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Morningpaper in Prospect Magazine writing about nothing

151 replies

morningpaper · 20/09/2006 11:53

I am in print in this month's Prospect Magazine , just writing about nothing really.

Have a look here .

OP posts:
cod · 20/09/2006 11:55

Message withdrawn

cod · 20/09/2006 11:55

Message withdrawn

morningpaper · 20/09/2006 11:57

Oh yes I think that fanjo needs to enter into common parlance

OP posts:
southeastastra · 20/09/2006 12:00

applause for you! excellent

MegaLegs · 20/09/2006 12:03

Fantastic mp - i would love to write like that.

Stargazer · 20/09/2006 12:05

MP - that's brilliant!! And fanjo - well it makes my DH phsl - thanks for helping to make tnis morning fun! (well more so than revising).

longjohnalexsmum · 20/09/2006 12:06

pmsl!!!!!!!!!! pelvic doors!

fab article!

longjohnalexsmum · 20/09/2006 12:07

better change my name nwo pirate day is over hadn't i?

SoupDragon · 20/09/2006 12:10

Turn that computer off and go downstairs before you get into any more trouble, young lady


Fimbo · 20/09/2006 12:12

Brilliant MP!

LIZS · 20/09/2006 12:12

Love it !

NumbskullNinja · 20/09/2006 12:13

Brilliant, mp. Really, really excellent writing.

JessaJam · 20/09/2006 12:19

Excellent! I am grinning at the computer! (again!)

Pruni · 20/09/2006 12:20

Message withdrawn

Gobbledigook · 20/09/2006 12:20

Brilliant article MP - really excellent

KathyMCMLXXII · 20/09/2006 12:25

Utterly hilarious and it talks about PERIODS!

Bugsy2 · 20/09/2006 12:26

love it MP, you're such a funny writer. Have you got any more articles lurking about?

JoolsToo · 20/09/2006 12:32

OMG - I had no idea you were SO talented!


excellent, really excellent!

PandaG · 20/09/2006 12:33

Very funny MP, too much of what you said about ignoring the children to MN rang true with me!

jamiesam · 20/09/2006 12:40

Morningpaper, that's brilliant.

But how am I going to explain to my office why I am once again laughing with tears running down my face. No one ever talks about mooncups here .

Issymum · 20/09/2006 12:44

Brilliantly written MP!

FrannyandZooey · 20/09/2006 12:49

A corking good read

morningpaper · 20/09/2006 12:49

Ah you lot are all lovely

I wrote it after the rockets 'affair' and MN towers sent it to the lovely man from Prospect

It's all just stuff that you said that I stole so you are being v. generous

I've not had anything published before - well except ranty letters of course

OP posts:
JoolsToo · 20/09/2006 12:50

will it boost your libel fund?

Fimbo · 20/09/2006 12:51

Well I for one and I am sure everyone one will agree you certainly should have more published. Perhaps you have stumbled on a new career?

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