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Slimming World

Slimming World support Part 3

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calzone · 13/11/2015 06:35

How 3 of our SW saga.

I am 38lbs down since we are you all doing?

Slimming World support Part 3
OP posts:

ProcrastinatorGeneral · 18/11/2015 14:26

You can have nuts and seeds as your B choice, ryvita, cereals. I have weetabix, with a splash of milk. I don't like faffy cereal either :)

I just managed to buy a bra in Tesco. Tesco! I'm stunned that you can get a bloody bra for a tenner!



maygirl · 18/11/2015 17:24

Today's meals
B melon, pomegranate, grapefruit. HeA milk in drinks
L wholemeal bread HeB +3syns, lean bacon, 50g avocado 5syns, mayo 0.5syns, leftover roast veg and green beans from last night
Snack ham, tomato and radishes
Dinner will be chickpea curry and greens, not decided if will have rice or make it SP and have cauli rice. Will see how I feel after weigh in later!
My weight loss is really slow, maybe cos the last stone. Been trying to shift it for years. :(

Hi annarose :)


tabulahrasa · 18/11/2015 18:03

I have toast and jam for breakfast...with coffee, no yoghurts fruits, hipster jam jars or weird heart shaped bowls, lol

I sometimes have baked oats, but that's because it's like having cake for breakfast Grin


ZylaB · 18/11/2015 19:23

B.. 2 hifi bars (Heb)
L.. Ham omelette with salad
D.. KFC :(. Shit day with ill/teething baby and stressed husband)
Syns...3 million?

I'm going to be really good for the rest of the week (except Sunday when I've got my birthday meal and I'm having pudding!).

I weigh in on Monday..I may as well give in this week now right? Will have overnight oats tomorrow, or fruit for breakfast if I don't make them before bed, then I can have the hifis in the afternoon when I want all the junk!


overitalready · 18/11/2015 19:33

Well done to all the losers this week.

I've yet to weigh myself this week. I'm skipping it!

Today :

B - coffee, plum and a banana

L - Mugshot, apple, plum, pear, yog and a baby bel

D - chicken, courgette, bacon pasta

S - mini twirl

Everyone's allowed a shit day zyla

Was the kfc nice? Envy


FannyFanakapan · 18/11/2015 20:00

Well done all you losers!

B: toast, 2 laughing cow extra lights, (2) tomatoes
l: Chicken noodle soup, muller
D: Chicken tagine (2s) with savory rice (1.5), muller
Sn: Pear, apple, banana


Heyheyheygoodbye · 18/11/2015 20:16

B - banana, apple, tea splash milk 0.5 syns
L - babybels hexa, chicken, cherry toms, Pops 4 syns, apples
D - chicken curry with a load of veg, Muller light


ZylaB · 18/11/2015 20:45

overit it was! And is a big part of why I'm at SW in the first place lol!


KittyOShea · 18/11/2015 21:01

B- toast and banana
L- tuna sandwiches and tray bakes (eek Lunchtime meeting- free lunch)
D- shepherds pie with lots of veg in
Snacks- 2 x hi fi

Put on 1/2 pound at weigh in. Not bad considering terrible week. Back to basics tomorrow.


calzone · 18/11/2015 21:29


3.5lbs off this week!!!!

40lbs down now!

OP posts:

blondiep14 · 18/11/2015 21:38

Awesome Calzone!! Well done you ThanksStar


Heyheyheygoodbye · 18/11/2015 21:53

Yeah Calzone!!! Grin


Annarose2014 · 18/11/2015 22:12

Well done!

I'm sitting here bloody starving as we have an early dinner in this house. No syns left, thanks to 2 funsize Aeros. Last week I'd have gobbled a late-night bowl of cornflakes! The temptation!


Pisghetti · 18/11/2015 22:22

Have you got any free stuff Anna? Pickled onions, bowl of peas or baked beans, fruit or yogurt?

Well done Calzone!

I'm weighing in tomorrow.


calzone · 18/11/2015 22:45

Thanks everyone!

I honestly feel that with the support in class with a fabulous group of people plus the support here, is the reason I have kept going.

It's been invaluable.

So thanks you guys.

OP posts:

TwoTonTessie · 18/11/2015 22:47

Well done Calzone Flowers Star


ProcrastinatorGeneral · 18/11/2015 22:50

Oh well done!

I'm hoping for 2lbnoff this week. Not sure I'll make it though. I'm in school all day tomorrow though so no chance to relax or overindulge. Onwards!


maygirl · 18/11/2015 23:13

Wow well done Calzone . I only lose 0.5 or 1 pound, maybe 1.5 at most if gained week before . Already doing alot of SP days so not sure how to speed it up a bit.
I think this thread is more helpful than my actual group!! Xxx

Had little 99 flake after dinner, 2.5 syns. Chocolate


ZylaB · 19/11/2015 07:38

Well done calzone!


Buttwing · 19/11/2015 08:36

One llb off for me last night. I've got the lurgy now as well as dd1 this has got to be the worst run of sickness we've had as a family for a long time. The baby also has a n ear infection!!


Buttwing · 19/11/2015 08:37

Well done calzone that's a fab weight loss this weekSmile


Pisghetti · 19/11/2015 08:45

Well done Butt! Hope the little ones get better quickly.

Weigh in later so I have a pretty light day then a decent size dinner.
B - SW quiche with red onion, courgette, mushrooms and spinach
L - some more of the SW quiche
D - Quorn 'gammon' (1 Syn) with a dry fried egg, peas and SW chips

Actually I've just remembered DS asking if we can have risotto tonight so maybe butternut squash risotto for dinner. With SW chips because I really fancy some!


sosopurple · 19/11/2015 14:30

Lost 2.5 lbs this week. So happy, after a half pound gain last week. Still slow going... Been 4.5 lbs in 3 weeks but am hugely reassured that I can actually do this after a million failed diets. I feel like I've got the hang of it now and am able to eat pretty much what I like with careful planning.

Today B: 2 scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on 1 slice toast (heb)
Lunch: pasta and quorn Bol and half heA of cheese
Supper: not sure will see how hungry I am


Heyheyheygoodbye · 19/11/2015 14:47

Great losses everyone Grin


Heyheyheygoodbye · 19/11/2015 16:50

B - banana and apple, cup tea splash milk 0.5 syns
L - pops 4 syns, cheese on toast hexa and hexb, cherry toms, Muller light. A very beige lunch Blush
D - going to PIL's, DMIL is also on SW and is making lentil bolognese, which is much nicer than it sounds!!

Almost bought a Curly Wurly at the petrol station but was distracted by angel-in-disguise grumpy lady in queue!

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