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Starting again... Anyone looking for a buddy?

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KeepAbreast · 21/06/2014 23:47

Okay, so I'm going to start Slimming World again. I lost about three stone last year on it after having my DD but I've put it all back on and more :/ and I feel stuck in a massive rut.

This time however, I'm back at work so can't make it to group, so will be doing it from home. If anyone else is thinking about starting SW, or already has, I'd love to have someone to chat to and check in with! Anybody? Smile

OP posts:
OneSkinnyChip · 10/08/2014 20:49

Welcome three Smile

Boring day of cleaning here but made the Goan potato soup from the soups recipe book - it was very nice and amazingly filing. I really recommend getting a few cookbooks from SW as I honestly don't even feel like I am cutting down with so much lovely food.

Eddas · 10/08/2014 21:54

oneskinny, do you recommend any cookbooks in particular? I was looking at them last week and am going to buy some on wed.

Have to say i'm liking sw so far. It really doesn't feel like I've changed very much or that i'm missing out too much which is good. I've only been doing it 5.5 weeks though! I'm off on an all inclusive holiday in 10 days so not sure how that'll go! I'm going to try and be good at breakfast and lunch, have a nice dinner but start with a salad to fill myself up a little and then have a few drinks in the evening. I'm not really a daytime drinker anyway and where we're going is really really hot so I don't think i'll want alcohol during the day, just a vat of water!!

OneSkinnyChip · 10/08/2014 21:57

Eddas I like the family feasts on a budget one and the Fakeaways one. Also The Little Book of Soups. I may buy the tastes of Asia one at some stage but have loads to keep me going.

BakeOffQueen · 11/08/2014 08:47

Morning all! :)

Well done on the fab losses!

I forgot to update with my weight loss on Friday. I'm down 1.8 lbs this week :)

Still really, really enjoying it. Had a gorgeous dinner last night. Full roast dinner (well apart from Yorkshire pud and stuffing!) It was chicken, carrots, broccoli, green beans, a bit of mash, loads of crispy roasties and a lovely syn free gravy. I love this 'diet'! Grin

peregrineuk · 12/08/2014 23:12

Hi everyone I have been doing sw on and off now since my baby was 2 weeks old...he is now 17 months!!! I am so stuck! Even joined our local gym for the summer holiday but I keep picking between meals. What do you guys have for breakfast? I can't face anymore Ready Brek and cooked breakfasts are not practical for me! Sorry this sounds like a terrible post full of moans! I am not always moaning...Honest! :-)

BakeOffQueen · 13/08/2014 07:36

Hi peregrineuk, I usually have either weetabix with half my HEXA milk (so I can have some cheese later on!) and a banana, or frozen mixed berries topped with fat free natural yogurt, Quaker oats granola (6 syns for 28g!) and sometimes a tsp of honey for 1 syn.

Not very exciting I'm afraid!

OneSkinnyChip · 13/08/2014 12:18

Well another 4lbs off this week! Shock I think I must be getting some hormone advantage this week as I stuck to plan but had some treats too, didn't do anything out of the ordinary. Got my first sticker, 9lbs down in total.

Peregrine my favourite breakfasts are scrambled egg on toast or beans on toast. They really fill me up. I then have rice, pasta or (if out and about) couscous for lunch or sometimes soup with bread (synned) or a jacket potato. I'm not a cereal person and the tiny amounts you can have as a HE wouldn't be enough for me.

Have you tried to overnight oats that are in the SW book? I haven't but they are apparently very filling - you put them in a bowl overnight in the fridge with yoghurt and fruit, then put more fruit and yoghurt on in the morning. If you're rushing you could make them in a Tupperware box to take with you in the mornings? Plus your DS might like them too :)

OneSkinnyChip · 13/08/2014 20:10

Bumping for newbies.

Eddas · 14/08/2014 10:03

had a bit of a disaster last night +1.5lbs Shock I wouldn't mind but I hadn't been off diet Hmm but I did drink a load of water pre-weigh in (der). I was quite shocked at such a great gain so I weighed myself when I got home and it was the same as SW said (obvs) and then had a HUGE wee Grin then weighed myself again and I was 1lb lighter Shock so I think by drinking loads pre weigh in I did myself a lot of damage (weight wise) Thi morning I weighed myself again, for sanity's sake and I was 4lb lighter than the SW weigh in so i'm not going to worry about the 'gain' too much. In my head I stayed the same this week Wink

Anyway onwards and upwards. No weigh-ins for me for the next 2 weeks as we're off on hols next week. I'm going to weigh in wed morning as I still have a week pre-hols. I'll note my morning weight from today and compare it to that as i normally weigh in in the evening which will obv be higher.

WhereBeThatBlackbirdTo · 14/08/2014 11:19

Back from this week's weigh in - lost 1lb this week.

