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Morningpaper in Prospect Magazine writing about nothing

151 replies

morningpaper · 20/09/2006 11:53

I am in print in this month's Prospect Magazine , just writing about nothing really.

Have a look here .

OP posts:
Tinker · 21/09/2006 19:27

Oh, my google alerts are still set up for nothing in particular and I got this today.

guppinbuppin · 21/09/2006 19:27

I aspire to be you!

Astrophe · 21/09/2006 19:29

MP, you write really well and do us all proud. Hurrah for you!

Papillon · 21/09/2006 19:36

Well done

Good advice about being careful what to say online, when you can be prosecuted for mere words in conversation.

I wonder when hanging out in forums/groups will become an offence? Isn´t it a way of preventing raves, gatherings in the UK?

CalifornifamousFanjo · 21/09/2006 19:46

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Steppy1 · 21/09/2006 20:11


fantastic...and well done to you..... BOLLOCKS, FANJO AND MOONCUPS to all those without a sense of humour

liquidclocks · 21/09/2006 20:11

MP - not read the thread but just read your article - fab!

GeorginaA · 21/09/2006 20:17

Oh I'm sooooo blogging that ... brill article, mp

alphonsa · 21/09/2006 20:19

Brilliant article! Great work MP...

kiskidee · 21/09/2006 20:23

excellent read MP.

remember LMAO when Victoria Derbyshire was staidly commenting on baby missiles on the radio.

morningpaper · 21/09/2006 20:29

I can't think of the Victoria Derbyshire thing without shuddering all over again

She sounded so SHOCKED and HORRIFIED

so glad you all approve

OP posts:
UrsulatheSeaWitch · 21/09/2006 20:31

Loved it, mp

NotAnOtter · 21/09/2006 20:39

mp have i told you all about mine and the then 'Vikki' Derbyshire and our ....shall we say 'history'

NotAnOtter · 21/09/2006 20:39

mp have i told you all about mine and the then 'Vikki' Derbyshire and our ....shall we say 'history'

morningpaper · 21/09/2006 20:40

No, notanotter, I would love to hear it

OP posts:
NotAnOtter · 21/09/2006 20:48

well..... old Vix went to University and was in the same hall as me. They were divided inot blocks and she was in the one next door - slap between me and my boyfirend. She despised me from the moment she set eyes on me and let me say this.....the feeling was reciprocated.
She spent three years trying to get in my b/f's pants ( probably succeeded) whilst becoming more and more adept at looking at the rest of the world from atop her -rather large- nose.
She took a schoolfriend to University with her 'Our Rachel' who was an equally offensive article. No word of a lie , Vicky delighted in making no attempt to hide her distaste and disdain for the rest of the University population.
On the last day of term whilst the rest of us were puking down the leg of our dungarees Vicky and family were having a champagne picnic ( complete with four wheel drive ) in full veiw of the peasants.
I tried hard to forget her but alas....she has risen ....

Beauregard · 21/09/2006 20:49

Fantastic mp
I would like to see you get a regular column somewhere!

NotAnOtter · 21/09/2006 20:50

she was known i wont ...that would be cruel....

princessmel · 21/09/2006 20:55

Wow thats fab!!! You're famous!

aitch71 · 21/09/2006 20:58

Grabber, Sue and Leggit Ltd

To whom it may concern.
I represent the popular radio personality and serial boyfriend stealer Victoria Derbyshire. She has been horrified and hurt to note that a group of vicious mums are talking about her nose on their website. Please close down immediately,
Mr RS Grabber

morningpaper · 21/09/2006 20:59


OP posts:
morningpaper · 21/09/2006 20:59

aitch: you could be right there

OP posts:
sallystrawberry · 21/09/2006 21:01

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

aitch71 · 21/09/2006 21:02

nah. keep it up. it's a matter of public record that she stole Fi Glover's boyfriend (and possibly notanotter's) and i heard her on the radio once mistaking a freedom of speech issue for some sort of catfight on a website. she's a fish. (no disrespect to our own pet fish).

bogwobbit · 21/09/2006 21:07

MP I thought that was a very good article
PMSL actually
BTW your mum sounds very much like mine [hmm}

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