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Morningpaper in Prospect Magazine writing about nothing

151 replies

morningpaper · 20/09/2006 11:53

I am in print in this month's Prospect Magazine , just writing about nothing really.

Have a look here .

OP posts:
Raggydoll · 21/09/2006 08:57

fantastic article. i loved it.

suzywong · 21/09/2006 09:04

PMSL so much my mooncup became unshoved from my Fanjo

Thanks MP, you are a superb writer, what else have you written?

ghosty · 21/09/2006 09:05

OMG MP - bloody marvellous! I was convinced you do write for a living (like clever MI) until you said just now that you don't
Absolutely PMSL @ pelvic doors and fanjo
I've even sent it to my dad! He's been cutting out the articles from the papers and sending them to me "Thought these might interest you, concerns your mates on that website of yours" - bless! He particularly loved your apology ...
Brightened up my cat pee filled day you have

edam · 21/09/2006 09:06

Excellent MP.

mears · 21/09/2006 09:09

Brilliant article - you write so well

unicorn · 21/09/2006 09:16

Great article MP, very entertaining - you must try get some mileage out of that asap.

hub2dee · 21/09/2006 14:19

Hi mp - loved your piece... had a strange feeling of being there, beside the PC and wastepaper basket and a pile of crisp shirts done just right etc. Do show it to your mother LOL.

Clary · 21/09/2006 14:45

Mp that's excellent, I have wondered before if you were a writer (because of yr name, y'see) and now I know you should be.
top banana!

MagicGenie · 21/09/2006 18:08

Slightly at being all cryptic but this was for you, MP!

CalifornifamousFanjo · 21/09/2006 18:09

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WelshBoris · 21/09/2006 18:15

Excellent excellent excellent

Well done MP!!

donnie · 21/09/2006 18:22

rofl at 'pelvic door'!

NotAnOtter · 21/09/2006 18:30

fab!! bloody victoria derbyshire - Morningpaper- do not get me started

Wordsmith · 21/09/2006 18:32

That's great MP, I had been wondering for ages the actual cause of the huge ructions and where the quote about rockets originated. If you're not a journo, what are you?

Crystaltips · 21/09/2006 18:43

Brilliant article MP !


LittleSarah · 21/09/2006 18:51

Excellent article! Very, very funny.

aitch71 · 21/09/2006 18:54

really morningpaper, DON'T get notanotter started on victoria derbyshire...

NotAnOtter · 21/09/2006 18:57

the cow

Whizzz · 21/09/2006 18:58

That is brilliant MP!!

AllieBongo · 21/09/2006 19:00

love it. what a fab article

mousiemousie · 21/09/2006 19:02

pmsl mp and please don't outgrow your infantile humour phase


if you know what I mean

aitch71 · 21/09/2006 19:02


lulumama · 21/09/2006 19:10

FANJO!!!!!!!!!!! PMSL have been debating for ages what to tell children lady bits are called after DS mispronounced it as Vergarna!!!!!!! will be fanjos a go go in my house now.....BTW what a fabby article ! had seen your 'ask hv before using kids in warfare' elsewhere and laughed so much the last bit of my pelvic floor finally gave way.....good on you girl!!!!

Glassofwine · 21/09/2006 19:18

love your style mp

chipkid · 21/09/2006 19:24

have been dying to read the retraction following the babies and rockets-it was well worth the wait!
great article

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