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Slimming World

Slimming World 2023 - All Starters, Returners and anybody else welcome

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LightandAiry · 19/12/2022 20:54


OP posts:
Ralphiesaurus · 27/06/2023 14:58

Thanks Belandthedragon (great apocrypha ref btw!). Well I smashed it last night. 4.5 lb off 😲. So got my Club 10 and my 1.5 stones. Hope you get yours soon too. Steady with the chocolate - but enjoy!!

BelandtheDragon · 28/06/2023 19:52

Wow! 4.5 pounds off, that’s fab. I think that’s what I had on my first week. I had 3 pounds off so pleased with that. I think one pound to my club 10 and 2.5 pounds to 1 and half stone award. Fingers crossed for next week!

Ralphiesaurus · 29/06/2023 06:52

Three pounds is brilliant, well done! I’ve mostly been getting 1.5-2lb off and I’ve no idea what I did to get such a big loss this week. Best of luck for next week.

storminamooncup · 29/06/2023 07:56

I've just come back from holiday and started this week. So far, going okay. My WI day will be a Sunday so will see how first WI goes this weekend.

Wilma55 · 01/07/2023 09:59

Faced the scales at meeting this morning, not been since middle of March! Last WI I was 1/2lb over target, now 8lb over! Back to basics for me, will dig out my booklets. Are there any other Saturday weigher here?

LeftyLou · 01/07/2023 10:29

Good luck for weigh in @Wilma55
Good luck for tomorrow @storminamooncup

I weigh in on Wednesdays. This week was half on. Leaving me with a 3 lbs loss for June!
Current weight 12 stone 12.
What do you think is a good aim for Christmas?

Has anybody listened to the Secret Life Of Slimming Clubs? It's quite entertaining.

storminamooncup · 01/07/2023 10:37

Thank you for the welcome!

I haven't been keeping a food diary 😬which I really should be doing. I'm still a bit jet lagged from holiday and also trying to catch up with work and holiday laundry! I also haven't joined SW for two reasons - I can't do groups due to disability and I'd rather not spend the money on online. I've done it before so I'm trying to do it from memory, social media, discussion boards.

However, how do I find out the syn values of chinese takeaways?

BelandtheDragon · 01/07/2023 20:36

@LeftyLou Ive just finished listening to the podcast. I listened to it over May and June while out walking and sad that I have to wait every week for a new one. I’m now listening to Kellie Fennell. While she’s not a fan of slimming clubs, her advice is good. Haven’t listened to SW podcasts. Not sure if I want to. Lots of it annoys me especially “body magic”. That winds me up!

storminamooncup · 02/07/2023 08:37

5lbs off

Not sure how much is SW and how much is post holiday comedown but I'll take it

BelandtheDragon · 03/07/2023 12:53

Well done @storminamooncup; 5lbs is a great loss! I weigh in Tuesday evenings so hoping tomorrow for 2.5lb loss but I had some chocolate cake at a village fair yesterday but hoping it won’t have had much impact but I think it does make me press the f-it button last night as are a stick of liquorice, a bourbon biscuit and a little dry cake/biscuit thing. Not the end of the world and I walked about 24k steps yesterday so I’m not madly bothered 😀. Didn’t even bother counting syns yesterday as the cake would have pushed me over. Roll on tomorrow night where hoping for my club 10 and 1.5 stone award!

BelandtheDragon · 04/07/2023 22:58

Just one pound off tonight and got my club 10.

Wilma55 · 05/07/2023 06:44

Well done @BelandtheDragon congrats on the club 10.

I had a bad day yesterday. OH out all day/evening so opportunity for really on track day BUT lunch out with friend, very creamy risotto and then afternoon and evening watching tennis on tv with packet of crisps, twix, doritos and dips and several mini green and black chocolate bars oh and a mousse.

Start afresh today by weighing my cereal!

BelandtheDragon · 05/07/2023 11:18

@Wilma55 sounds like a nice day/evening😀 Getting back on track I think is the key thing or rather how long to get back on track. Life is there to be enjoyed and indulge a bit. From these podcasts I am listening to, one thing has stuck with me. It’s better to be consistently good rather than inconsistently great. Trying to be perfect or great all the time frequently leads to failure. I’m not sure if I’d class myself as consistently good….maybe consistently average!

Ralphiesaurus · 06/07/2023 12:35

Well done @BelandtheDragon !

I had a surprise 1.5lb on this week after my 4lb loss last week. Genuinely no idea why.

