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Morningpaper in Prospect Magazine writing about nothing

151 replies

morningpaper · 20/09/2006 11:53

I am in print in this month's Prospect Magazine , just writing about nothing really.

Have a look here .

OP posts:
JoolsToo · 20/09/2006 12:52

yes Fimbo too true.

There are other similarly talented mumsnetters who seem to have lost their way too!

go for it mp!

aitch71 · 20/09/2006 12:52

bravo, morningpaper. you should write for a living.

JackieNo · 20/09/2006 12:53

Brilliant - thoroughly enjoyed that MP.

marthamoo · 20/09/2006 12:54

That is excellent, mp - well done that woman!

morningpaper · 20/09/2006 12:55

Well if small people would stop being sick all over my carpets and demanding my attention then I would have more time for the higher things of life

My libel fund is covered as long as the damages do not exceed one Morrison's family pack of Doughnuts and a six-pack of Fruit Shoots

OP posts:
morningpaper · 20/09/2006 12:56

I thought everyone here wrote for a living which is why most posts start "How can I feed a family of seven for a week on a half-used packet of Quinoa and a Babybel?"

OP posts:
JoolsToo · 20/09/2006 12:57

you're just showing off now - quit while your ahead!

Tutter · 20/09/2006 12:58


well done that woman

morningpaper · 20/09/2006 12:58
OP posts:
aitch71 · 20/09/2006 12:59

Get it printed in the guardian mag, you know that personal story near the front? And i think the FT on a Saturday do a similar thing and probably pay better than the Guardian.
You wrote it, you own the copyright - i take it you didn't sign anything with Prospect? So sell it again... you might be able to afford a new square metre of carpet with the proceeds. Did Prospect pay you, by the way? If not, why not?

morningpaper · 20/09/2006 13:04

Now you are sounding like my mother

nag nag nag

OP posts:
Marina · 20/09/2006 13:06

Wow, so you are not a journo by profession then MP? It's a terrific read

katierocket · 20/09/2006 13:07

Love the fanjo ref - well done MP

aitch71 · 20/09/2006 13:09

i thought she sounded like a very sensible woman (in the article that a professional publication have just used without paying you, i suspect. cheeky bastards.)

Don't let it take away from your moment of glory, though, morningpaper (nearly wrote morningglory) - it's a fantastic article, and one which I believe most editors would be happy to reimburse you for. congratulations.

PS i remember pmsl at the original comment. thought you would get leapt on for the same reasons you did... who could have known, eh?

fairyjay · 20/09/2006 13:10


milward · 20/09/2006 13:10

fabulous article - just loved it - get it printed in a national women's mag

tortoiseshell · 20/09/2006 13:11


CheesyFeet · 20/09/2006 13:19

morningpaper - you should write more stuff like that, it would be so refreshing to read articles in your style rather than some of the self absorbed claptrap that masquerades as articles on parenting.

Well done. You had me pmsl, particularly at ""Mummy's on the computer and can't play with you at the minute," announced the toddler to the baby". Priceless.

SpaceCadet · 20/09/2006 13:20

mp-absoloutely brilliant!

Twiglett · 20/09/2006 13:20

you're a very good writer MP

you should write a book .. call it Bad Mum, Good Mum

ilovecaboose · 20/09/2006 13:22

PMSL Morningpaper - and agree with cheesy feet. SO much nicer to see an article about parenting written by a normal person than the up their own arses brigade that usually write them.

morningpaper · 20/09/2006 13:25

Don't worry aitch71, I have been suitably and professionally reimbursed

Shouldn't that be 'Bad Mother, Fcking Terrible Mother?'

OP posts:
moondog · 20/09/2006 13:26

Very good MP.

foxtrot · 20/09/2006 13:44

Brilliant - you have exposed the secret world of the mumsnetter, loved this bit - "Mummy's on the computer and can't play with you at the minute". How come under-fives understand this and DH's don't?

Lio · 20/09/2006 13:46

You are such a good writer! Also assumed it was your job. Would pay good money to have heard Paxman quote the fanjo comment that, alas, you never posted.

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