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Kaloo20 · 08/08/2006 09:42

in the news today

Daily Mail
The baby guru who threw her bottle out of the pram

Guardian Unlimited
Childcare expert threatens to have website shut down

Times Online
Childcare guru goes to war over website

Mothers' website falls foul of Queen of Routine

BBC News
What the papers say

To catch all the latest news google Nobody, then select to search News rather than the Web ...

OP posts:
zippitippitoes · 08/08/2006 11:00

Radio 5 now on mn case

Caligula · 08/08/2006 11:02

I wonder if anyone's noticed that websites which charge money and offer only one way of doing things, have an obvious interest in ensuring that rival websites which are free to access and offer a plethora of different methods and expertise, aren't allowed to operate?

Just an observation.

wheelsonthebus · 08/08/2006 11:02

marina - you are right, but my secretary has just brought me a coffee ah! now that is a service i don't get at home.

Pisces · 08/08/2006 11:03

Justine has just posted a message under site news - looks like it will pay us to have our tv's on today!!

MrsJohnCusack · 08/08/2006 11:03

oh yes
I have made a simlar point on a few comments I've posted here and there across the names mentioned here, obviously

Marina · 08/08/2006 11:05

wheels - I have to go out to the supermarket and buy milk and biccies for my slacker team in a mo, I am disgusted.

wheelsonthebus · 08/08/2006 11:10

hmm...see the attraction of playdoh!

fullmoonfiend · 08/08/2006 11:18

what time is bbc lunchtime news anybody?

MrsBadger · 08/08/2006 11:25

5live NOW!

SaintGeorge · 08/08/2006 11:26

Fivelive now

SaintGeorge · 08/08/2006 11:27

Click on listen live

fuzzywuzzy · 08/08/2006 11:27

"'Nobodys' lawyers were not able for comment yesterday. But sources suggested that by posting the letter on the website, Mumsnet had breached copyright and legal confidentiality." Gulf Times...

Dear God do you think nobody will pursue this???

MrsBadger · 08/08/2006 11:29

hahaa they say they 'can't mention comments her lawyers claim were defamatory'

Justine said 'some satire or jokes could be construed the wrong way, as offensive'

they have a internet discussion / free speech / libel law guru form here

tiptoes · 08/08/2006 11:36

Also just heard it will be discussed on radio 2 between 12 and 2pm

SaintGeorge · 08/08/2006 12:16

Channel 4 NOW

VeniVidiVickiQV · 08/08/2006 12:32

Well done everyone!!!

edam · 08/08/2006 12:38

Checked out nobody's lawyers website (which was down yesterday, oddly enough). They boast about how despite being a local firm for local people, they can compete with top London firms (protesting too much - obvious insecurity there) and claim that they offer a great libel service to newspapers and publications. Erm, if they specialise in defending libel, what are they doing advising complainants? Because so far it doesn't look as if they've scored a major success...

expatinscotland · 08/08/2006 12:40

Arrgggghh! I missed the news on Channel 4.

MrsRichardHammond · 08/08/2006 12:40

have you seen the list on 'campaign no1' thread? Thats who's been contacted, so keep eyes peeled!

expatinscotland · 08/08/2006 12:42

MP will never live that line down!

I knew it the moment I read it.

Have the publishers been contacting her?

UnusuallyMilitantGobbledigook · 08/08/2006 12:43

expat it's on the ITV news - on now, they just did a short clip before the break - full story in a bit

expatinscotland · 08/08/2006 12:43

Damn, when's motherinferior back from holiday?

She's missing all the fun!

batters · 08/08/2006 12:44

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TambaTheDragonSlayer · 08/08/2006 12:45

on now

morningpaper · 08/08/2006 12:50


I've created a MONSTER!

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