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Right MNHQ, I'm looking at you.

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ShowOfHands · 02/02/2010 13:55

You know what I want. Enough with the delayed gratification.

I will not be moved. I have a banner.

Do it.

OP posts:
StayingDavidTennantsGirl · 05/02/2010 13:58

Are you looking for this picture, ShowOfHands - it is one of my favourites.

ShowOfHands · 05/02/2010 14:06

I have never seen that before, seriously. And, ironically, just had an adult content notice flash up.

Well, that's um, isn't he just, and, er...

I may need a few minutes.

OP posts:
daftpunk · 05/02/2010 14:07


Why do you want to talk about threesomes (and stuff like that) on mumsnet..?

Radished · 05/02/2010 14:16

But that's the point DP, people still do talk about sex, all over the place, but if there was a sex topic then you could hide it if threesomes aren't your bag and you want to concentrate more on the Pope.

daftpunk · 05/02/2010 14:18

I know people like talking about sex with strangers....which is why the internet is 70% porn...

No need to bring that on here is there...

Radished · 05/02/2010 14:22

It's already here is't it, you can't move for bumsex at the weekend, SOH is only asking for it to have it's own topic so people can opt in or hide it as they please.

I don't think having it in it's own topic brings porn to mn does it?

ShowOfHands · 05/02/2010 14:29

Radished has answered your question because she's wonderful and clever. Just this last week there has been a thread about threesomes, one about men's orgasms, one about excretions during sex and those are the ones I've seen. They're here daily. Women have sex and this site is mainly women. Women have questions about sex. Women have problems with sex. And women make jokes about sex.

The topic would provide the dual purpose of moving sex away from 'relationships' where it currently resides and would give you the option to hide it.

And dp, I don't want to talk about threesomes and other stuff on MN, don't really want to talk about them in rl but they crop up again and again and again.

And for some people MN is the only place you can ask and you're anonymous and don't have to blush and cringe in real life. Give those women the respect and support they need. Of course they should be able to ask here.

I don't particularly want to spend valuable Internet time gushing over a frock but other women do and hence Style and Beauty. You might not want to talk about it but other do and they're doing it anyway.

OP posts:
ShowOfHands · 05/02/2010 14:33

And daftpunk, I distinctly recall you chatting on here about how you think any men who enjoy anal sex are gay (yes if said sex is exclusively with men).

If that's not talking about sex, I don't know what is.

OP posts:
daftpunk · 05/02/2010 14:43

I would have said that on a thread probably about politics or religion...I very rarely post on relationships/sex issues....

I just think, if you want to talk about sex you can talk about it somewhere else... 1000's of "adult" sites out there...

There was a thread started a few weeks ago about anal sex....9.30 on a monday morning..? made me feel sick..

I told him/her to sod off to a porn site...probably not very helpful but.......?

ShowOfHands · 05/02/2010 14:48

So it happens daftpunk, you agree. And you believe it inappropriate. But you can't stop it happening. You can however have a topic for it, voila a more appropriate place and then hide the topic so it's not on your MN.

OP posts:
daftpunk · 05/02/2010 14:52

But there are no guarantees that the thread will be started within the sex topic is there..?

Sex threads are started alot in; aibu to want XXXXX....

It just wouldn't work imo....

ShowOfHands · 05/02/2010 14:53

And a quick archive search reveals that it was neither politics nor religion but a thread entitled 'AIBU to believe that MN is obsessed with anal sex'. And you're on there talking about anal sex...

I understand that you don't want to see it on here. That was one of my reasons for suggesting the topic. The other being, I don't like seeing it in 'relationships' next to domestic violence, divorce etc.

And as others have eloquently pointed out, why shouldn't adult women talk about sex? And why shouldn't other people have the option not to see it?

OP posts:
ShowOfHands · 05/02/2010 14:55

Yes, if you read this thread dp, you'll see we've discussed that. People post outside of appropriate topics all the time, especially in AIBU and in chat, of course they do. But we haven't disbanded all other topics have we? And MN have the facility to move stuff to other topics (they sometimes do this) and we have the ability to encourage people to post in the appropriate place. It's people like you I was trying to help.

