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Kaloo20 · 08/08/2006 09:42

in the news today

Daily Mail
The baby guru who threw her bottle out of the pram

Guardian Unlimited
Childcare expert threatens to have website shut down

Times Online
Childcare guru goes to war over website

Mothers' website falls foul of Queen of Routine

BBC News
What the papers say

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OP posts:
CitizenFranny · 09/08/2006 07:41

Lovely stuff

tigermoth · 09/08/2006 07:44

Justine, great response. The more statements you put out, the stronger mumsnet's position looks - and it started off in a hugely strong position anyway (IMO of course).

TutterOtsky · 09/08/2006 08:02

great response - really hope it gets picked up again by the media

mummydear · 09/08/2006 08:04

Just looked at the repsonses from both sides. A bit of backtracking , perhpas didn't expect this kind of response from mothers who struggle to raise children without spending ££££ on guru books and have no common sense between them.

Well done Justine and Mumsnet .

edam · 09/08/2006 08:22

Fab response Justine. The other statement is manifestly rubbish - the world and his wife have seen the letter in which she ordered the ISP to take down MN.

flashingnose · 09/08/2006 08:24

Oh I so hope MP's statement gets picked up by the papers

CountessPanina · 09/08/2006 08:25


I am so proud!

HRHQueenOfQuotes · 09/08/2006 08:29

just loling at the statement from FA - (not the football people LOL).

And "ITEM" a "PUBLICATION" - anyone would think MP published a huge thread on the subject

HRHQueenOfQuotes · 09/08/2006 08:30

BTW - fantastic response from MN

ZippiZapata · 09/08/2006 08:33


morningpaper · 09/08/2006 08:38

What have I missed

Update me
Freckle · 09/08/2006 08:39

And she still doesn't address the fact that she has a disclaimer on her own website absolving her from all liability for anything posted by users/members, yet seeks to hold MN liable for everything we post.

And her use of the word "campaign" shows perhaps a little paranoia.

HRHQueenOfQuotes · 09/08/2006 08:39

here MP

HRHQueenOfQuotes · 09/08/2006 08:40

indeed Freckle - we do have a thread title 'campaign updates' - but it's about the campaign to get the law changed not against anyone one individual

munz · 09/08/2006 08:41

but we have our own discalimed stating that MN isn't liable??

fairyjay · 09/08/2006 08:43

Superb professional response MNHQ. Not holding back either. So glad you used mp's apology. Well done Justine!

morningpaper · 09/08/2006 08:46
thewomanwhothoughtshewasahat · 09/08/2006 08:54

C4 and BBC1 did good jobs - they managed to package the issue of nobody's methods together with the issue of freedom of speech and mums giving each other advice. I can't believe the lawyer's response. Justine - fantastic job - the bit with you feeding your lo is fab! Interesting that no-one considers people who fire rockets at Lebanon terrorists. perhaps the govt of Israel might consider that defamatory....

batters · 09/08/2006 08:56

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CristinaTheAstonishing · 09/08/2006 08:59

Great stuff, well done.

MP - such a funny answer. How's it feel to be a bit of a celeb?

MrsBadger · 09/08/2006 09:00

Justine, you're fab!

(NB Morningpaper, you've been given a new alias by a blogger in the US called Daddytypes who's picked up on this... )

fairyjay · 09/08/2006 09:03

If I was no-one's lawyer, I'd go on holiday.

WWWLutherKing · 09/08/2006 09:05

The Mirror today

WWWLutherKing · 09/08/2006 09:06


satine · 09/08/2006 09:06

How can SWMNBN get away with suggesting that MN itself has been waging a campaign of "very serious and offensive libels about me"? I know that some individual posters have made comments to which she objected, which were deleted, but I don't see how anyone can say that those constitute a deliberate campaign by MN HQ. V v unfair.

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