This happened to me a few weeks back where I had a loss of 6lb (!) one week followed by a 1.5lb gain... which evened out the week after.

Still quite demoralising though! But am determined to keep sticking to it.

I hope you got back on track @Wilma55 . My consultant always says draw a line, no guilt, and move forward - just like @BelandtheDragon 's advice. Today is a new day 😊

BelandtheDragon · 06/07/2023 13:46

I think I may have mentioned a podcast I listen to. It’s the Kellie Fennell Podcast. One episode #13 is Reasons for Weight Gain that have nothing to do with body fat. It’s really useful to listen to. I listen to her podcasts when walking. She’s fairly straight talking and not a fan of slimming clubs as she thinks they don’t educate people. But regardless of her views which I don’t necessarily always agree with, this specific episode is really good and I think she goes through 10 reasons. I’m sure I have forgotten some of them.

  1. Menstruation
  2. Illness
  3. Taking medication
  4. Drinking more water than normal prior to weigh in, even in previous day
  5. Eating late at night on day before weigh in
  6. Not weighing at exactly same time, same conditions each week
  7. Exercise prior to weigh in, maybe day or two beforehand as damaged muscles retain water
  8. Eating salty food; causes water retention

Can’t remember last two but she makes good point that weight gain does not necessarily mean fat gain. She is on social media etc and can really recommend her podcasts.
ZiggySdust · 06/07/2023 14:00

Hello everyone, can I join? I did Slimming World 13 years ago and lost 10lbs! It's the only diet I've ever done that has actually worked. Unfortunately I have recently put it all back on again following an op that left me bed-bound for a while. I don't want to go back to in-person SW, just looking for virtual support. Hope that's ok, looking fwd to getting started 🙂

Ralphiesaurus · 06/07/2023 17:10

Ooh @BelandtheDragon that podcast looks great! Thanks for posting those reasons - makes me feel a bit less flummoxed. I'll have a listen when I get a chance.

Welcome, @ZiggySdust! Good to have you with us. It must have been v difficult to be bed bound after surgery. Best of luck with SW - I'm enjoying it so far as it seems to be more sensible (and positive) than many other regimes I've tried over the years.

LeftyLou · 07/07/2023 15:03

Welcome @ZiggySdust 😊

Congrats on the club10 @BelandtheDragon

I am determined when i get my club10 i will get my free week.

I gained 1 lbs this week but I did get my bronze body magic award. I have also lost some cm around my body. Mainly my waist and hips. Not a lot but it's something at least.

For those who use the planner on the app have you ever noticed this very frustrating thing? So yesterday I had porridge for my breakfast which I put as my hexb. I also had a hifi bar just the one which I synned. When I am putting my food in today I've noticed yesterday is saying 9.5 syns but should be 5.5. What it has done has changed the 1 hifi bar to a hexb and put the porridge as 7 syns!!!

pelagra · 08/07/2023 09:37

Hello, I 'd like to join you. I've got three stone to lose.
Frustratingly, I managed to drop nearly 5 stone, about ten years ago and kept it off until a series of illnesses and operations over the last three years. I'm now much healthier, so here goes!

Having lost lot once before, I learned one key lesson. It's not falling off the waggon that counts, it's climbing straight back on it the next day.

Wilma55 · 08/07/2023 14:38

Welcome @pelagra you are so right about climbing back on.

1.5 on at this mornings weigh in which just proves I haven't really been sticking to plan. Going to use the app from today and see how it goes. Holiday in 12 weeks so hope that will motivate me.

Luckily didn't stay to meeting as when I got home smoke alarm was going crazy.....I'd put a couple of eggs on to hard boil for lunch and went off to class completely forgetting them! Burnt pan but could have been so much worse! 🥚 🥚

L1R876 · 08/07/2023 21:01

Thinking of joining... I'm 5ft6 10stone 6. Got down to 9stone by dieting and exercising myself. Put a bit back on and not sure why?!? Is it good for those smaller losses? Or should I try something else?

Devgov · 09/07/2023 10:27

I’d like to join you too please! Rejoined SW last Tuesday after putting back on all I lost couple of years ago and couldn’t believe how much I weighed . Determined to lose couple of stones again but have just weighed myself and see I’ve only lost 1 lb so far this week after following it so well. I’m blaming it on my old age - 75! Is it ok not to have lost much more in first week?

storminamooncup · 09/07/2023 10:36

2lbs more off this week so 7lbs in 2 weeks. I'm a bit disappointed as I'd love to lose a stone this particular month and I'm not sure if I can lose another 7lbs in the next 2 weeks.

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