OP posts:
ShowOfHands · 05/02/2010 15:01

In the last week, 12 threads started with 'sex' in the title, majority in 'relationships', 2 about anal sex, 1 about bodily fluids during sex, 1 about penis size...

That's one week. Daftpunk, not having the topic isn't keeping it off MN, it's just having it all over MN instead.

OP posts:
daftpunk · 05/02/2010 15:51

Ummmm...I remember that thread...I went on it agreeing with the op...I thought she was real...turned out it was a wind-up...(hilarious)

I don't know what the answer is.. I just don't think MN is the right place to talk about certain sexual practices....if you introduce a sex will just encourage more weirdos....

Talking about sex on MN is really really sad, the people who talk about it on here wouldn't last 5 minutes a proper adult site....

StayingDavidTennantsGirl · 05/02/2010 16:32

Why is it sad to talk about sex on mumsnet? Surely sex is fundamental to parenthood, and therefore to mumsnet?

I think that discussing sex on mumsnet shows that people feel safe to open up about things they might not be able to discuss in real life - and it is important that people have that, because not everyone is going to go off to an 'adult' site, if they need or want information, advice or reassurance on something.

For the record, I do belong to a couple of adult sites, have met quite a lot of people from them, and consider some to be my closest friends. Does that make me a wierdo who should be banished from mumsnet forthwith? I am a mother as well, and believe I have both things to offer and things to gain from mumsnet, but if I am not welcome here......

daftpunk · 05/02/2010 16:50

Oh I dunno...I think the people who talk about sex on here are like people who drink non alcoholic wine...

If you want a drink....have a bloody proper drink...

If you want to talk about about it... because if I talked about sex on here...every post would be deleted.

StayingDavidTennantsGirl · 05/02/2010 16:58

That's a bit of a wild generalisation, daftpunk - I seriously doubt that all of mumsnet can be as vanilla as you think they are. I talk about sex here (and elsewhere) and am not afraid to have a proper drink when I want one - so I, for one, confound your theory.

To me, your attitude smacks a bit of condescension - that the people here who talk about sex are lightweights who daren't have a proper discussion about it, and also of the attitude that mums are supposed to be virtuous madonnas, with never an unclean thought - and I don't agree with either of these.

ShowOfHands · 05/02/2010 16:59

You make the mistake of assuming that everybody who wants to talk about sex is after titillation and descriptions of favourite practices. What about people who are genuinely worried or concerned, who have nobody to ask in real life. Sex isn't filthy or dirty or depraved and why shouldn't adult women be able to ask questions without fear of judgement from you?

Not everybody who has questions about sex is secretly asking the best place to buy a gimp mask and lube (

OP posts:
Bella32 · 05/02/2010 17:24

serious question

What difference would there be, other than sex threads being assigned their own topic?

Forgive me if I'm missing the obvious, but the threads are there now - all we're suggesting is they get grouped into their own subject area.

Radished · 05/02/2010 17:27

What do you mean daftpunk - about every post of yours would be deleted if you were to talk about sex? Are you saying that your sexual practices are much more extreme and shocking and unreadable than anyone elses and no one could handle it?

I am intrigued by this.

StayingDavidTennantsGirl · 05/02/2010 17:37

Yep, Radished - daftpunk is looking down on the rest of us and our nambypamby, wishy-washy attempts at sex and sex talk.


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ShowOfHands · 05/02/2010 17:50

I shudder to think what she's up to in her spare time. We limit marital conjugations to lights out, lie back and think of David Cameron type affairs. Well dh at least. I'm permitted to think about laundry and running the hoover over the ground floor.

Bella, there would be no difference. People like daftpunk could hide the vanilla practices of the MN majority and sex would be treated as a legitimate topic that we're capable of having on a parenting site without sprouting hairy knuckles and smearing ourselves in lard as we log on to trick people into sharing stories about dildos.

OP posts:
Radished · 05/02/2010 17:56

So, Daftpunk had unwritable sexual habits which would cause the server to erupt and webfilters to dissolve and mumsnetters to lose consciousness, but then solidgoldbrass has had some pretty saucy experiences adn even writes rude books and reviews - so, who is the least vanilla?

There's only one way to find out...


StayingDavidTennantsGirl · 05/02/2010 17:59


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