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where's the thread for talking about the book?

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FrannyandZooey · 02/02/2009 15:44

postie brought mine this morning, just been skimming

it looks good, definitely caught the feel of the place

OP posts:
morningpaper · 18/02/2009 15:25

that is interesting Barristermum - I think some people might prefer the original style (with just quotes) but others might prefer the newer style. I think the nature of the newer style is that it is trying to get more of a snapshot of what-parents-are-doing-now - to capture a bit of that zeitgeist as it were. So while there is a lot of 'all these approaches are valid' there is also an attempt to focus on approaches that are the most popular at the present time. So yes, it did come down against smacking, which I think is a fair representation of how people feel on the boards - but it does also point out that everyone buggers up occasionally when in a toddler-induced rage, and that's okay too, as long as you deal with it properly and, well, basically apologise when you lose your rag. I think that is a good summary of the general consensus but of course others will see things differently! Always good to have feedback though so thank you!!!

DanJARMouse · 18/02/2009 18:15

oi MP - still no answer to my plea for a Primary School Child book....

MuppetsMuggle · 19/02/2009 07:50

JARM - i'll 2nd that as DD starts infants in sept

Macdog · 19/02/2009 13:44

Mine arrived today!
Love what I've read so far!

IAteMakkaPakka · 20/02/2009 19:53

[cartwheels into thread]

Mine arrived this morning and I'm in it! Albeit in a previous incarnation.

I really like it. Funny, practical, equally readable and flickable. And, given that this morning DS pretty much flattened another child to steal their snack, I was mighty relieved to see it

makkapakkamoo · 21/02/2009 01:44

why did you eat me?

Twinklemegan · 23/02/2009 00:02

I had a look at this in my local Waterstones and, I'm sorry folks, I don't like it that much. If I was looking to buy a guide on any of these subjects I'd be looking for something much more substantial and informative. The book may well be very informative (and I've no doubt it's entertaining, even though I'm not in it ) but it doesn't have the appearance of it. Plus the paper and print style makes it feel downmarket. Sorry to be blunt.

Porpoise · 26/02/2009 16:03

My copy's (finally) arrived. And I have to disagree with you, Twinklemegan - it's exactly what I was looking for!

So nice to read something real and helpful and funny, rather than the usual pontification-from-expert-on-high.

Well done, MP!

Twinklemegan · 26/02/2009 21:48

Do you not find it's just not "meaty" enough? If I feel I've seen/skimmed most of what a book has to offer before I've reached the till, I don't buy the book. I think the Mumsnet guides will work better as a gentle introduction to Mumsnet for those who've yet to discover the real deal. IMO. Horse for courses and all that.

morningpaper · 27/02/2009 19:38


What sort of stuff do you feel isn't covered, Twinkle?

Twinklemegan · 27/02/2009 21:40

Well I don't have a copy of the book to hand, clearly, so it's hard to be specific. I actually thought there would be more quotes, (one from me was missing obviously ) and just a bit more content generally.

I think all the main topics are covered, and it was good to see a special needs section in there which is rarely covered in other books. But, for example, I read through the potty training section - it being a hot topic in our house just now - and I didn't really get anything new from it. Like I said, I tend to gravitate towards books with loads and loads of pages & text, 70% of which is probably unnecessary, but I like to feel I have my money's worth.

That's not very helpful I know - and you're quite justified in asking me to put my money where my mouth is. Overall I think it is the style of the book that puts me off, but that's just personal preference - it's probably a hell of a lot more informative than it appears at first glance. Sorry to be a party pooper.

morningpaper · 27/02/2009 22:08

I think perhaps half the point of the book is that there ISN'T anything new, there is just experience of lots of women and HERE IT IS. The whole selling point of lots of guru-type books is that "THIS IS SOMETHING NEW!!!" but the whole point of the parenting experience is that is teaches you that there is nothing new, there is just this muddling through, and that's okay.

Twinklemegan · 27/02/2009 22:27

I take that point completely. I'm probably just fed up that I can't just buy a book because I fancy having it. I have to wait and wait until I see an absolute "must have" before I can justify the expense - or a big hint to DH for a birthday present. I was hoping that the Mumsnet guide would be such a book, and that's a pretty big ask since we're talking about maybe 4 books a year! And I love books, which makes it doubly frustrating.

I'm sorry to have put a dampener on your hard work. But I see from this thread I'm very much in the minority so I shouldn't imagine you're too worried.

morningpaper · 27/02/2009 22:40

Well in that case it's GOOD that you don't need it. I don't mind any sort of feedback TBH, I find it all interesting and thoughtful. Obviously I like it BEST when people say that it pushes back the frontiers of truth and has changed their life forever but anything is good...

purplemonkeydishwasher · 28/02/2009 15:26

can someone just have a flip through and see if I'm in it (unlikely!)
I can't find it in my local waterstones.

teafortwo · 02/03/2009 09:35

I noticed two copies in the parenting section of the grand and famous WHSmith Paris! Well done. Very good!

BEAUTlFUL · 07/03/2009 17:10

I got the book from Amazon, and it is utterly brilliant and vv funny.

But I expected a LOT more quotes, and LOTS more differing opinions. It feels a bit like funny running copy from a normal childcare book, interspersed with funny Mumsnetter quotes that back up the "official line" of the running text. If you see what I mean.

You get a MN quote question, an "official line" section of solutions, then some quotes almost shoehorned in... The fab thing about MN is that it doesn't have an "official line", it's only MN opinions. so it struck me as a bit odd that there is this sort of "proper advice" running through it. There are enough of those books already.

It is VERY FUNNY and VERY WELL-WRITTEN. It completely evokes the mood/tone of the site and its fabulousness. But there aren't enough quotes from Mumsnetters. So there!

BEAUTlFUL · 07/03/2009 17:13

Eeek, that reads so negatively. i can't tell you how much i love it, i was reading it last night and roffling on the sofa. It's just that i adore the Mumsnetter quotes SO much, I want a lot more of them. A childcare book written by Mums is the whole beauty/originality of the idea, isn't it?

morningpaper · 07/03/2009 22:05
Rhubarb · 09/03/2009 20:23

I love this book here.

Rhubarb · 09/03/2009 20:24

Oh dear, I seem to have inadvertently linked to the wrong page, albeit a much more interesting one! I wonder how that can have happened? So sorry!

Love the book btw!

sunchowder · 09/03/2009 21:14

Wow!!!! I am thrilled about the new book. I have missed everyone so much. We have a great start to a new recipe book from the Sunchowder's Emporia one I published 3 years ago. MP or Justine/Carrie, etc--let me know if you want a coay. Kudos and Congrats on the book!!!

morningpaper · 10/03/2009 07:43

Hi sunchowder! Sooooo glad things are going well for you

Rhubarb, down girl!!

CompareTheMeerkat · 12/03/2009 14:05

Have just checked and my library has my copy ready for collection

CMOTDibbler · 12/03/2009 17:02

I suppose one thing that I thought it missed out was that there was a big section on siblings, but nothing about secondary infertility/ continuing conception problems, and so parenting as a one child family

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