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Right MNHQ, I'm looking at you.

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ShowOfHands · 02/02/2010 13:55

You know what I want. Enough with the delayed gratification.

I will not be moved. I have a banner.

Do it.

OP posts:
Bella32 · 08/02/2010 08:51

Your well reasoned and carefully considered argument has, strangely, failed to convince me, dp

daftpunk · 08/02/2010 09:19

Yes tigga, talking about sex is fine, but only if you are talking about it with your partner or RL friends.....I just think there is something a bit weird in talking about it with strangers on the internet....but that is just my opinion, and as you know, my opinions are not like anyone elses..

Anyway, if you can talk about pretty much anything already...what's the problem..?

So what if your love of threesomes is in the relationship topic.....a threesome is a relationship....just a sexual one between three people.

Keep hassling MNHQ if you like, maybe they'll give in one day...?

Bella32 · 08/02/2010 09:22

The whole point, dp, is to put sex threads in their own topic so that people can hide them if they want.

We're not hassling MNHQ - we are discussing this.

And for someone who doesn't want to talk about sex, you sure are pretty slow to leave

Anything you feel the need to share? Like where your Victorian atittude that 'sex is dirty' comes from?

StayingDavidTennantsGirl · 08/02/2010 09:22

Daftpunk - just because you don't want to discuss something, doesn't give you the right to tell other people off for wanting to discuss it. If you don't want to discuss sex, don't discuss it - no skin off my nose. And surely if it is all in one topic, you can hide that completely and have your mumsnet the way you want it - what's wrong with that?

People discuss all sorts of stuff on mumsnet that I'm not interested in, but I don't go round stamping my feet and calling them names because of it.

Bella32 · 08/02/2010 09:29

For Hully

Hullygully · 08/02/2010 10:06

That's a bit more the ticket.

Bella32 · 08/02/2010 10:16

Look away now if you don't want to see Mr Tumble's very long sausage

StayingDavidTennantsGirl · 08/02/2010 10:49

Who is Mr Tumble? Justine's toyboy?

Bella32 · 08/02/2010 12:46

Kate Humble showing Bill Oddie her tits

Hullygully · 08/02/2010 13:19

Bill Oddie hopes for a close up

Bella32 · 08/02/2010 17:11

Simon's hoping for a shag

Flamesparrow · 09/02/2010 14:05

Seriously... we have child internet safety as a topic but NOT a bumsex one?!!??

Nymphadora · 09/02/2010 19:22

Since when did we have child internet safety?

Have MN not responded to my idea? I thought it was a good one

Bella32 · 09/02/2010 19:40

Remind me of your idea again please, Nymphadora - it must have got lost in all the shags, tits and troll magnates

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