983

@Rainsdropskeepfalling a small gain and sure will be off

I weigh in Friday. Been good. On plan. Hope to lose 1lb as I'm usually a slow steady tortoise when I stick to sw

thenewaveragebear1983 · 21/09/2023 20:36

@Rainsdropskeepfalling if you wait til October there is a promotion for a cookbook if you buy a countdown

Rainsdropskeepfalling · 21/09/2023 20:43

@thenewaveragebear1983 oooh thank you!

Do you know when in October? The leader is pretty good at flagging these things - I feel bad I missed my regular group last night but I got stuck in traffic.

I'm going to meal plan tonight. Honest I am.

TomWambsgansSwans · 21/09/2023 20:51

Today I had:

B- natural yoghurt (2 syns), chia seeds (hexB) and a drizzle of honey (1 syn)
L- halloumi (hex A I think?!) with ratatouille (let's say a syn for olive oil)
D - mushroom and Parmesan (hexA) pasta with egg yolk, followed by strawberries for pudding.

PieonaBarm · 21/09/2023 20:51

@Rainsdropskeepfalling think it's 8-28th and you can buy a voucher for an extension if you're in the middle of a countdown and still get it. It's about air fryers, I don't have one so would be useless for me!!

Rainsdropskeepfalling · 21/09/2023 20:55


Oh I don't have or want an air fryer so no use to me either.... next week is my last one of this countdown, so I figured there'd be another one as I think we'll be around 12 weeks to Xmas so they like to lock you in.

TomWambsgansSwans · 21/09/2023 20:56

@Rainsdropskeepfalling @thenewaveragebear1983 The recipe book is available from October 8, my consultant sent us a WhatsApp and it looks quite good! It's air fryer, microwave and slow cooker.

Slimming World 2023 - All Starters, Returners and anybody else welcome
Rainsdropskeepfalling · 21/09/2023 20:59


Now microwaves and slow cookers are more my thing....

TomWambsgansSwans · 21/09/2023 21:02

@Rainsdropskeepfalling my DH and I do SW together and we bought an air fryer last year and honestly we have used it loads!

Microwaves and slow cookers are definitely more my style traditionally though, I love just throwing everything in and leaving it!

thenewaveragebear1983 · 21/09/2023 21:03

Looks good, I do like the recipe books. I’ve folded a lot of pages in my 2 chubby cubs book as well to try next week, their recipes are really good.

I’m climbing snowdon on Saturday so after Sw group I went to Asda and bought breakfast and lunch stuff that’s suitable (bacon eggs mushrooms and beans for breakfast Saturday, and w/m pitta, ham, cheese and salad for lunch, with lots of cereal bars and fruit. My evening meal Friday and Saturday will be pub based though and on Saturday there WILL be wine, although possibly not too much as the ladies I’m hiking with are not huge drinkers. Realistically, i can be on plan tomorrow til dinner, then from Sunday lunch onwards, but the weekend itself will be a bit of a free-for-all. Hopefully the hike will offset the extras

thenewaveragebear1983 · 21/09/2023 21:06

Oh and the other little nugget that dropped in group this evening was that it’s 14 weigh ins til Christmas 😱

Blondeshavemorefun · 21/09/2023 22:10

thenewaveragebear1983 · 21/09/2023 21:06

Oh and the other little nugget that dropped in group this evening was that it’s 14 weigh ins til Christmas 😱

So a stone if lb a week

21lbs if 1.5 a week

2 stone if 2lb a week

Be nice if I could shift a stone before Xmas

thenewaveragebear1983 · 21/09/2023 22:24

@Blondeshavemorefun yes, gosh I would LOVE to have lost a stone by Christmas. 1lb a week is totally doable as well. That’s my goal!

Blondeshavemorefun · 21/09/2023 22:27

Let's hope so 😄💪

TomWambsgansSwans · 22/09/2023 07:38

@thenewaveragebear1983 I used to like the Two Chubby Cubs recipes but I haven't cooked anything of theirs for ages!

I was looking at some new recipes to try this autumn so I might have another look on two Chubby Cubs Facebook.

I get a weekly veg box which for the last three weeks has had a massive spaghetti squash in that I can't think of much to serve with, so I now have three enormous spaghetti squashes and loads of carrots to find some recipes for!

14 weigh ins until Christmas @Blondeshavemorefun!! I'm aiming for target (11 pounds to go) before Christmas and if I lost a pound a week I'd be there. It seems good that it is tangible - I have spent most of this year putting on and losing the same half stone but now I'm aiming for target it is providing me with some focus!

Blondeshavemorefun · 22/09/2023 08:10

I've lost 3lbs

Jumps happily

Not sure how

I got on and off several times and def 3

I do it online and apparently I lost 3 last week not 2 according to the app

So 6lbs off

Usually I'm a snail and a lb a week so not sure what's happening

Blondeshavemorefun · 22/09/2023 08:11

Sure we can all do a stone By Xmas if we try hard

Blondeshavemorefun · 22/09/2023 08:13

B cereal b fruit

B fish fingers (3) 4.5 rice and veg

T spag bol and veg cheese a

S crisps 3.5 snack bar 5 fruit

thenewaveragebear1983 · 22/09/2023 11:33

@TomWambsgansSwans you’re lucky to find a spaghetti squash, they are quite hard to get in the uk. Use it for literally anything you’d have with spaghetti normally, so bolognese/ meatballs or anything noodle based. If I recall the one time I had one in my keto days, they are quite bland so need a good sauce, but they retain their texture like spaghetti, a bit like courgetti.

Kelsx33 · 22/09/2023 14:51

Hello new ish, returners etc! Nice to see the chat picking up on here!
it’s my weigh in day tomorrow - I go to a group. Really hoping I’ve lost the 2lb to get my 1 stone award but really not sure. I’ve struggled with syns this week, and I always think the worst anyway because then I’m not disappointed! Lol 😂 But I been trying to limit carbs this week but then realise I don’t feel full without them! Typically, I’m really hungry today and gone over 15 syns. 16.5 which isn’t bad but not ideal :/ fingers crossed for tomorrow and anyone else due to weigh in x

Wilma55 · 22/09/2023 15:21

B all bran/blueberry wheat mix with milk and banana a and b (allbran alone is too much!)
L 2 egg cheese omelette with salad a
D salmon, noodles (1), stir fry, teriyaki sauce (5)

Not sure if I will have some wine as wrigh in tomorrow and then one more weigh in before holidays

TomWambsgansSwans · 22/09/2023 19:50

Today I have had:

B- Mango with 100g kefir yoghurt
L - Ratatouille with halloumi (hexA)
D: salmon fillet with beetroot and potato dauphinois made with milk and Stilton (hex A). Raspberries for pudding.

Black coffee and water to drink.

Weigh in tomorrow! Fingers crossed I've done ok.

Blondeshavemorefun · 22/09/2023 19:58

Good luck @Kelsx33 and @TomWambsgansSwans at wi

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