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where's the thread for talking about the book?

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FrannyandZooey · 02/02/2009 15:44

postie brought mine this morning, just been skimming

it looks good, definitely caught the feel of the place

OP posts:
hunkermunker · 02/02/2009 18:42

"i hope there won't be bickering" - wonderfully optimistic, Franny!

TigerFeet · 02/02/2009 18:48

mine should have been at Waterstones today but hasn't arrived

When's the pregnancy one coming out then?

FrannyandZooey · 02/02/2009 18:57

tigerfeet you are in it!

OP posts:
pointydog · 02/02/2009 18:57

I knew nothing about the book. I know nothing about nothing. Maybe that's a good thing.

pointydog · 02/02/2009 18:59

what we need is one of those mn threads where someone knowingly asks, 'o who has posted your favourite quote in The Book? Tell me, o you mite'.

And then a hoard of mnetters plough in to dribble over someone or other.

That's what we need.

ahundredtimes · 02/02/2009 19:03
pointydog · 02/02/2009 19:04

hoi hoi. I'm quite good at slavering over myself, thank you. In the privacy of my own home.

TigerFeet · 02/02/2009 19:20

AM I???


oh now I am REALLY cross with Waterstones

FrannyandZooey · 02/02/2009 19:23

yy i promise
OP posts:
LeninGrad · 02/02/2009 19:23

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fryalot · 02/02/2009 19:30

so... erm, franny... erm...

erm... am I in it then?

pointydog · 02/02/2009 19:31

What are these books?

I cannot believe they are just a collection of dubious opinions and advice from mnetters. Are they?

FrannyandZooey · 02/02/2009 19:32

pointy YES
you have it exactly

squonk i am bfing and i can't reach the book from here
i also need a wee and something to eat, if anyone's interested

OP posts:
morningpaper · 02/02/2009 19:33

You know I REALLY never notice who is saying what, so there was never an intention of 'aha, here is my list of Important People To Include' - the main aim was to represent the views of the board fairly. So I don't mind you saying 'Oooh! So and so was left out!' but I will get stressed if you say "WTF? Where is the chapter about how great Cry-It-Out is?" or sommat

not CIO obviously
pointydog · 02/02/2009 19:33

yeah, franny, cut and paste a list of all posters mentioned. Then those who need to mewl in a darkened room can slip away and do so quietly before their children notice and ask why mummy's so sad.

morningpaper · 02/02/2009 19:33

I cannot believe they are just a collection of dubious opinions and advice from mnetters.

YES that is it in a nutshell (or, 140 pages)

fryalot · 02/02/2009 19:35

that's a "no" then, because surely you would have remembered moi?

I'm sure that had I contributed, they would have published my thoughts

pointydog · 02/02/2009 19:35

really, franny? Is the layout as good as the website?

(I'm kidding, really I am. I like the new look. I really do prefer it. Well done all.)

pointydog · 02/02/2009 19:36

oh morningpaper, you compiled it?! Goodness me. I miss so muich in my life.

fryalot · 02/02/2009 19:36

I am so excited

darned snow means I have to wait an extra week!

morningpaper · 02/02/2009 19:37

lots of people are THERE but not every quote is attributed

Anyone who is upset can let me know and I promise to include you in the NEXT book

morningpaper · 02/02/2009 19:37

pointy it SNOWED today btw

FrannyandZooey · 02/02/2009 19:40

well i think it is the nature of the beast that we are going to notice what is NOT there
i mean, however many years of a website, v. 140 pages

there is stuff LEFT OUT

i think you have done a very good job mp
that quote from greeny was the show stealer
you made me miss her all over again

OP posts:
morningpaper · 02/02/2009 19:42

Oh dear people will say all these sorts of things to me and I will think (1) what quote wtf? and (2) Greeney LEFT?

I pay only passing attention to anything

morningpaper · 02/02/2009 19:42

How dyou think it sits Franny alongside the other Toddler books on the market?

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