I wasn't surprised it was quite low because I've not been trying quite so hard this week. (A Monday hospital appointment made me a bit 'sod it!' this week)

Anyway - all went very well at the hospital and no weight gain so, all-in-all, an excellent week Grin

WhereBeThatBlackbirdTo · 14/08/2014 11:20

And Eddas - the moral of that story is why EVERYONE at my group always rushes out for a wee before weigh in!

Eddas · 14/08/2014 12:08

Well done blackbird. Glad all went well at hospital too.

The other moral is don't drink a load of water pre weigh in! I didn't need the loo pre weigh in

WhereBeThatBlackbirdTo · 14/08/2014 12:59

Typical! Grin

honeysucklejasmine · 14/08/2014 17:33

Hello! I've just started doing SW again on my own. I did it previously 3 years ago and lost 3.5 stone, but a family disaster (which went on for 14 months!) meant I spent a lot of time eating in canteens, grabbing supermarket sandwiches or takeaways after a long journey from visiting hospitals. Of course it all went back on and then some!

I weighed myself on Sunday night. My scales are stuck on kg and as I don't understand fancy metric units I had to whip out my phone to deliver the bad news in good old fashioned imperial. Horrified to find out I'm a whole stone heavier than when I first joined 3 years ago! So, back to it!

I tend to avoid using Syns at all if I don't have to have them, because I like lazy things like garlic in a tube (which is in oil) so I don't want to risk going over by accident. However, I'm by no means perfect (I refer to marmalade on toast as "crack"), we all have our weaknesses! Wink

I was looking for inspiration, so I have googled all the symptoms and side effects of obesity and a few other health conditions I have, and used Wordl to make a horrifying lovely little display of all the things I'm risking if I don't sort it out. I printed two copies and put one on the fridge and the other on the larder door! Brutal.

I jumped on the scales this morning, as I am a very impatient person, and saw I'm already down 7lbs already, so I am thrilled! (I know, I know, time of day, micro-fluctuations etc). I'm going to wait until it's been a whole week before jumping on again, but I was needing a boost, and certainly got it. It's times like this that I wonder why the heck I put it off for so long!

Anyhow, I tend to find I make a massive loss initially, which tails off and can turn in to gains if I lose my enthusiasm, so I'd love some help keeping focused! Smile

WhereBeThatBlackbirdTo · 14/08/2014 20:07

Welcome honeysuckle!

Eddas · 15/08/2014 00:14

Does anyone know if the sw plan differs at all for men? Dh is thinking of joining in but I can't work out if he would be using the same allowances of healthy a and b and syns?

honeysucklejasmine · 15/08/2014 09:59

Eddas, I'm sure it's the same. I'm sure it's only target members who have extra A and B choices, so they maintain the weight loss rather than lose more.

Some men are blessed with a faster metabolism that women, so I guess your DH might find his weight dropping really quickly. If he's not comfortable with that, perhaps he could have a few more syns or an extra A/B choice? But I don't think this is an automatic thing for me.

Having said that, I'm not a consultant! Smile

honeysucklejasmine · 15/08/2014 10:05

for men, not me.

BakeOffQueen · 15/08/2014 11:17

Hello :) Well done on the losses!

I've lost 0.8 lbs this week. Decided to give red days a go to try and boost my weight loss. Can I just check this is right for the red plan please?

Lean meat, eggs and fish is free
All fruit, veg and salad is free except for potatoes, sweet potatoes, peas, parsnips and sweetcorn?
2 HEXAs and Bs?
5-15 syns?

Is that right?

BakeOffQueen · 15/08/2014 11:19

Oh and potatoes/pasta/rice etc isn't free but can have as a B choice?

OneSkinnyChip · 16/08/2014 14:43

Hi all nothing major to report here other than me buying a LOT of very nice dark chocolate batons yesterday so I always have a little bar to have in the evening Smile

ziggiestardust · 16/08/2014 18:22

Hello everyone! I've gone back to slimming world this week after a few years away from it... Not huge, but I'd really like to try and lose 2st. I'm a stone away from my pre baby weight, and then I'd just like another stone off to get me to my target weight last time I was with SW.

Weigh in for me is Wednesday, and I'm only using their scales rather than using my own set as well.

The extra easy is just amazing! Loving it so far. Gammon, egg and SW chips tonight for tea. Might put some salad on there if I can cram it on the plate Wink

Still not sure how I'm going to lose weight while I'm eating all this food...

WhereBeThatBlackbirdTo · 17/08/2014 19:04

Hi ziggie

I'm eating more now than I usually do and have lost weight doing it!

Welcome to the thread

Wooodpecker · 19/08/2014 05:11

Hi. I am new to SW. I have signed up to the online programme which TBH is not going well as I would like but that's my own fault for lack of focus. I am now recording everything on my phone. Desperate to lose this 2.5 Stone.

WhereBeThatBlackbirdTo · 19/08/2014 14:17

Hello Woodpecker

That's why I felt I had to join a group - I'm hopeless at self-motivation!

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